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February 23, 2020

wait and see make sure that that goes
online first because of the drama that we were having with the subtitles so
let’s just see if this works I don’t know if there’s any noise you’ll have to
turn off the game sounds yet again hey where’s your manner you should say hello
to it you know I will fend first how long every but well is knowing me yet
Who am I saying I later well hello to the people that watched the replay how
about that yeah and if they’re using subtitles hello random can you hear us
okay or is there game sounds already so we just want to test that first so just
let us know before she actually hits the the play button so I’m just waiting for
a response from you or anyone else oh that’s good
spider fighters here hello how are you should I do it now
what’s this awesome Sade sorry there might be some game sound one in that
corner that you’re supposed to press happy little game is don’t stupid you
tap and way to tap and wait and for one so you pretend town can have more
pretend flowers than your pretend friends what a color don’t waste a time
hey what if I buy a bushel miracle about berry I spent $1,000 well I’ll just tell them
at my kid so basically he just blow out his
neighborhood hello anybody here I guess it’s true what they say about I told me
blast yeah you did I wonder where my loving family is and bad
if that’s one thing I have learned is when you open book bad things happening okay now I can test book opened be able
to seem some house okay how yeah yes now I have to work yeah they will open the
book I’m not so sure this good this game is good for kids movie is good I like
readings what’s wrong with you seems okay they’re starting with the giblets
and everything else already shaded box looks like a nice place to be with the
house I love this scene since TV show yes I must admit as a fan as well really
I’m not a big fan but I can’t watch it between so you’ve still got to get
through some of these yeah how you sir just got to get through
the tutorial first heads up and just bear with this and I’ve got the the back
track dead but like but you can’t do it until you see anything how you doing it
it’s what your family and I got I wish I mean thankful finding me okay still trying to find the gangs sounds so
actually random if you can tell us where that is because I don’t you played this
game before difficult to say sweetie yeah you can’t
tell your kids that you just blow out your village right okay the town’s blew
up I knew our house and you showed up I’m completely blameless really this
tutorial so basically leaves I just told us to keep building things and then we
will find other characters first we have to clean this place up okay so you’re getting mad just got a
kid stinky to get through these tutorial because that’s what random said you
gotta get through the tutorial first so what’s everybody been up to you got any
news for us I haven’t picked a topic of the day or
anything else easy on Aaron heavenly stinky he won’t say should I tell them
about the join button I suppose I mentioned this last league
yeah we’re in the process of getting that set up with some special emojis
you’ll be happy to know that we’re going to include bok choy and water in that if
you can hear that I don’t know if you can hear what I’m saying but still
waiting for stinky to get through that tutorial hey everybody how do you do
that special messages think you’re doing there that’s impressive
and random says no school for this week which is good note under and she could
be at this time of the year this tutorial BP yeah patient trying to turn
off the game sounds be trying to be patient there why and I’ve been getting
stink pants to work on some what do you call it match advice she’s getting turd
slyly oh just just learn it from scratch that’s it isn’t it
are you doing well watch II I got some great designs that should be paying
stink pants okay I have to be tree just three one road okay just drag the
road will you build a road no my goodness be patient as random
Howl’s his tutorial go forward quite long compared to some other games and
can you actually hear us okay over the game sounds or is it quite difficult to
hear us well hear me I should say stink pants isn’t saying anything and Cain
saying it’s and Vegemite you might be uploading some normal videos soon just
to get those out of the road huh cuz we got to tease the dlg they tease us all
the time with the food don’t they tease them back what with all of the
eggs it’s they cannot connect to your server
and that’s about it what’s going on I’ve turned off them
tried that one does that someone that I pressed originally but and hopefully
that doesn’t take your bright back into the tutorial again you’re good to go
yes Lee looks like it’s still in the streams I’m not too sure it up in there we’ll get him laughing yarn I we’ve got
to get those game sounds turned off stinky to prison huh really
okay can you braid that riding it sleep timing
it’s it one time our how it was next to a prison that’s not good Munchie to RL what are you doing there
little line him out right next to the kwik-e-mart now I was thinking of doing
some Simpsons impressions but I haven’t done any research beforehand you’d
probably do a little bit of Scratchy that’s it Gian scratchy the mouse and
the cat yeah it’s like carrying characters that they have in there see
I’m finding their their new finding their new what do you call it fonts kind
of debride randoms is quite hard has that I can do an Indian impression not
too bad give me what I just did neither do the
radio voice is kind he really likes the radio voice would seem to sleep I think
doesn’t it he just happy now that poor no idea I can’t read that one at all
random that’s that’s very difficult don’t even think that’s using English
words it’s just a whole heap of not even emojis just some kind of language there
come on tutorial I’m impatient then I get the old game soundtrack going and
can you guys is it too loud just inky I’m trying to get a tattoo
kind of quick and she’s looking in the other direction eyes half-closed typical
stink pants no comment from the stinking well what are you gonna build the whole
thing first that looks like looks like he’s from different universe blah blah
blah Abby’s here oh she’s giant I think you’ve changed
your YouTube handle name how are you everything it’s good to see you again
hopefully you haven’t been affected by any of the natural disasters that have
been happening not that long ago fire and floods hail all of that kind of
Stood Still I’m not gonna say good stuff it’s a bit louder it’s too loud
stinky tutorial cannot I don’t know how tell me then should be able to do it now
I guess how do you do it just click on everything that you can possibly click
on random Oh what happened then knocking that thing yeah it’s just different my
dimension I just mentioned less Sun sexier as well how you doing Seth good
to see you now please be patient we are trying to get the game sounds turned off
topic of the stream what’s the weirdest things – I think so Khan was what random
is trying to say weirdest things to check on water does that weird to check
on I had before if you drink it the wrong way P don’t should see a wrench
yeah look I’m guessing that we should add them over time I was actually
planning on giving one today to bright if he shows up in the livestream cuz he
has to be fair he’s been very helpful Peace Corps as well as in the live chat
and jeopardy said that they had hail and floods where they were saying there you
go looked pretty bad on the news from what
I saw although not as bad as what they had in England yeah what and for the
topic of the day what is the weirdest feel like people didn’t choke on I think
that’s what random was trying to say that’s it’s all okay well random said oh
because I was laughing he go I’m not sure if it was anything funny that way
said random still struggling to turn off the game sounds say if you can tell us
weird but it doesn’t look like there’s any option to do it mmm I can’t see any
option yeah normally there’s like a Settings button can’t see your Settings
button can you and those two in the corner don’t do anything I just press
one what about the other one I also just press that oh dear
yeah random we do you really need your help with this cuz we cannot figure out
how to turn off the game sounds or is it because we’re still in the tutorial
that’s a long one well this one I mean it looked like a great game in time if
we can’t turn off third is there settings there I can’t see anything
oh no how can you go back just slide it up how do you slide it well maybe just
bury this maybe turn off game sounds that Safety’s works this Barry this I’m struggling with this
oh this isn’t a anyone now I’m not even sure if it’s gonna work that’s not
helping that didn’t help well jeez Naomi out of the game I’d say
yeah I wanna yeah you go to settings a gear icon but we can’t see a gear icon
unless you can tell asperities on the screen but I can’t say gear icon
anywhere I’m pulling out the magnifying glass
nothing nothing nothing I don’t see anything there’s a get more you’ve
already pressed those what does that thing do pretty soon meaning closed book
opened it’s that well when it comes to customer
shy store I’d say game sitting anyway tired currency get help right
are we still having to go through the tutorial gee I wish we did have a expert
that actually currently plays the game because this is getting a little bit
frustrating you guys both have ice cream I say yeah so they’ve had a look at what
was on the fan but it’s all the gaming stuff maybe you just got a liver in this
tutorial maybe it’s still going they’re trying to
date a game like le even that is there’s no game link for this fun it up I’m just
paying with this wait again random you pretty much the only person that’s been
able to suggest stuff but all that taken we’re not getting any mirrors why hey
min why would they not have the the game sitting standard normal job o tutorial
is almost over says yeah just ripped through it it’s taking far too long this
is pretty much the longest tutorial I’m saying and the end is pressing but it
looks like almost bear with us we’re nearly there
I think why do they force you to do it’s funny how some games
you can turn off the sound before you even play and then others like nope you
got to get through the tutorial first nearly there
why very quickly the hit randoms gotta tell us if we’re nearly there say how come you checked on water random
very curious to know what was safe funny my dad I was coming from us was it and
then should I say we’re gonna do a face reveal or a month face reveal mmm-hmm
yeah I’m gonna get your face on on YouTube sooner or later well safe
legends here hello hey how are you it’s good to see you as well all of the day
old easing at the moment and just almost through this tutorial it looks like but
still hard to tell the science taking sail I’m we’re almost twenty minutes
into the stream and still can’t turn off the game sounds I hope that doesn’t
impact the ability to do subtitles like the last time keep leveling um still
getting three to cheap right what do you have to say for now
I’m still doing mine you just play some stuff everywhere isn’t it pretty much
and again if so for everything you’re Seth anyone
else has ever played these guys happy to get some advice for how long is this
thing going for what happened then I didn’t read because you keep harush me
not acts no idea it’s this training can’t turn off the game sounds the
insanity we say meds there as well you’re gonna have to put in every single
Simpsons character first is that the plan my goodness oh no how are you I’ve
seen a CIC ripoff with the tutorial longer than these oh I’ve been playing
that game set so we need some advice cuz we’re still trying to turn off the
game sound and spin I have seen nothing that looks like settings yet at all and
we’re trying to rip through it as fast as we can
I’ve pulled out the magnifying glass to see if I can actually see anything which
I can’t information increasing why this one it’s require getting benched so I
can use it again it yeah looks like dan was a pipe oh you’ve got money you
know you can spend my my goodness are you sure we’re almost through that you
talking all the phandom cuz look at that it’s just expanded the map exponentially
there and Seth again if you can tell us where the the settings are that would be
greatly appreciated but I don’t know if I’m just getting so old that I’m getting
blinds now but then I’d say hey stinky that’s you too cuz you can’t see you
know beautifying the neighborhood day so I guess that’s a start
I don’t know what’s what hey don’t name American candy say what do I know they
have they’ve got candy corn I know that one I don’t know if they’ve still got
Twinkies but that’s probably not candy Reese’s they’ve got Willy Wonka they’ve
got to name a few Jolly Ranchers that’s another one look
at me go but what are some ones that Twizzlers yes I’ve heard of tweezers
really diddly there we don’t we get some of the American candy here but not all
of it I’d like to try some night well they keep shouting out good mythical
morning this is where I get all the information from when they do their
taste tests they tell me what’s good and what’s not good I had it and people say
it’s bad yeah I’ve had the candy corn is not good as well and it’s not very very
nice state and so you know you haven’t tried it stinky this is me the world record for
longest tutorial ever but they still seem to be able to respond to us when
we’re talking saying might not be super loud what don’t know maintaining that
the volume down or make a difference oh it takes time as well see it’s like
nineteen sixteen second fifteen second blah blah blah visitest it just seems
like he keeps playing the game like like it doesn’t open up anything again we
just played him for some advice from someone candy corn ie the tutorial is
done but stinky is doing all of the tasks hey all the goals in the the gold
clipboard have you heard of Jolly Ranchers yeah I mentioned that before
and Kane said he just put three Jolly Ranchers in his mouth big lollies or small lollies because
even something like a jawbreaker but close how do we get out of the gold
clipboard then random to get back into wherever we can turn off the games Oh
Fran sets new stuff using it looks like a bear to say try privacy settings but
no like sneaking in and out of the game doesn’t mmm-hmm but that thing looks
like it may have been useful doing an investigation at the moment
isn’t it yeah what am i doing I don’t know yeah again we are getting Simpsons you
just won’t let us do it what do we have that thing over there you can try in
your own words sounds like real life what’s that money that you can collect
hey man come on what’s a little help here
what’s that thing dude get to the point part 1 yeah get to the point game it’s
not letting us get to the point right that doesn’t stink you I’m at a
loss yeah I did and then this is just all
characters stuff say we’ve done that and then what happens after that random cuz
it’s only got the guilt get help button and that’s basically it
isn’t it unless you spend money to do stuff to know anything in here all the
dope edges did you like my impression ah what are you talking about what’s these
this looks dangerous like a bomb should I yeah go on press it to see what
happens say again right Oh Ethan eight is here
as well I like how are you good to see you snug says he’s away from the
keyboard the dick out gee I gotta tell you guys when that join
button set up there is a key level it’s the giblet kicker we thought you might
like that the sky is up how about you press the back button stinky press the
saw and a hammer and then press the back button me mm-hmm okay there is more
stuff there but finally hey we did it after hang on how long half an hour it
took half a day I like to get that done my goodness sorry for the extreme delay
I really I didn’t affect the ability to get the subtitles cuz that’ll be
annoying if it did alright so we’re done I can is there anything else that needs
to be switched off there while you’re at it all right the celebration time with a
bit of be easy I’m celebrating after that it took that long why did the
Buddhists ask the hotdog no what did the Buddha star star vendor make me one with
everything with everything I don’t understand there’s nothing else you may
be to do there is a notification on off maybe one film do not spin okay that all
looks good and spiders back awesome great to see though all of the doj here
in the stream you set up the join button though we haven’t set it up yet eith
NATO beard I’m not too sure whether YouTube changed their criteria but if
you look at all the channels join buttons they don’t really have a lot
there whereas we’re required to do four steps we’ve completed three of them but
the unfortunate one is the fourth step where it’s actually the third step in
the list which is to make a couple of videos so one guys in the join button
itself and then we’re expected to do a bit of shameless self-promotion so we we
will hopefully get at least one of those done today if we can and then hopefully
by the end of next week we’ll have all of that set up now we do have some
surprises in store but we want to keep them surprises so we’ve been I’ve been
not say anything about it spoiler alert well time goes fast I know right says
set go grab yourself a beer and kick off your shoes after that with him yeah that
that was the most extreme trying to turn off the game sounds ever but we finally
got there now canes coming in thick and fast with the jokes I went to a pet shop
I said can I buy a goldfish the guy said do you want an aquarium I said I don’t
care what star sign it is star sign Aquarius stinky that’s the
same reaction I get for all of my jokes say the heat yeah so what’s been
happening across the world hopefully there’s been made coronavirus anywhere
near any of you we’ve been keeping up-to-date with the news reports
apparently there’s been a few more instances in Australia yes so hopefully
it hasn’t affected anyone in their area does the join button cost money so yeah
unfortunately it does spider we’re not expecting anyone to to press the join
button we think it’ll be a very long I’m not press it but actually use it you can
press it it doesn’t cost anything but it’s basically for channel memberships
now I did this send a brief message in discord and also on the community tab
just to get an idea of what people were thinking about it and it turns out like
we we’ve redone the tiers so that we’ve at least chosen the cheapest possible
tiers that you can have on d on the join button but they are set by YouTube I
mean if we can set it what are you doing yeah stinkies showing everything there
they’re gonna get all of the game alerts as per usual so we’ve chosen the
cheapest tiers that we can with the exception of I think one or two there
they have low end medium and high end so there’s a bit of a joke more than
anything else we chose the the medium and the high end
ones as well but it also you know has those three different levels I don’t
think anyone’s going to choose the high end one ever but we’ll wait and sleep so
hopefully that answers your question spider but again like we’re not
expecting any of the dlg to do this we understand that everyone like us is poor
I’m saying don’t give up your heart money or pocket money just for us but on
that note I will say we have put a fair bit of effort into the perks that people
can get and took a bit get the special emojis and badges and I can do the
spoilers for that because they’ve already been approved there is a bok
choy emoji that can be used and there’s also a water emoji that can be used the
rest of them their loyalty badges and other emojis relate to the the product
stink pants characters so we actually got in touched with the artist that did
the work for us and she managed to fix it so they at least look better than
when we tried to do it so hopefully that answers your question that was a pretty
long-winded answer sorry about that more jokes
how many mosquitos does it take to screw in a light bulb to but I have no idea
how they got in there ah that’s I read that Apple getting that joke keep it
family-friendly high-seas I should have read that first it’s not too bad it’s
not really rated a keep family-friendly what does a pepper do when it’s angry it
gets jalapeno face hella pain – okay fine he doesn’t get that one yeah it
does look like the crane a virus is spreading to be honest they haven’t
really contained it as much as we were hoping but hopefully with modern
technology there will be cures or at least people are already surviving it so
I guess that’s a good start but it does seem quite deadly at the same time I’ve
been told that there is something wrong with my heart so I can’t really do
anything in the gym I’m sorry to hear that a tornado I hope things things
improve hopefully with a little bit of medical guidance and advice that that
can be fixed I know that sometimes when people have holes in their heart that
can be very dangerous but it can also be dealt with if it’s not too serious
so yeah just let us know how things are going our thoughts will be with you on
that we’ve added quite a few people over there year-and-a-half for however long
it is we’ve been doing this that may they let us know when things in getting
good or bad so we do like to keep up to date with how everyone is traveling to
call Fisher in a tank one looks after their one looks at the other and says
you know how to drive this thing you know tank get it tank think he doesn’t
get any of the jokes I’m back after jailbreaking they’re fine you’d be
careful random cuz I know that some phone companies don’t like that I
wouldn’t say poop jokes poop jokes is my favorite but there are a solid number
two that’s pretty good they say our horse walks into a bar and
asks a bartender if he’s hiring the bartender scoffs and says go and apply
at the circus the horse replies what does the circus need with the bartender
the two soldiers are in a tank one looks at the other and says blah blah blah
blah blah blah blah I don’t get that one two soldiers in tank one looks at the
other and says all right I get it yeah he’s fucking we had a fish tank
what kind of overalls does Mario a weird denim denim denim it’s a terrible joke
but I always get a life denim denim denim I don’t get that one either oh
yeah I’m also going to say sit saying that they’re also going to get some sort
of medical treatment gee I hope Biola del G is okay that we don’t want anyone
to have ill health that’s for sure saying I’m not sure how we can help with
that just make sure that you keep seeing your GP let them know what ails you and
they’ll point you in the right direction or no he comes the hiccups already know
or perhaps put you in touch for that specialist stinky thing like that my heart is you only
hiccup when you have a life’s dream you know it’s crazy these nights that I
don’t know I can talk like crazy in your ear all day long you’re like fucking
friend you’ll love it quite firm that you can like I don’t like yeah your day
you love it stinky say ethan 8 is saying there’s something wrong with their aorta
because it’s expanding and not contracting rate contracting so you’re
the resident medical expert and they household when you have an hour i order
that expands but doesn’t recon tracked have you studied that yet expand not
really contract what is really contract like shrink again so extreme and then
shrink ah so he’s kind of lewis i don’t know i’m not a doctor
well that’s true too well if mater yes pray for ether mater and spidey as well
try and keep the jokes clean pg-13 is probably okay just noise swear words or
anything like that i may or may not read it out cuz I already accidentally read
one out I can get hit on the chest as of right now I can’t get it on the chest
yeah then you’d be very careful Ethan ater don’t play any physical sports or
anything that’s going to put you in in jeopardy please be careful we’ll be
thinking of you with that won’t you stinky guy guys okay then Jake away says
okay so guy gets into a lawyer’s office and asks a lawyer excuse me how much do
you charge the lawyer responds a thousand pounds to answer three
questions I have a feeling that there’s going to be more to that Jake never mind
you were talking to someone else bad weird why did the duck cross the road to
get some Quackers not like that one ah now this is just a public service
announcement all of you because you’ve got YouTube channels just be wary that
they is a lot of spam comments that are going
out at the moment from BOTS and I went down a bit of a rabbit hole with one of
them I don’t know if you’ve ever seen I can’t actually remember the name of the
channel but it’s something like trap house HTC’s something like that it’s got
a black and white logo and a lot of people have been suckered into that at
the moment and it turns out they’ve got four other channels that are attached
that are actually denying that they have anything to do with the spam channel but
I happen to see comments from those channels as well so that’s one and
there’s there’s another one that again I can’t remember the the name of but it’s
like JT is here or something and they will reply if you leave a comment on a
video particularly if it’s a gaming one they will actually respond to you
directly with they’ll say your name but then they’ll say wobba wobba
so just be wary of these ones because they’re not genuine you should report
them if you see them as well but I’ve noticed that it’s happening more and
more so just be aware of that public service announcement thank you yeah I
basically watched my entire teenage life get taken away from me because I usually
play contact sports or whistle while the break will make sure that your brother
doesn’t wrestle you Ethan ater hopefully your medical condition can be fixed and
then you’ll be back to normal say just see how it goes and even though I think
if I’m not mistaken he said he wasn’t that good at basketball it is a bit of a
contact sport even though it shouldn’t be but it’s technically in a contact
sport well if you watch the NBA though technically technically but they do
tender you know I had my ankle injury back in the day when I was playing
basketball I deliberately tripped me over which wasn’t fun
I don’t like nono words yeah well that’s it we we prefer that people don’t swear
and that’s what the that’s what the mods are therefore to remove all of that who
died well here we go say random says put up that traphouse thing commented on my
channel Anna Romans channel and someone else’s channels say don’t I would just
report the comment don’t reply to them don’t go to their channel don’t engage
them in any way whatsoever because it’s being absolutely prolific at the moment
I had a look at a few channels today they’d commented on every single one of
them it was crazy and same again with that JD is here or Jedi’s here if you
see something that says wobba wobba ignore that one as well so there you go
turns out that’s being absolutely prolific now YouTube space to be able to
take care of that when they see they sort of bought activity but I mean they
picked up something like forty thousand subs in a matter of days it’s insane he
can do it with a BOTS it makes me tempted to use them but no
we’ll do it the hard slog we’ll do it the proper way
okay how did the hipster burn his mouth he ate the pizza before it was cool but
I thought hipsters just had beards I don’t know anything else about
hipsters do you stinky also my comments are being bothered by the same person
asking for me to subscribe them exactly so just be aware of that that body’s
running of rampant at the moment breadsticks from the old soap legend so
we’re getting the food stuff happening already we got to do the food video to
tease the dlg way didn’t stayed up all night and tried to figure out where the
Sun was that had turned on me or some pugs here hello how are you it’s good to
see you as well this is a good that’s a good one came
yep why can’t you hear the here at Petra doctor go to the bathroom because the P
is silent but I just said Petra dactyl but Terrence pterodactyl I didn’t make
that always spelt with a P what does it mean the pterodactyls like that flying
dinosaur look at me with my dinosaur knowledge I have nothing except t-rex
flying dinosaur with wings that’s what you got there oh that’s only one flying
dinosaur also a person called bite Lima have commented and Friends video saying
good video it appears to be a bottle also at least be lefty this to you oh
wow there’s quite a few of them I mean some of them we get so many template
comments on our channel we don’t know if they’d bought some not half the time
because they when you go to the channel they just look like a normal small one
and they don’t respond I guess with templates but yeah just be wary that it
looks like this sort of things becoming more and more rampant on YouTube and I
even saw how do I say this without saying my channel name I’ve been
interested in a channel for a little while now I don’t really want to name it
because I don’t want you guys to check out that particular channel it’s the the
person doesn’t appear to be a very nice person but there’s a lot of this strange
sort of like what I bought channels that are associated with his as well it’s
it’s crazy so yeah just be wary how does the nestle organize a party they planet
planet okay now when you get no okay like that that’s about the most funniest
response he gonna get from stinky isn’t it no laughter just stay away okay cuz
you get the joke yeah Oh Woodsman moon lights here hello how are you welcome to
the stream I think that you may be new and haven’t seen that the name before
sorry if if you have been either on the stream or
in the videos it does take me a while to get to learn people’s names because old
peanuts getting pretty old these days mmm probably got early signs of dementia
and Alzheimer’s here’s an end what’s he name again huh you huh what’s
your name what you no no dance so we’re always curious to know where you’re from
and what time it is there swordsman you don’t have to answer that if you find it
a little bit too personal it just always curious or I’m always curious stink
pants keeps telling me don’t not to ask the same question every stream oh well
thank you for joining Schwartzman we appreciate that what did
it say just to let you know there’s a lot of the dlg in this particular stream
they all kind of know each other already they’re all great people so feel free to
chat to them as well as us do you play this game swordsman or are you a fan of
The Simpsons so this isn’t quite what I thought it would be I actually expected
it to be more cartoonish myself but it’s a little bit like building you know in
clash of clans stuff I guess yeah it’s 9:29 is that AM or PM I would suspect it
might be a.m. but who knows find out in a minute now what did the green grape
say to the pepper great oh my goodness breathe breathe I like that one what did
the paper say that you got that boy you got a half a laugh out of stinky nice
one how about the red one have you heard have any of you heard girls dated to the
college to get more knowledge and boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider now
does that make sense when we made it to Jupiter no I haven’t heard that I have
heard of the book men are from Mars and women women are from Venus I’m very
lucky that sting pants actually thinks more like a guy a lot of the time but
she does still have that emotional woman thing going on down to stinky so
I’m lucky she’s a bit of a tomboy so she’s not too bad as an arch nemesis as
what I’m saying now p.m. First Lord okay and a fan of
The Simpsons say I haven’t asked this yet
does anyone have favorite Simpsons character Kane 630 says soap again AM or
PM Jesus look at all the different times we’ve got here I love it that we have so
many people from across the world that’s exciting to us to interact with people
that you know we’re old school we’re old people before the internet so
this sort of thing just wasn’t possible 20 years ago and now it is oh actually I
should say 20 30 years ago maybe isn’t it I can’t remember when the internet
came out you can’t remember maybe 25 was the
first time I got on it was this second degree save 20 bet 22 23 years ago I’m
not mistaken I’m here you know the best part about dementia is you can have the
same conversation my favorite Nathan’s still enjoy it
that’s true because I do that with stink pants all the time yeah she says you
told me that before what do Alexander the Great we neither
and we need the poo you have in common the same middle name huh Alexander the
Great we need the poo dude okay stinky I can’t
get a laugh out of here today yes high five I will say well also sir in the
comments of yours on a youtuber who I’m sub too so I decided to join the stream
awesome thank you for doing that so it’s when we really appreciate it that you’ve
come over from someone else’s channel that’s awesome and but og they’re doing
but Lisa to Homer on a home is too damn near saying
that guide to fat 8:30 p.m. here gee they’ve all got different times
why can’t astronauts eat popsicles because they cannot hear a ice-cream
truck I like that do you like that one
I can’t hear an ice-cream truck saying – families don’t all the time did you like
mmmm no I can get a laugh out of stinky you like that one day you don’t really
watch The Simpsons at all do any other characters I know Lisa you know Leigh
says she’s your favorite is she maybe very good I thought that’s more
like the mother yeah my old woman and Madge sound exactly the same then they
are not not that good in new impressions I have to say they know what’s in this
one I must admit I haven’t watched the Simpsons for quite some time but what
season are they in T because here’s the thing they’ve been around for that long
that the guys that are in the stream some of them at least they’re probably
around the age of when I started watching The Simpsons that’s going back
a long time must be one of the the longest-running seasons ever Rudy’s here
hello Reedy how are you it’s nice to have you join the stream I think this is
the first time for you as well so again how’s your weekend been or the week I
can’t figure out what that I may do you thing is there normally if I hover over
there it’ll tell me that it’s not say welcome to the stream everyone else I’m
sure will make you feel welcome as well as well what is what is something that
is yellow that you can’t drink a school bus yeah well the school bus and the
yellow snow don’t drink the yellow snow well eat the yellow snow it’s not a snow
cone what’s a fish without knife fish the fish but that’s the same thing
isn’t it if you pronounce it or maybe it’s my poor Australian pronunciation
it’s my accent I read ‘yes changed the name say who are you this Titan baby
because I cannot gave up that’s the same in the discord they change their names
so often that it’s very difficult for me to keep up with who’s who
so wait on a response for reading with that one and swordsman’s coming in with
the jokes – we love that as well look at it they’re all doing the fun the
streaming this one Kane’s teasing us with a bit of food what’s yellow what’s
yellow and you can drink lemons we’re just tree stink pants will actually just
eaten no lemons straight I’m seeing to do it she’s crazy
Wow that doesn’t matter Adam yes oh don’t worry like everyone’s stealing the
the jokes from everywhere I’ve seen a lot of them before can you tell me
what’s different between pavement and tough road well the roads a road that a
car will go on a pavements for people to walk on you know and like in the front
of your house you got a pavement that’s all you’ve built the roads right next to
the houses Avenue yeah see they got nowhere to walk they’re gonna walk on
the road yeah problem with that soap legend all right
yeah well that’s treaty we’re just happy to hear the jokes say be kind random
don’t be naughty what’s what did serious a date nice belt
get it nice belt and Mister glitzy man’s here awesome more of the day all day
adjoining we got all the DOJ AJ’s here at the moment why a fish they smart baserunning the school’s okay I’m gonna
have to start filming your face with the reactions that I’m getting from that so
so normally it’s like road and then pavement on the sides yes unless you can
move stuff and made the road so what did to say to five get a made Australian
accent I didn’t get that one what a to say to five get aa cuz it’s upside five
is an upside down to you I think that’s what these those mathematical jokes are
referencing that it’s upside down cuz we’re down under isn’t it stinky mmm-hmm
what did the football coach say that a vending machine to the windy machine
I want my quarterback quarterback you need to know about gridiron say when one
is quarter the quarterback our court is a piece of money like 25 cents oh my god
you saw stinks I wouldn’t mind my quarterback whenever
it’s sitting in a vending machine and a quarterback is a position in rugby grass
rugby in gridiron yeah forever having to explain jokes to the old stink pants
walls whenever I have someone beautiful I
always hit the mirror I don’t mind that one
stinkies like that every day comet wind blowing face and what’s yellow on
to in blowing faces I remember this game from a long time ago says mr. glitzy man
any tips if you you’d know how to play it please give us some tips cuz stinky
is trying to get everyone right over cuz she doesn’t want to build any any foot
pops or what did you call it we call it a footpath they call it a what you said
it before our pavement pavement same thing there all right say what do you
call a magickal Houdini ooh Dini nothing from stinky yet again well
I understand it what’s your problem I’m not gonna raid that one out
keep it try and keep it clean guys you know how it is
Holly it’s not too bad at least they’re not swearing but we’re actually you know
13 plus I see you guys are old enough to know about that kind of thing now I
guess say it’s not too bad rated 13 plus like this game rated 12
was not intended for children he’s a Malayan fancy white kids can’t
play this and doesn’t look like there’s anything particularly bad about it
doesn’t stinking look at you Simpsons growling you got everything happening at
the moment well not really but try to and I can’t believe how classic
kwik-e-mart ease the The Simpsons home very close he doesn’t have that far to
travel buddy and that’s the old Vulcan sign I made
that one can you do the Vulcan science ting pants huh ah bad what is it
something peace and prosper isn’t that the same k4k forth and prosper name
being Peter I don’t know at ease no I don’t know you watch more Star Trek than
I do though but is that all things are Grace’s heck I’ve seen some out old
things on YouTube I can tell you that now and they don’t do the age
restriction which they should that’s there’s probably some adults in the
stream maybe maybe not unicorns I wouldn’t mind patting a
unicorn if that was possible Jerry come at it ever be possible stinky we could
just glue a horn to a horse isn’t that basically the same thing don’t come in you know what a novel is
huh a novel novel the the one with the hole yes yes yeah
I have seen twin horns novel – really I went to UK and went to this natural sign
museum they have the rare one is it says a anomaly like a mutation or is it an
actual species or Braden I think it’s like um
what do you call it when it’s not normal genetic anomaly or a mutation but it’s
only that one so there’s only one of them right I think it’s not like a brief
and where did you see that Natural Science Museum where London right how
come why I haven’t been there go with me yeah that’s right you go in your own
holidays I want to say in our Wallace’s swordsman so do I I’d love to see one I
only said well mummy firemen or the it’s not real life no but I think he got
a gay to Canada I guess to see them they tend to be in the colder waters from
memory yes this is from something I saw on Survivor man so why have a man who’s
talking about novels at one point why I’m not sure wasn’t fishing for them I
can tell you that meow but he was camping on the beach where I guess the
night he tried to feed himself because he did well I’m going on a
tangent now but yeah he ended up pretty much starving for days and then he was
trying to fish he had some fishing equipment that he could use and then all
of a sudden he hit a patch of I think it was a planting salmon so he had enough
to feed himself the rest of the stay there caught like a whole heap at once
after not eating at all for a while so you probably sportsmen you probably can
see it on YouTube if you’ve only ever seen a cartoon one I think I’ve seen
them on YouTube somewhere if you just type in Narwhal well I’ve heard this joke before but I
can say it what starts with nan stinky don’t say the first thing that comes to
your mind what starts with an F and ends in C cave fish that doesn’t end in ck i don’t say
that what did you say if ru ck you made alright so I’m gonna stop right there
firetruck the car trusting pets and that wolves aren’t mutated no but we she was
talking about a narwhal that had two horns
have you tried pig’s blood believe it or not que no I actually have and stink
pants doesn’t mind it in there I added a lot yeah what’s your problem that I’ve
had the raw variety it’s it’s not wrong remember I went to an elephant camp and
they served up a tiny bit of pigs mate oh yeah thanks blood no it was not nice
I’m not gonna eat it raw I can tell you that it’s not safe yeah well I don’t
know the one I ate usually is the black curd so it’s already steamed right and
another one they just put in the soap cook it is it tastes very ine or not I
don’t think so let’s just make it like kind of bigger the soup is thicker and
kind of dark color that’s pretty much it right what’s the big dog’s favorite
pastry a great Danish Danish I’m gonna go goodbye everyone
I will thank you for staying as long as you did swordsman much appreciated now
you have a fantastic day if you haven’t left already
bye bye bye bye TC swordsman take care I guess that means that was a spoiler
alert so I might not read that one out I’m not gonna read that one out just in
case people want to watch any game but you’ve seen in game Avenue no I’m still
waiting for you I thought you watched it on the plane
no they don’t have that one alright alright done now she didn’t say a bad
word it was with an aria not with with I can say you now I guess because it
doesn’t doesn’t what’s your language me see I’ll put hot sauce in your mouth oh
I want it yeah you do so should I say that mad words so I can cut my socks
every everyone in the live chat if she could be any animal what would you be
I would be a bat bunny or Fox I’m still gonna be a human I reckon I wouldn’t
mind being a dolphin you know you spend enough time on land see what it’s like
to be adult swim in the sea you can don’t have any predators really once you
get bigger I’m not sure about that what what AIT’s a dolphin and sharks are
afraid of dolphins when they’re fully gone I don’t know I’m not I think what
starts for the P an engine I are in don’t say it but starts with P and n 0
RN it’s not a four-letter word pilot that doesn’t end you know him oh no
worries you’re spelling your English capabilities we’re popcorn that’s funny
Fox says really yeah Fox’s a sly like a fox they’re very cunning and very smart
put up Ben David disliked the video well we get dislikes on every video kinda
given up on that see a spider disappearing as well well again thank
you for staying as long as he did spider much appreciated
he’s trying to cover it up I didn’t do anything dolphins travel in the pack so
that’s why the Sharks are afraid of good point and to be honest whenever I go
surfing and you see dolphins I feel very safe well if you don’t know how to
recognize the different way that they swim it can be quite scary the first
time because I really didn’t when I first started surfing I didn’t really
know the difference between seeing a fin when you see a dolphin and a shark and a
dolphin swam quite close and it freaked me out I actually went
into Shaw straight away and then later on I found out I was a dolphin do you
know what the difference is different between the change the fin when it’s in
the water when is in the water because a swimming
the dolphin one is more like cook me yeah like it goes up and down up and
down like that whereas a shark goes straight yeah so first I myself can they
they can some of them can jump out of the water though but I mean like they
time doing like 180 turn or something like that saij I already not know what he’s saying
say the name bend over again bend over like Eileen Fraley I don’t know what
you’re talking about it’s when you do joke names which Bart
Simpson does a lot in the Simpsons he rings up Moe Szyslak and says there’s a
call for freely I pay you freely there’s a call don’t get that or there’s a call
for on a wall I lean on a wall stinky doesn’t get any of those foxes
really I know I got confused about someone going I’m staying I thought the
video is ending I know we’re still going strong at the moment so probably still
as per usual keep it to the two-hour mark if we can but we’ll see what
happens with that and I’ve got a plus I got to talk to stink pants about what
we’re doing for the rest of the day because I had a phone call earlier and
someone sounded a little disappointed when I said no oh so maybe
should don’t do that thing okay was what I’m thinking now lulz with the
corn oh did I miss something with the corn
Oh : lucky guy stinky what didn’t I do I think I did something
wrong why can you cancel it whatever it was so
you can’t cancel cancel cult ah Peter spelled peak backwards then say funny
colors GIP funny colors did you get that stinky no spell Pig backwards and then
say funny colors funny galas sting pants that’s why they call his
stinky pants they day she doesn’t get it because she keeps paying potter funny
colors that’s what’s down on there isn’t it
sting no response from the stink pants oh I’m getting excited with some of the
stuff that the DOJ will be able to see soon if we can make something quality
which we probably can’t yeah hey what can I do this spoiler the kiss thing you
know they’re not gonna do the join button or anything anyway so can I tell
him about the the special effects stuff that we ordered or shouldn’t I should we
keep it a surprise I’m very good with holding keeping in
surprises am i one of these spoilers all the time yep you like it they the day or
day of deserving of all the inside information well they just as a heads up
guys as part of the requirements of having channel memberships we do have to
post stuff that’s only available to members it’s not that we want to do that
and it’s just a requirement by YouTube so we do have to do that every now and
again so if you see community posts the can’t access for example don’t worry
about it we can always tell you certain things in the chat but we also have to
be careful that you know we’re not crossing too many boundaries because if
people want stuff exclusive for them and we’ll have to do that too but I am
excited about what we might be able to do for normal video uploads isn’t it
stinky hammer soap legend saying yes ladies I hope I’ve got that right he
keeps changing his name now he’s saying yes should be or shouldn’t we I leave it
up to the live chat now to take a vote as to whether I should be spoiling any
surprises in the near future many and they can’t keep up well that’s
true too isn’t it they liked that last joke that you didn’t get though what why
because you don’t get any joke stinky you’re the queen of not understanding
anything that’s in there quite easy – I reckon they’re pretty easy jokes to
understand stinky has no sense of humor nor is she funny
he’s an its team you’re actually hilarious I think you are I’ve been
encouraging it is saying all of the funny stuff that happens between us
actually happens away from the live streams and I’ve been trying to get it
to do it but she tends to – what concentrate on the game too much which I
can’t really blame me I felt for yes and yes again and I don’t know what that
message retriggered message retracted was so I did see something about join
something but if you wanted to ask the question again I’m happy to answer it
I’d say spoiler alert no space we want to try and do a couple of normal videos
with some really bad special effects cuz let’s face it stinky
doesn’t do any of the video I know you have done some video editing a long time
ago but you probably can’t remember how to do it isn’t it well actually now
you’re doing it for your studies as well you’re probably better than me now
because I can’t remember how to do anything so we’re planning a couple of
normal videos probably posted midweek when we can get around it hopefully
before that stinky gets to you busy and I guess part in parcel it’s to show you
look we are taking the growth of the channel pretty seriously and we want to
try and provide the best entertainment we could which might not happen with old
paradox commentary he’s quite boring he thinks I’m just talking to myself at
this point is thinking you’re not space to agree with me there so I have to do a
bit of training first I think cuz when I’m a how to use these
effects yeah okay hopefully if it’s if it’s not quality at least it’ll be funny
that’s the the actual plan use an instinct just to see if we can actually
do it no comment from Nelson Eddy yeah they’re all being a little bit quiet in
their chatter at the moment is sitting there
listening to me rattle on about nothing I’m like a Seinfeld episode that might
be a reference that they don’t get some old sitcom he come the hiccups again oh
yeah a show about nothing that pretty much explains the poo don’t stink pants
Channel doesn’t show about nothing well that Shakespeare filmed back in the day
much ado about nothing stink he says nothing Oh what did you do
then you’re constantly just trying to show you stuff that’s on the phone isn’t
it plan to G that’s a wide footpath compared to the road look for pass huge always weird footpaths like that here
I’d be skateboarding up and down them all the time if I’m here to skateboard
you’re done well I can but just not very well you can’t expect me to do in all a
year or 360 or whatever they backflip he can backflip
huh have you ever been on a skateboard oh well try but I’m not very good at
balancing thing yeah I’m not a fan of hiccups either safe but it seems to
happen every single stream I don’t know why I mean there’s part of work I would
speak a lot not ain’t get hiccups a and is talking miss stinky I talk a lot and
still don’t get them mm-hmm but they said tend to go away rather quickly
because think that scares me see you put the fear in me today stinky yeah
yeah Dave and there’s anyone got plans for the rest of the today or your gang
bed after this I guess it’s quite late for a number of the people that are in
the stream at the moment hmm yeah you’re gonna go straight back to bed afterwards
Artie what the clouds we’re under their pants stinky
this jokes just for you what the clouds we’re under their pants Thunder pants
that’s you your Thunder pants no such thing
yes that’s when you do your toot toots all the time that’s where you’re the
main arch-nemesis with your toxic explosions you can be used in modern war
fight modern warfare combat couldn’t you
stinky if the enemy had access to that that’s it the war’s over and where’s the
old rat baggage you know we’re out should be out yeah slide again they’re
still there they’re just being rather quiet I don’t know if it’s because
they’re they’re trying to see how well or how poorly I should say that I can do
commentary sitting here on my own one day it’s gonna be just no one’s gonna be
talking to me I’ll just be sitting here chatting away about nothing use an
instinct it’s like I’m talking to sting now and I get no response
what’s the 24 hour challenge I hope that doesn’t mean a 24 hour strand challenge
because to be honest I’ve talked about that we had stink pants once setting up
a new clash of clans account from the start and seeing how long you could do
it but I dare say the building stuff would probably prevent that from
happening now although we could do could do a multiplayer game like that maybe or
I don’t know if anyone would even be interested in this but Diablo because
you can play that for days isn’t it sting to get through one of the maps you
got to go non-stop for that Thank You Ethan ater I’m glad that he says he’ll
talk to me they’ve made the engagements of people because I seriously wonder if
this channel ever gets bigger and there’s more and more people in the live
chat that I can’t keep up with I think I’d be struggling to make it
entertaining I struggle now isn’t it stinking yep
you’re not supposed to agree with me Wow really yes the 24 hours stream my
goodness that will be we might do it one day in the future to see what happens I
mean most of the 24 hour streams I’ve seen they’re not actually sitting there
doing stuff it’s like a 24 hour music stream so you don’t have to entertain
for 24 hours that one day we’ll do it in shift stinky
okay what do you think can you commentate for 20 yeah you can da is a
game that’s how would you describe that type of game action adventure yeah
collect levels I’ll get those get those armory sets
that’s what it’s all about to me yeah and they’ve got Diablo one two and three
now is it is 3 coming out it has hasn’t it yes so yeah didn’t we play three oh
three one and four is what coming soon yes already King oh we’ve got Diablo 3
hmm right say da four might be coming out
same as the weather there stink pants boy he’s actually said Peter I got to
say it’s a great day today nice and sunny not too hot the weather’s been
rather inclement vocabulary inclement weather meaning there means like up and
down all over the place but today it’s still it’s funny we don’t get too much
of summer here which is crazy isn’t it we missed the heatwave thankfully
overseas when that happened I now know what a is yeah it’s a it is an awesome
game to play it does take a lot of time then cuz you have to get through an
entire map to have it saved which is a bit frustrating I think you you really
do have to sit there for hours to complete it well and that’s only like
one map I’m talking about play Dark Souls what’s on his Dark Souls ah that’s
I’m not sure I’m gonna be into that one but okay fantasy adventure stuff and you
had me into it cuz it’s scary um I’m not sure it’s complicated I’m not sure I
thought I saw someone played before you seem to get through complicated games
fairly easily stinky will say that Christmas symptom Nick not quite sure
what that one means Christmas suit and Nick clarification on that one Spidey
look I’m giving them their a nickname Spidey
as opposed to spider fighter Yuri this is my day
Peter it is beautiful out the sun is shining and flowers are blooming and the
grass is going green so let’s go play video games
yeah it’s again I’m not sure if it’s different for everyone with the
different generations now but for me I grew up you know
all little towns say we were outside quite a bit playing sport and you know
fishing and yeah being and going to the farm and doing sort of a lot thing they
know what is yeah be yeah they might not know what yabbies say for the Americans
they call them crawdads I think they’re crawdad looks very similar to a Yeti
might be a little bit different but basically the same looking thing found
in freshwater you don’t find the abbeys in saltwater as far as I know they’re
delicious and fun to catch to catch remember I fed you some yeah bees but I
didn’t get catch that many of them I’ll have to go back and try again if you’re
up for it let me go for a country drive one day stink yeah no worries and you
got the bok choy this is going on did someone random do that because
that’s looks quiet it’s not the same as the emoji that we’ve got set up for the
the join button but it looks a little bit similar say there you go oh how
extreme is fine I’m glad you guys think that is you named
okay I’m gonna get a little bit personal man a little bit opening up to the DL
G’s the strange scammy I honestly think you know I’m not entertaining and
because you don’t do too much commentary and you save all your funny stuff for
the non streaming what yeah she I gotta say stink pants is hilarious and yet she
doesn’t really show you her her humor in the streams as much as I’m sure we would
all like he’s an extinct Dark Souls is really fun than hard at the same time
there’s boss fights you love the boss fight stinking I love I don’t deny it
you like the boss fights actually a lot of boss fights so it’s fun to play hey
Peter when are you going to play the game I suggested which one was
that Ethan ADA sorry cuz we got quite a few game suggestions and again I’m not
sure how they I can’t when I hover over that bok choy there it doesn’t work they
are they didn’t then no one’s gonna press the join button if they can
already do bok choy when we’ve got that as one of the emojis mm-hmm they wait
now ever be able to do some of the other images we’ve got I think I his you said
symptom Nick because of Diablo it also means symptom the Spanish and I do know
the game say symptom is symptom Nick again and again eith later I’m waiting
on a reply for what the game is that was requested can you play the scary games
I requested yeah I’ve actually already downloaded so cane once plants vs.
zombies the original and to be honest that last stream has got quite a few
views on it so probably should do the original plants vs. zombies plus we had
a new subscriber that just does plant vs. zombies uploads see Emily into it or
she know we don’t have the join button yet so we apparently qualify for it so
we’re in the process of finishing the steps we’ve only got one more step to go
which is to make a couple of videos that explain the join button say I guess
that’s a stay tuned sort of announcement where we’re hoping to it list at least
get one of those videos done today but the second ones going to take a bit
longer and it’s actually putting the fear in me a little bit because I don’t
have that many ideas for it so you’ll see it when it’s there but
it’s not there yet we’ve we’ve got three the things approved already but the
fourth one we still have to do ether Mather suggested ear war clash of epic
plan was that the rip-off game though eaten ate it because I did look at a
ripoff clash of clans game and decided not to play it because I read some of
the reviews saying is it was a scam of some sorts but yeah just let me know if
that’s the one that’s the ripoff one is I did do a tiny bit of research on the
one that was a mimicking clash of clans so just let me know
alright is that one so yeah I think you’ve got to be careful with that game
from what I saw from some reviews that it seems like there’s something else
going on with it that I don’t know if it can be trusted or not but I read one
comment saying that they’re actually stealing information somehow if you
downloaded it so my girl just weather that comment was true or not I just
decided I’m not going to take the risk with that we already take too many risks
Tony stinky mm-hmm I’m risking my life every day you’re hanging around you yeah
normally you got some funny it is say than that this like I don’t know it’s
gotta be spontaneous with you isn’t it I gotta get the spontaneous funny funny
responses and remarks and just basically I don’t know you do funny stuff I’m
giving you full credit here stinky thanks laughs when I first met her I
told her she should be a stand-up comedian
no way yeah you’re funny no I’m not getting nothing from this thing pants
you just want to be my manager and got the money that’s right
this splits 1910 by the way ah 90% to Maine 10% to you plus it you know how
does he feed you and clothe you and let’s face it they’re my team if you
want tickets old soul to you yeah to me which means we’re running at a loss
plants Fester’s on me to you I completed ancient Egypt and now I’m on pirates II
says gain getting tired again sting yeah this game
is not um it’s more like a sim or what do you call it yeah it’s not the most
when it comes to actually I mean for planning zombie origin or I can do it
next week you might have to do that next time isn’t it
because you like the plants but then I can’t say you’re a noob you’re an expert
at plant versus zombies well no not the second one but the first
one I did well that’s the one that he’s talking about the original we already
played number two uh-huh or you know I did play ages ago we talking about ages
ago I remember it was difficult to get you off the game and speaking of which
plants vs. zombies tires here so there you go we’ve been asked to play plants
vs. zombies the original do you want to do you want to say hello to them in you
know no well I will say I be crap so baby my pump would posit I need annoyed
Tim I quit eat out i crap pumping cunt I can’t wrap my how is that stinky come on actually P pvz toy I’d like to ask a
small favor from you if I can just let everyone else know plants fest or pvz ty
has a YouTube channel that just does plants vs. zombies they had set it to
the kids channel settings so you won’t be able to leave comments or anything
like that but they’ve also been very helpful with their own discord that
they’ve been promoting us so if you join their discord they’ll probably do the
same for you I guess but I wanted to ask pvz ty that you actually had a menu your
channels in your discord that automatically updates any social media
posts that you make and none of you guys know you how to do it I asked them about
it but they don’t know how to do it so I’d love to be able to get you help
with that it’s fine if you don’t I understand it’s probably a lot of work
but I’m just hopeless for discord like really hopeless so we can have a chat
privately-owned escort at some point if you like but I just thought I’d mention
that there play plants vs. zombies too because he made the play some of the
games you have more than once especially that one
I think plants vs. zombies is a good game gibberish confirmed and tomato I’m
talking about the original plants vs. zombies not number two so here’s the
thing like we we do want to revisit other games but we also need to keep
posting new games because the reality is that’s what’s certainly drawing in a
variety of people into the channel because they might not watch one game
but they’ll watch another and because no one really knows what’s coming up next
it kind of keeps at least a few people interested say I’ve mentioned that many
streams before that you know our people gonna get annoyed if we start update
uploading more frequently rather than once a week for the moment we will be
doing that but it’ll be a mixture between streams and normal videos
because we do have to like YouTube’s requiring us to do that for a start but
also we want to you know do more musical challenges that sort of thing they do
take a lot longer to produce these sort of things than a live stream but
certainly no less work when it comes to the background stuff so we were thinking
at some point maybe upping the game to two uploads a week but you know a lot of
you guys have the bail on as well with the full notifications so we don’t want
you to think that you know now we’ve become like a spamming type channel that
to be honest I’d subscribed to quite a few big gaming channels just to
keep up-to-date with what they’re doing and try and get a bit of exposure for
ourselves and I actually unsubbed to a number of them because they’re
uploading every day couple of times every day and it was just too many
notifications so that’s just from from my perspective that I’m not a favorite I
don’t personally think that really frequent uploads actually helps much it
seems to be more of a money-grabbing than anything else but then again we’re
gonna do money grab to army this fed now they’re arguing over whether it should
be the second one or the original one second one second one original one
original one so I daresay we’d probably have to fulfil Cain’s desire because
plants vs. zombie the original would at least be a different game technically
speaking like granny and granny – and random be careful what you’re doing on
discord like if you’ve been banned with one account you don’t want to keep
happening and you know I wasn’t gonna give you any kind of moderator status
until you verified with your YouTube channel that actually I’ll just get you
to do that here what’s your discord name that’s the
place to have its admin role just so I can confirm that it’s actually coming
from you this is how we do it stinky all these crazy stuff that’s going on on the
internet and bvz toys gonna be quiet there I was hoping
to get a response from maybe I ask too much sorry for that just the guys that I
hear all the time know that I’m often asking them for help in discord because
I’m so hopeless really don’t know what’s going on I’m on that night sorry another
spoiler alert when it comes to when the join button finally gets added I will be
leaning on random and perhaps bright lightning a lot more heavily because I
need to fulfill some perks there and I don’t even know how to do it it takes
them like five seconds to do stuff that takes me hours bit like anything that’s
stink pants helps me with jeez that’s an ongoing battle between plants vs.
zombies original or number two no that’s not it but what is the Oh
Penny’s pursuit is that another plants vs. zombies or is that a different game
altogether bvz tied so I’m writing I’ve got another
gaming list going at the moment Penny’s pursuit so just let me know
whether that’s a game on its own or whether it’s plants vs. zombies
he’s my discord name dot dot dot well I don’t know
he’s just randoms trying to have a bit of fun with me at the moment but here’s
the deal you don’t get your high-level admin role unless he let me know who it
is and the other thing I’ve got to say
random is why does your name still appear in this corner like it’s actually
still there so I don’t know how you got banned if I can still see it which is
not it’s not the other one that you read it’s yo Y ACH k CA B it doesn’t look
like that’s been deleted ah say pvz ty says it’s the new mode in
plants vs. zombies – and I guess that’s why tonight is saying to play it because
you didn’t get through the whole game you see what I mean no response from the
sinky as per usual you’re talking to me now yep am I gonna get notification from
you my name is still there because this course didn’t delete it now well then I
don’t need to give you another role you’ve still got the original one and it
looks like say see if you can post with that one and PVC ty do you actually
watch The Simpsons as well because he he are and let me know if you’re a he or a
she as well this because I often say hey just by default but I don’t
offend you if you happen to be a lady I’m like stink pants you or no lady I
yeah Oh what what what did you do oh you got some sort of prize it looks like and
that’s it she and Scratchy by the way I said a mouse in a cat you didn’t listen
we’re gonna listen to the stream again I said it Mouse and how can I get away
from this I can’t log on to my account discord disabled it say PVC type does
like the cartoon so it must be popular in Thailand as well yeah it’s popular
all over the place do you have a favorite character in The
Simpsons PVC we were asking that before I’m just gonna hopefully you understand
when I say P V Z Z oh that’s like a little scratchy card thing isn’t it hmm
they’re still fighting over which plants vs. zombies one to play so I might be
disappointing Ethan ate a bit I might I have to say yep Kane wins just because
it’s a new game technically he’s a very old game but we haven’t played it yet
and then sting pants can show our true expertise that’s one of the few games
where huh which one oh come on when I first met you I could barely get you to
stop playing that game which game Plants vs Zombies ii original I still got my
experience it’s like riding a bicycle you never forget yeah you might need
some time to get you know your fitness level and whatnot you didn’t even lose
this did you even lose a single game in the last stream yes I did there was one
that I could actually lose more than once more than once yeah and have to
redo it again mm-hmm well I still say you’re gonna be an
expert at it Homer Simpson says fight that’s a first
one that actually said hi MA now I must admit I like hey man just
cause he’s stupid but he’s got a heart kind ish he’s kinda based of the time
when he does things wrong he tries to fix it doesn’t he like this one that he
says food a whole village okay old hey my man Ethan aid is still saying the
second one but we just played the second one go later some people have been
saying this you got to get us here he’s going which I do notice other gaming
channels do but we’re sort of you know a niche market at the moment are we but
I’m a how many people are confident or stupid enough to play games from scratch
live like we do I haven’t come across any channel it does that yet is the
serious game is they want to look good when they play he’s a man like me yeah
but we don’t care dirty stinky you’re done can do it yeah bye Ethan ADA also
said that he liked Omer I must have missed that one I think a
lot of the stinky you keep doing it you put the fear in me when you do that I can’t believe how long these plants
vs. zombie debates been going on and pvz ty hasn’t said anything in there the
resident expert hopefully PVC you’ll join us in there if
we do do plants vs. zombies original we’d love to have you in that stream
just say that you can give us your expertise because they look like they’re
very serious players you know it’s their favorite game by far okay ah and the
other thing I gotta say did t PVC I love me ping I love it I’m gonna say you went
to Singapore after that and then you like I don’t like moving
anymore oh because of why what did we hate I don’t know you tell me
naughty naughty prata yeah well I like that too but I’m not gonna PP me ping
that’s delicious one day everyone else if you do get the
chance to go to Thailand have some of the local food it’s absolutely fantastic
date stop talking zip you have make me pop up
IRT there just between ka that ether NATO at the moment and just filling up
the chat which I don’t mind it’s good stuff get to see of argue with each
other in a friendly way I might even have to do a poll just to see what
random chips in with PVC three and that’s right pvz grilled pork love it
can’t get enough of it and I’m trying to think what’s the rice portion called sticky rice I’m just trying to think of
a Thai Thai for it I wanted it all the time but they just basically pointed and
I said yep I’ll take a bit of that you can’t remember I can’t I’m trying to
think of the word for eating as well which I can’t think of that’s not
getting cow is that it sticky rice you know only one word correct cow yes mmm
Connie oh that’s the one that’s what I gotta remember but that’s not the only
stuff we ate is it no but you ate that every breakfast how much what do you
call the fried banana and they what was the other little purple ball oh that skycam which is which one beep Franklin
oh look at me teasing him with the food we’ll be posting a video why are we
showing all the lovely stuff that we ate random saying
granny chapter 6 I’m pretty sure that’s not out you know thanks teddy
yeah I have enough you got a me what are you talking about you played granny
again after the fact no I play grandpa yeah you play granny too
I play grandpa after the fact did me you do play some of them that’s well what
the other thing we can do appease everybody is join the twitch if we get
enough people to start joining the twitch will start streaming there but as
far as I know you’ve only got two subscribers and one of them is Ethan a
doc and the other ones actually someone I know in real life and that’s it we’ve
got our massive two subscribers on Twitch well I haven’t maybe they’ve
subscribed and unsubscribe because we’ve only have our plated there once but
that’s something that we can look at doing maybe a PVC said fried banana –
all right what’s the bar cane you got to try a fried banana if you have a gated
tile and you all know what we’re talking about afterwards it’s absolutely
delicious Oh Roy which is Thai for delicious I’m
trying to think what else say you stayed for breakfast just about every day
there’s quite a few things wasn’t he hmm it’s making me hungry yeah
dear I’m making myself hungry we don’t need to be teased by the chat and then a
bit of what didn’t I have fat cow cow Moo but I didn’t know you did no I don’t
think I had a lob now there but cow come who I did a few times and I only managed
to have one good small portion yeah all my favorites no
beef basil they can get any base pairs all this time what the heck but you’ve
got a lot of other good stuff like what like you remember we went to the seafood
one God crap made that curry awesome but I can’t remember what that was called
bulb had pom Galli not gari you that’s that’s a naughty we’re in time
that’s the slang for the naughty one normal meaning is mean currently Ave guy
I think here Adam he says he’ll subscribe on Twitch well we will have to
do a twitch stream at some point well it yeah twitch stream I lost you on pedo do
you subscribe do i press the friend button on twitch oh I’m not very good
with twitch I though ether nate is probably answer that better but i think
you do you can try pressing the friend button ether nato be a bro the link
should be in the description anyway we put the twitch link link in every
description so hopefully that helps he’s gonna have to show all of this delicious
food we were eating that’s another video that I had planned we actually planned
uploaded while we’re away but you just couldn’t do that
unfortunately next time we’ve got a backlog of these old videos and
hopefully you guys find that entertaining that they’ll be short
little each each it’ll be a compilation like a montage but each video probably
only went for about 10 to 20 seconds just showcasing age meal and we didn’t
get them all in because I’m bad at filming stuff and stink pants is bad it
reminded me to film stuff the one thing that I absolutely regret was not filming
the airplane food not once you know how like then that stinky airplane foods
awesome anyone that peepees aeroplane
I don’t know why I mean it depends on the airline now let’s face it people
Jetstar was it was not as good as cornice yeah it’s not as good as Qantas
sets for sure so Ethan ADA thank you for helping you
out random with that I’d say he’s explaining how to do this someone on
twitch G old Uncle poodle’s trying to do all of these social media online tech
technological stuff and he doesn’t know how to do anything I can barely switch
on a computer hmm sorry they’re still arguing about it all right well we may
end up by ending the stream semis shortly it depends our stink pants feels
with this one but we’re getting to the the to year to year to your years we’re
doing a two-year stream that’s better than a 24-hour one isn’t it non-stop you
reckon you can do it so again 8th inator I might just ask you
to help random it cuz I have no clue about any of this
I just in fact I have to get some help from mate of mine to be able to stream
in the first place when it came to twitch oh dear look at me I’m just
taking a tiny breaker being talking so much CI exotics er welcome to the stream
exotic but hang on now I’m even more confused because someone joins the
discord that said they were exotic and they had I think it was Japanese writing
or it might have been Korean and he’s showing up as Alexander diem in this one
so yeah it always confuses me sorry to say but then you’ve got to say that’s
fair enough if you keep changing your name you can’t expect me to remember you
can you if you scored butter actors using a lot ram be careful with what
you’re doing around them cuz you know we don’t want you to get banned again and
you still didn’t tell me what your name was in this Gordon because you know
unless you do I guess I won’t be adding a higher level role there and have you
been exotic it’s good to see you again do you play The Simpsons game or do you
enjoy the simpsons TV shows / movies I think there’s at least one maybe I don’t
know if there’s more do you think you don’t say this ones they have scenes in
the movie yeah at least one have you watched it so this one’s called The
Simpsons tapped out but he said JT got to go already so don’t know if he’s left
already but yeah tapped out The Simpsons I think
they had more than one game to the new name the old name I think I know cuz
it’s still there but you just got to let me know like if it’s high admin and stop
doing things get yourself into trouble I keep telling you I’ve got to be able to
trust you random yeah one of the two or three people that my old name is USSR
with GC well that’s not the one on thinking I’ll buy that so just bear with
me I can’t say that is the USSR one so that would be that one there but you
know someone sent me a private message so it is you master gaming League
twenty20 well what are you gonna do you’re gonna behave yourself or not cuz
I gotta add him as a high-level admin stinky should I or shouldn’t I because I
can tell you neo stinky said straight up don’t do it she was saying Dana don’t do
it you don’t know who this person is and I’m like yeah I’ll get confirmation from
random one way or another and Spidey’s back no that’s alright we understand if
you have other things to do a lot of people around this time they have chores
to do for their parents or they’ve got other more important things to do than
be bored by your old uncle poodle I think I heard read back no I reckon
you’re hearing things they stink us I’m good at hearing they’re the old red bag
say she’s not there is she hey that’s my nickname on servers you can get you can
set custom nicknames yeah well that’s something that we are going to ask you
to do if anyone happens to use the join button once it’s up and running because
we’ve advertised one of the perks is giving them special roles in discord and
again I wouldn’t even know how to do that if you spell my server nickname it
spells bok choy ha oh I get it they know it’s backwards they both got
bok choy in the discord server gee I hope they they find it funny with the
tears they are you having the join button the bok choy TR the bok choy
emoji toy that’s how they thought it is they
know and finds it funny exhibit what toy think that’s why they were laughing the
last time and even eight it doesn’t have chores which is good can have a relaxing
day you get another five minutes in there stink we might as well cross that
two-hour line I also should do a bit of an announcement with that as well we are
probably if we end up playing a game where it only lets us play for a certain
time and then it you know you’ve got to wait before you can play again we might
not play a second game after that because it seems like an hour and a half
is also a bit of a sweet spot when it comes to streaming so as long as we sort
of do one out one and a half to two hours or even one a hour to two hours
that seems to be good enough for a stream they said they always died
laughing it during that video I didn’t think it was that funny when I was doing
it I still don’t think it’s funny yeah cuz we played it back in you and
laughing that much well yeah only you who laugh I was laughing and that made
distinct pants laugh but I find I’m one of those people that kind of laughs at
themselves cuz I’m just not that funny isn’t it
we try to be but here’s the other thing like I’ve studied a couple of big
youtubers a lot and I do have to say that their commentary far surpasses
anything that I can do you know when I look at their comments sections people
are always quoting stuff that they do we only get quoted very occasionally we
might do one or two funny things per stream if we’re really lucky but it’s
not enough and I think to really entertain people but it does create all
of these enjoy in jokes that are we getting doesn’t look at them getting I
don’t think I’m ever going to be able to live the bok choy down
huh is it old water for that matter at least we’ve got the dlg and dlg for life
that’s the the big one that’ll be on some merch people alright I’m joking
about this by the way don’t do these harassing parents for Christmas and for
for birthday presents or just for the heck of it you say I want want that
piece of merchandise but again we’ve got to get the artist to do some more
designs but having said that stinkypants did our own design which I was very
impressed with I thought it looked quite good stinking isn’t it you say that
things up and running let’s say fine is there a link there that I can do it or
there isn’t anything either says he’s always entertain no matter what easily
entertained I say but now he’s been so good to us both in the clan as well as
in the livestreams regular supporter we’re talking here hold on I’ll be right
back in the chat in about 48 seconds says spider put the tie me on and put it
put the timeyou on you’ve actually better be quick because we’ll be slowing
it down relatively soon and there’s ether native yeah we’ve got
a deal GOG for life anyone that doesn’t know and they come and watch a replay
you or join this stream live why do they keep referencing the DL J and I guess
the other thing is if you actually do YouTube search on dlg itself it’ll just
come up with various companies but hopefully we will own that one day isn’t
it and you do a search team for that old cart with the old poo tide stink pants
stuff we can only dream you like dreaming dangerous sting pants it’s one
time you can get away from me unless unless I’m in your dreams come on I get
into your dreams sometimes now I’ve gotta say steam pants was feeding
yourself this entire time song a little nibble we got some Madeira cake
you have that in your countries PVCC tithe thank you for staying as long as
you did that’s awesome again just know that I’ll visit your
channel but I can’t leave a comment and say I’ll just like one of your videos
there get to know some of the people in there that this Court is well most of
them that are in the live chatter in there they’re all good people and
welcome to the DOJ to much appreciated so oh there you go came just explain
what the dlg means he’s a registered trademark very odd stink pants we wish
trademark has costs a lot we might have to do it one day if we have if we ever
get big bit oh that’s like that’s an expense way down the track I mean we got
to be big before we even consider that I love my song is so sleepy ladies we’re
at the two-hour mark now so what do you want to do time for me to go to bed
you’re gonna go straight back to bed again alright say guys we will probably stop
it there thank you for staying as long as you did everyone that was absolutely
awesome I had a very I don’t know if we entertain them but I found it
entertaining I love talking about you yeah that’s it
it’s actually more about the live chat entertaining me than the other way
around isn’t it huh because you don’t entertain you don’t
stink that’s you do when we get off the streets that’s what I find so funny
always after this dream all right so I’m gonna play pvz – bye guys see you next
week love you all love you all – thank you
for staying as long as you did the stream was short says random but it
was still two hours alright alright thank you guys see you next week goodbye

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