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The Strangest Cryptid & UFO Encounters

September 10, 2019

Welcome back strangers. Today are doing a collaboration with Swamp
Dweller on the strangest cryptid and UFO Encounters. Flatwoods, West Virginia is your typical small
town. It only has 270 residents and was originally
incorporated in 1902. The community became nationally known after
the Flatwoods Monster UFO incident occurred there, over six decades ago. Some time around 7pm on September 12, 1952,
three boys where playing football on their school’s playground. Suddenly, they a saw fiery object flash across
the sky and land on a hill near a farmer’s land. They immediately ran to the home of Kathleen
May, a mother of one of the boys, and together, they all went to investigate the area with
their dog. There are several different stories that describe
what happened when the group reached the hill, but the most widely accepted one, is they
simply saw a strange large red light. When the oldest boy pointed his flashlight
at it, they could see a tall creature with a pair of shining eyes. The monster saw them and glided towards them
before abruptly changing direction back towards the red light. They were so scared of this creature that
they ran away after witnessing its terrifying appearance. The group, each described the monster’s
appearance differently, some said it was dark and colorless while others said it was green. Yet, they all agreed it had a human-like form
with a red face that emitted a strange glow and it had an unmanly hissing voice. When the group arrived home, Kathleen quickly
contacted a news reporter and a local sheriff to report what they had witnessed. The sheriff and reporter went and searched
the area that night. They didn’t encounter the monster, but the
reporter said there was a strange metallic odor in the air at the location. This inspired him to investigate the site
a second time the following morning in the daylight. That morning he discovered a thick black liquid
along with unusual track marks in the ground. The encounter made headlines in both local
and national newspapers, which caused the U.S. Air Force to send investigators to the
small town. The investigators questioned several other
witnesses who also reported seeing something strange, including a mother and her teenage
daughter who claimed they saw the same creature a week ago. Another witness said that her house was shaken
at the time of the crash and her radio cut off for more than half an hour after the incident. Despite these witnesses, most of the investigators
and news reporters believed that the object witnessed was only a meteor. However, there were those who believed the
witnesses had encountered something unknown. Local newspaper publisher A. Lee Stewart stated
that, “Those people were the most scared people I’ve ever seen”. Although the unidentified flying object, is
believed to have been a meteor, that doesn’t fully explain the encounters and sightings
that happened in the area in 1952. The reporter who discovered the landing tracks
along with traces of an odd gummy deposit at the landing site. The metallic smell in the area caused witnesses
to experience nausea and sore throats. What did the witnesses encounter that day? What was it a monster? The boys and Kathleen stuck to their story. Everyone who talked to the witnesses after
the event reported that they were “frightened to death”. The skeptics believe that what they saw was
likely only a barn owl since the descriptions of the monster’s appearance and its unusual
hissing noises were similar to those of an owl. Whether it was only a bird or a true monster
encounter, the town of Flatwoods hasn’t forgotten that day in September of 1952 that
sparked the legend of the Flatwoods Monster. If you are ever in the are you can check out
their monster museum and grab some strange souvenirs to remember your trip to West Virginia. On August 2, 1955 nearby a rural farmhouse
in the small town of Hopkinsville, Kentucky witnesses reported encountering extraterrestrial
beings and seeing a UFO nearby. Today, the famous encounter is known as the
Kelly Hopkinsville encounter or the Hopkinsville Goblins case. It began when the Sutton family witnessed
something strange on that August evening in 1955. The family had Billy Ray Taylor, a family
friend staying with them from Pennsylvania. That evening he went outside to collect water
from the well. When he was out at the well, he saw a giant
shiny unknown object fly across the sky. It appeared to have landed less than a half
mile away from him. He immediately ran back inside to tell two
other people who were home what he had witnessed. He excitedly described seeing a round metallic
object with a rainbow-colored stream trailing behind it.” Unfortunately, no one believed Billy Ray that
night. They laughed it off like it was a joke or
assumed he might have seen a meteor in the sky. Although no one he told believe him, Billy
Ray, eventually convinced one of his friends to go back to the well with him and investigate. Like his friend had expected they found nothing
unusual. Disappointed, they returned to the farmhouse
where they suddenly saw a glowing 3-foot tall creature coming out of the woods towards them. It had its hands up as if it wanted to surrender. They described it as having “large eyes,
a long thin mouth, large ears, thin short legs, and hands ending in claws.” They were so terrified by the strange creature
that they ran back to the house and frantically barricaded the doors. When they looked out the window, they saw
more than a dozen of the goblin like beings surrounding the house. The creatures appeared to be very confused. They attempted to peek through the windows
of the house and tried to get inside. This scared the family dog who began frantically
barking. This motivated Billy Ray and his friends to
do something, before the situation got out of control. They put the children to bed and equipped
themselves with guns waiting for the perfect time to open fire. Soon one of the creatures peaked through the
window and Billy fired, but didn’t kill it. The creature appeared to just vanish after
it was shot. This caused the men to start shooting at every
little goblin they saw. Yet, none of them were affected by it. The bullets couldn’t harm the creatures. It was like they were made of the strongest
metal or had some sort of invisible shield protecting them. The gunfire did startle the creatures and
it gave the men a chance to get outside and take control of the situation. They spotted a goblin on the roof and it tried
to grab one the men with it’s long claw like hand. They shot at it at point blank range, but
the bullets didn’t do anything to the creature and it got away safely. The men returned to the house terrified, unable
to stop the goblins. The creatures continued to peak through windows
and tease the family. Since bullets were ineffective, they decided
to wait a few hours until they could safely get to their cars. They wanted to report the encounter to the
police. The men struggled to convince the Sheriff
that the story was true and not some kind of prank before he sent officers out to investigate
the area. When the police arrived at the home, the creatures
were gone. The only evidence of the strange encounter
were bullet holes on the property. The local news reported the story the next
day and soon the news of the goblin encounter spread across the country. Most people in the area believed the story
was a hoax. Yet, some had a hard time dismissing the men’s
testimonies. Each one was questioned separately and recounted
the same encounter. Each description of the creatures was sketched,
and they were all eerily similar with no major differences between them. They were questioned by others years after
the event, and their stories remained unchanged. Since no one could prove these events were
a hoax, many UFO experts believe it is one of the best documented encounter cases and
consider it to be authentic. Skeptics believe they saw a group of great
horned owls that night which can sometimes be found in the area. The Kappa Cygnids meteor shower could explain
the UFO sighting, and bullets ricocheting off trash cans and barrels nearby could explain
the aliens being made of metal or having force-shields. The encounter helped popularize the words
little green men by the media covering the case. Locals haven’t forgotten that strange day
in August. The Kelly Community now celebrates the anniversary
of the event on the third weekend of every August with a festival called the Kelly “Little
Green Men” Days. It is a summer festival that is all about
fun, food, and aliens. I have always wanted to attend but haven’t
had a chance. If you can’t travel all the way to Kentucky,
you can find the little goblins without leaving home in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire. The Pokémon Sableye is based off the Kelly
Hopkinsville Encounter. What do you think they family in the farmhouse
witnessed that night? For years colonists in New Jersey were terrorized
by an unknown creature. Some believed the horrible creature was a
real-life monster, others thought it a ghost or evil spirt terrorizing the colony. The monster became known known as the Jersey
Devil. It’s appearance and story differs widely
between those who have allegedly witnessed it. Yet, it has become one of the most infamous
legends of New Jersey. The most popular version of the legend begins
in 1735, when a poor woman who lived in a forest near New Jersey discovered she was
pregnant with her 13th child. She was so miserable after learning about
the little miracle of life inside her, she exclaimed, “The Devil himself can take this
one!” On the night she gave birth, she realized
her baby wasn’t a normal. It was a deformed monster that had a horse’s
head and a reptilian body with bat like wings. The devil’s child immediately grew 20 feet
long and flew around the room, before escaping out the chimney and disappearing into the
night. The monster began terrorizing anyone who was
unlucky enough to encounter it, and it soon became known as the Jersey Devil by the townspeople
nearby. Another version of the legend revolves around
a young unfortunate girl from Leeds Point who fell in love with a British soldier during
the Battle of Chestnut Neck in 1778. The people of the town were against the relationship
and accused the young girl of treason. As a result, the townspeople cursed her, and
she later gave the birth to a monster. While most skeptics believe this monster is
a result of naïve townspeople’s, there are those who claim to have witnessed the
devil and swear on its existence. They believed that the beast destroyed their
crops, infected their cows and even blew down trees in fits of rage. Some will go so far to say that the monster
has killed local fish, livestock, pets, and even a few children. Government officials and notable citizens
have witnessed the creature. Businessmen, police officers and many other
officials have allegedly heard or seen the monster, making many believe in the creature’s
existence. One of the most famous people to have witnessed
the Devil was Joseph Bonaparte, brother of the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte. He was unfortunate enough to come across the
horrible beast while hunting near Bordentown, New Jersey. In 1909, hundreds of alleged encounters with
the Jersey Devil filled newspaper headlines and frightened the whole state. Schools were closed, and the workers were
recommended to stay home from work. Even the Philadelphia Zoo joined in the craziness
and offered a $10,000 reward for the creature’s body. The sightings excited experts, and some from
Philadelphia and the Smithsonian Institution theorized the monster was an undiscovered
creature from the Jurassic period that had somehow managed to survive and stay hidden
from humanity. New York scientists suggested the creature
may be a type of marsupial carnivore, but no one was able to give an accurate answer. Sightings of the beast have continued to today
and there are new reports of the creature every year. The influence of the Jersey Devil in the area
is still huge, it was named the Official State Demon, backed by Governor’s Walter Edge’s
belief in the creature. Today, there are far less sightings of the
illusive beast, causing it to receive less press and media attention. Skeptics say this proves that the Jersey Devil
is only an elaborate urban legend that has been passed down through the years. While others believe the creature fled to
rural areas as the population in cities exploded, electric lights were invented, and roads and
modern structures took over its natural habitat. Regardless of whether you believe in the Jersey
Devil, the story of the strange beast will always remain a crucial part of New Jersey
Folklore. A couple of months ago, I was visiting my
brother, who happens to live in Southern Wisconsin in a small town called Elkhorn. It’s a very rural area with lots of back
country roads with nothing but woods, homes, and family farms. One night, my brother and I were out late
driving back to his place when he decided to take me down Bray Rd. Driving down this road, on the left side was
a 10 or so foot clearing with only dirt & grass before a bunch of thick brush and trees. It was a little after 11 pm at this point
and as we’re driving (I’m in the passenger seat) when I noticed this large, black dog
on the side of the road, but something wasn’t quite right. It looked like it was crouched down, like
a human being waiting to jump out at something. It wasn’t looking over in our direction, but
you could tell the creature’s head looked like a dog’s head. The headlights of our car started to shine
on the strange dog, and it immediately turned its head towards the car and stood up on it’s
hind legs making this loud hissing like sound. I don’t know how else to describe it. My brother slammed on the breaks and both
of us started to panic. Standing almost 30 feet away from us on the
side of the road was this monster…I don’t even know what to call it. I want to say werewolf, because that’s the
only way I can describe what it looked like. Maybe it was a Skinwalker, I don’t know. This beast had piercing sharp yellow eyes,
that didn’t reflect when the light hit them, but almost seemed to glow on their own. This thing had a huge snout, and very sharp
pointed ears and was giant. When it hissed, you could see how sharp its
teeth were. The creature was terrifying. It jumped and moved fast. This thing honestly looked like something
out of a horror movie. We had our windows rolled down on the way
home and we smelled what I can only describe as if someone had mixed garbage, decaying
flesh and wet dog together. This monster was about 8 or 9 feet tall and
looked like it was made of pure muscle. It looked like it had extremely muscular but
lean human body. The creature was covered in shaggy hair with
finger like claws, like it was straight out of your much typical werewolf movie. I
We only saw it for what seemed like a few seconds before it let out this horrible scream
that shook me and my brother to the core. It immediately started to aggressively pace
towards our car baring its teeth as if it were ready to kill. My brother and I screamed at the top of our
lungs and he floored it as hard as he could. He speed all the way home. We didn’t say a word the rest of the way. We didn’t sleep at all that night. What I saw that night truly terrified me so
bad, and I’m sharing this because I hope they can educate themselves and know what’s out
there or that it will help someone speak up and share their experience, and not worry
about ridicule. This is a perfect description of an encounter
with The Beast of Bray Road, a creature often seen on the rural road outside of Elkhorn,
Wisconsin and other areas around southern Wisconsin and northern Illinois. Sightings of the Beast of Bray Road go back
as far as the 1930s. However, it wasn’t sighted frequently or
reported thoroughly until 1989 through 1992. Most of the sightings have occurred when someone
stumbles upon the beast while it was eating or possibly hunting or scavenging. Sightings of the monster have tapered off
since the 90s, but there are still reports that the creature can still be found in the
area. The numerous sightings in the late 1980s and
early 1990s prompted a local newspaper, the Walworth County Week, to assign reporter Linda
Godfrey to cover the story. Godfrey was initially skeptical, but later
became convinced by the sincerity of the witnesses of the beast. Her series of articles on the creature later
became a book titled The Beast of Bray Road: Tailing Wisconsin’s Werewolf. The monster is described as 6 to 8 feet tall
with grayish and brown fur. Its face is said to resemble that of a dog
or wolf and its ears are pointed. It reportedly has three long claws on each
“hand.” It also is said to have shiny yellow eyes. Its body has been likened to that of a lean,
muscular man. It also tends to sit back on its haunches
or kneel like a man. The Beast will reportedly run and walk on
all four of its legs or just on its hind legs. It has been seen eating its prey or carrying
fleshly scavenged meat. It has never attacked anyone, but some witnesses
claim that it has acted aggressively toward them. This aggressive behavior includes running
at people and jumping on their vehicles. The creature’s diet is not known for sure,
but it has been seen eating the carcasses of small road kill. The Beast of Bray Road is the most famous
of modern American werewolves. It has been in the media regularly since the
first sightings were publicized, and even had a low-budget movie based on its legend. Because of the numerous witnesses who have
claimed to see this creature, the evidence supporting the Beast of Bray Road is far greater
than the evidence supporting almost any other werewolf legend. Most cryptozoologists have decided to label
it a Bigfoot in order to avoid dealing with the scientific absurdities involved with werewolves. However, some people think that it is a cryptid
canine. Some researchers consider the Beast of Bray
Road to be identical to a kind of Wisconsin Bigfoot named the “Bluff Monster” or the “Eddy.” Other names that have been applied to the
Beast of Bray Road include the “Bear-Wolf” and the “Indigenous Dogman”. But the Native Americans call it the “Wendigo.” On the night of November 16th in 1966, an
intense meteor shower was visible across most of the United States. The next evening two girls in Quarryville
Pennsylvania reported seeing a strange low level white and green object in the sky. A similar sighting occurred in Michigan on
the 19th along with major power failures across the state at the same time of the sightings. It made many question if more than a meteor
shower had passed by earth that week. A more detailed incident occurred on November
17 at 4 am in Gaffney, South Carolina. A small town of about 12,000 people known
as the Peach Capital of South Carolina. Two police officers, Patrolman A.G. Husky,
and Charles Hutchins were out on patrol that morning, when the officers saw a dark, spherical
object with a flat rim land in front of their patrol car. There were no lights or windows on it. The object hovered about 20 feet above the
ground in front of them. The object appeared to have a dull gold color
in the headlights of the police car and it seemed to be over 22 feet in diameter. It was not like anything the officers had
seen or encountered before. The two men stared in disbelief, when a ladder
dropped down from a small doorway underneath the mysterious object. A small man dressed in a shiny gold suit emerged
and descended the latter. The strange man walked slowly and deliberately
toward the officers. He didn’t appear scared or like he was in
a hurry. His gold suit had no buttons or zippers on. It looked almost like a costume made from
a shiny metal that reflected the headlights of the police car. The small man was about 4 feet tall and appeared
to have the body of 12-year-old boy. He looked more human than alien, but there
was something off about him that made the officers know what they were witnessing was
not from this earth. The strange man began talking to the officers
as he approached them. He spoke perfect English and didn’t have
an accent. He knew exactly what he was saying and doing. He spoke slow and precise. Making sure to pronounce everything he was
saying correctly. The man didn’t make any quick or false moves. He just stood there and asked the two men
a lot of questions. The moment was so surreal that later the two
officers couldn’t recount the entire conservation they had with the man. He wanted to know why by both officers were
dressed alike. They asked where the man was from, he only
laughed at them. The meeting was brief. The whole encounter seemed like it only lasted
2 or 3 minutes. Then the strange man announced, “I will
return in two days,” before slowly walking back to the ladder and climbing back in the
craft. The ladder folded back into the craft and
door closed silently. The unknown object took off while making a
low humming sound and disappeared into the night’s sky. A local councilman found numerous footprints
at the site where the little man had stood. However, there was no return visit by the
strange man or his mysterious craft to the small town of Gaffney, South Carolina. The officers were reluctant to tell their
story publicly. They did not want publicity or to face public
scrutiny over the incident. Hutchins had been on the force for 6 months
and Husky had been on the force for 5 years. Hutchins eventually told journalist John Keel
the officer’s version of the story. Many media outlets had exaggerated their story
after reading the officers initial report on the encounter. Hutchins said the man was more humanlike and
ordinary, not some green alien that many newspapers had reported. Journalist John Keel is famous for bringing
the Mothman Mystery of Point Pleasant West Virginia into national news. The Mothman was the very first cryptid we
made a video on. You can find our mothman video in our cryptid
and legendary mosnters playlists. Thanks for watching strangers. Which cryptid was your favorite? Which ones should we cover next? Let us know in the comments below. Thanks for Swamp Dweller for joining us. Be sure to check out Swamp’s new cryptid
stories video to hear me narrate one of the stories and leave him comment letting him
know you came from us. It helps us out a lot, and as always stay

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