The Top 12 Add-on Plugins For Elementor WordPress Page Builder
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The Top 12 Add-on Plugins For Elementor WordPress Page Builder

August 10, 2019

Now this video is going to be all about the
different add-on packages that you can get for Elementor hi my name is Adam from
where I make WordPress videos for non-techies like me and I am a big fan of this page builder
called Elementor no I’m also a fan of Beaver Builder and I actually use both and I love
boat Debbie is pretty neat as well I do have some more videos coming out on the V soon
however this videos all about Elementor now Elementor itself she’s I don’t even think
it’s a year old here is the Elementor website right here now Elementor is a beautiful front
end page builder it’s superfast to build beautiful websites using Elementor and what’s really
nice about it is that it’s free last I looked Elementor has almost 100,000 websites actively
using it and I’m sure it is just to keep going up and up and up because is a really great
page builder for your WordPress website now with that there are a bunch of third-party
add-on packages and I just want to take a look at all these add-on packages in this
video now actually the best add-on package is going to be Elementor Pro you can click
right here leveling double over the course Elementor pros actually an add-on to Elementor
and it adds all kinds of powerful new features to Elementor these are things that you would
normally have to pay a good amount of money for just yesterday’s matter fact they released
a new update and it added a beautiful customizable social sharing buttons that you can integrate
anywhere on your website I am to make a specific video on that but definitely the best add-on
package is Elementor grow in action when you purchase it i.e. if you do through my website
I got info down below I will give you some of my free courses depending on which package
of Elementor that you purchase I even have a course on elemental probe that some of this
videos about let’s get into it now these are in no particular order and some of these I’ve
used some of these I haven’t use for one reason or another this can be very positive video
on all these but I do want to give you one word of caution when ever you decide what
you want to install on your website number one I want to see if it looks like the developer
of this third-party plug-in is good to be committed to it because Elementor is ever-changing
and Elementor can push out an update which may cause a incompatibility or problem with
one of these third-party plug-ins so you definitely need to be aware of that and I like to generally
use plug-ins that already have a good amount of people using that plug-in now all of these
are can have big huge numbers but some of them do have very impressive numbers so without
further ado let’s get started here is the one plug-in in the entire WordPress repository
that has my name on it because I didn’t coded but it was really my idea that belted and
essentially is called full with page templates and this is a plug and you can add to get
any page builder to work with any demon that includes Beaver Builder Elementor visual composer
Divi any bait any page builder to work with any theme fantastic plug-in it’s free we just
hit 2000 active installs very soon Morgan hit 3000 active insults and here is a video
on how to use it it’s so easy to use so this is the first one maybe this is in a particular
order anyways this just came out and I actually think this is really cool and this is something
that I would use maybe I should do a deeper video on its called devices for Elementor
surf you are a web designer or web developer and you have a portfolio you can actually
place those images in these divisive frames so instead of just having an image of a website
you designed you can actually have it within a frame you can Abbott be a mobile frame laptop
frame a desktop frame it’s actually really cool what you can do with this now this plug-in
right now it was very recently release it doesn’t have a ton of people using it however
I think it be pretty safe with this being compatible with Elementor no problem even
with future updates but it’s really cool is if you are a web designer to display your
portfolio in this way next is Elementor add on elements of what this is going to do is
add some additional elements to Elementor that you can use on your pages and this actually
really actively uses on over 10,000 websites and just you know I don’t think it shows 11
or 12,000 once you get that 10,000 mark you have to wait till you hit 20,000 for the counter
to increase and so what this is going to do is give you options for a flip box text separator
a pricing table a post list sheet separator animated text which is probably what uses
exactly what you see on my side I got the animated text let me just go back to show
you what that is this is animated text I’m pretty sure that’s what that is the animated
text and also split texts now there’s also some screenshots here let’s go through it
so this is what your price tables gonna look like I’m sure it has I’m sorry that your flip
box I’m sure it has all the options they change everything here’s your text separator your
pricing table in this are the these are the elements that it’s can add this what’s gonna
look like price table flip box and that looks like it’s it so this is probably good one
to check out if you don’t have the money to purchase the Pro version of Elementor because
there is some overlap between the elements this gives you and the elements are getting
out of the Pro version of Elementor so if you’re on a tight budget this might be something
to check out however there is some overlap so if you have the Pro version of Elementor
I probably wouldn’t use this plug-in because of that overlap right let’s move on anywhere
Elementor this actually cool and there’s actually a paid version of this and adds some unrelated
but very powerful features that just essentially tells you that he’s pretty committed to this
product and what this does is you know that Elementor has a very powerful template library
and you can save entire pages you can save sections and you can reuse these and this
is another one of those things where the functionalities actually duplicated in the Pro version you
already have this if you have the Pro version of Elementor what allows you to do is say
save a section and then it gives you a short code that you place anywhere on your website
and it will show that saved the section it’s very powerful like I said this is also built
into the Pro version of Elementor so if this is functionality you want you have no intention
of ever buying the Pro version of Elementor than this is going to be a very powerful plug-in
for you to have to be able to make something in Elementor and then save it and may be displayed
as a widget someplace on your website or different things like that so that’s a really cool plug-in
right there here’s a very cool plug-in as well and is called header footer Elementor
and this is actually made by brainstorm force or they make a lot of plug-ins and they are
fantastic very talented group of developers now this plug-in allows you to design your
header using Elementor and your footer using Elementor another reason they don’t have a
lot of active installs on this is because there hasn’t really been any promotion they
just pushed and then there and now this will only work on certain themes in their listed
right here work on the Beaver Builder theme I don’t know why they will have that was there
any Genesis theme and the very popular GeneratePress theme and I actually like what this does is
it allows you to design those areas in what you’re already comfortable with Elementor
now there is some negatives with it because it doesn’t really come with some of the things
you need to really design add or you need a man element for putting together a menu
and it doesn’t actually have that and that’s where this next one comes in maybe I did order
these a little bit it’s right here it’s called Navan menu add-on for Elementor to get actually
use this plug-in for that menu which is lacking in the prior plug-in that I talked about now
I will say that the ability to design your header in your footer with Elementor but also
have access to powerful menu creation and and having different options like that this
is something that is coming there several developers working on this possibility even
one I heard of today I don’t know if it’s good to be free or paid or when it’s can come
out so I didn’t have time to add it to this video but this has different menu options
which is pretty cool so you can see right here the developers demonstrating the very
trendy looking split menu where you have a split nab menu on the left and the right and
let’s see what other options this is really cool it’s where I’ll be just a little menu
icon in some clicks on it and then it will show the menu in this overlay right here that’s
actually really powerful and nice this is just what a menu looks like this is showing
you I guess like a multiple menus where you would have many on the top right and also
a menu underneath it so this is actually very powerful and very useful when you would pairing
up with the prior plug-in now there is no indication of if Elementor themselves organ
to make it so that you can build a header and footer with Elementor will see what happens
in that department let’s move on here RA see DZ Elementor add-on this is another one that
is going to add some additional elements but these ones are specific to WooCommerce this
is can allow you to add a WooCommerce by button a product or categories stuff like that so
these this one could be more specific if you’re using WooCommerce which also brings me to
the next one which is also going to add WooCommerce elements to your site and it’s called add
on widgets for Elementor known you scroll down it Ed really is pretty deep and wedded
ads for WooCommerce now this is another one where this functionality is already in the
Pro version of Elementor and I do know that that function is can get deeper on the Pro
version of Elementor so if you have no intention of purchasing the Pro version of Elementor
then something like this is going to get you some of those features and so you can basically
have all these new elements right there there might be some additional ones that are added
but I think this is mostly WooCommerce related and all the images are showing it being WooCommerce
related as well next are some more advanced plug-ins for Elementor and there’s two of
him and these are more of a developer oriented plug-ins and it might take a moment to wrap
your head around it like all the other plug-ins I just showed you it’s easy to understand
what the heck they do write an image frame new elements etc. etc. these two are not that
way the first one is press elements and what this is going to do is is can add some developer
elements to Elementor that you can use so one of them is in our give you an example
say you wanted to create a new page with Elementor and at the very top you would maybe Dragon
a headline and you would manually enter in the page title which would be that headline
what with press elements you can drag-and-drop the post title element in it will automatically
take whatever you named that page in WordPress it automatically take that and fill it out
there and so that’s an example of what this does in lots of different regards of you wanted
to drag and drop the author name may be the published date and all these types of things
that you might want to change in the backend of WordPress and it what this will I to do
is for that the Elementor version of it to dynamically change based on what you enter
in the back and it’s hard to explain I’m sorry if I didn’t do a good job and I probably didn’t
do a good job I might be one that you want to test I do have this and I do have access
to the Pro version of this I’m trying to figure out the best use case scenario for for most
people of how this could save you time but this is press elements right here there is
a paid version of Pro version a paid version that you can get and I think if you’re a theme
developer or a WordPress are not a WordPress but an Elementor template developer this could
actually make some things really nice and easy for you there is a video here that explains
and kind of shows you what you can do with it and that is press elements and the granddaddy
of gotta wrap your head around it is called a style press and this is going allow you
to do basically anything to your sites in Elementor there are some bullet points here
you can do your header and footer you can is as a whole bunch of stuff does this is
going to be harder to wrap your mind around I did try using this and it doesn’t do things
in a way if you been using WordPress for any amount of time it doesn’t really do things
in a typical I’m setting up a WordPress website flow it’s totally different it will take a
little time to get your head wrapped around it it does on the surface appear to be very
powerful very feature-rich you can do a lot of neat things with it but it’s hard to wrap
your mind around it initially and I don’t know if it still says it down here it said
build a website without a WordPress website without a theme or something like that and
the thing that I was thinking as I I don’t really know if I want to build a website without
a theme I I like that structure like the typical structure that I’m used to going into the
customizer and pulling things together and changing styles so there are some things about
this I don’t want to be like harsh on it I’m sure for the right person this is perfect
but for me I did I don’t find it that intuitive and easy to use for the beginner or Novus
user of Elementor so that the jury’s actually out on this one I am to try to give it some
more effort and put a little bit more time into it but I will be honest in that if you’re
not a current WordPress developer that this is I don’t know why I just feel like this
is doing too much and I’m afraid that something might break and I’m kind of hesitant to trust
in it that it’s going to be reliable I’m not saying that it’s not to be reliable but I
have a difficult time trusting that everything it’s doing is going to continue to work I’m
trying to be very fair here I’m sure it’s great but I do have a lot of reluctance in
using this and I’ve actually had some people asked me to check it out and I did check it
out I have played around with that but I find that it’s doing so much I don’t necessarily
feel like it’s going to be the most reliable solution but I don’t know that based on its
intuition that’s not based on fact or actually having use it for an extended period of time
so if you RDT Baker and you see this I’m not trying to diss your product here at all and
just saying it is a little bit more complicated and complex if your newbie or beginner user
I would maybe stay around with it or just play around with it and that’s actually all
the plug-ins now there is are there are some new ones cropping up and there’s some paid
ones cop cropping up as well I think it’s very exciting one thing that I have noticed
is when a new plug-in comes out that might have some new feature there is a possibility
that Elementor is going to just take what they’re doing or the concept and added to
the free version of Elementor or the Pro version of Elementor soap honestly if I was in Elementor
add-on developer I would be very cautious how much time I put into it because Elementor
was really building everything into the core of the product so if your developer be very
careful so that you don’t waste your time building something that ends up getting put
into the core of Elementor but I love Elementor and I want to open this comment section down
below if there is an add-on that I did not bring up want to chat some information for
down below I’d love to hear about I’m sure anyone that watches this video would love
to hear about it if you have used one of these products and it’s been good for you or bad
for you why don’t you share your experiences in it constructive way down below also if
you feel like I haven’t given something a fair shake a constructively put that down
below as well I want to hear what your thoughts and experiences are using Elementor extensions
or add-ons

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