THE TROLLYMPICS | Trollface Quest 4

September 16, 2019

Top of the morning to ya laddies my
name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to the TrollFace Quest 4 apparently I have an Olympic torch with blue fire I have no idea why but everyone over here seems very impressed with me She really wants a piece of this this guy’s her boyfriend, but she’s like “hey I want a piece of that ass” and he’s like. “I don’t blame ya” Just look at it. Ok so we played the first three games and now this is the fourth one. I think People who are saying there’s seven of them I’m not sure if there’s actually seven of them or not but we’re going to keep going through them anyway and see what we have to offer and see what we can get through and That I’m just going to pass this easily cuz I know these games work now Is somebody gonna try and steal my fire? You motherf*cking Troll bastard ok so I Don’t need the flame in my hand. I just need the lightning you see already getting the levels I’m gonna fail this one though great shot Marvelous shot clickin you does the same thing can I move the target there you go? Oh? Bull’s-eyes, I’d be a great sniper if two people were standing right in front of me and Garrison your snowman. I’m gonna move this and the sun’s gonna come out and you were Gonna melt There we go I’m [Gettin] it. I’m learning this game. Oh oh you guys are there ah? Judo kick in the balls ow! thats my face Okay can I get somebody in the crowd to come fight for me? Please no *scoffs* ow That hurts my face and my ego Can I make you taller? aaa-um There you just keep dancing fucking worked I Was only Clicking you’ like a lunatic to hear you do a thing it was actually I was [just] about to start clicking a name to see if something would happen ok um We’re not gonna screw through the ice we are going to click on Skater man who is he? click him him click him fuck. I’m clicking him nothing’s happening. There you go What? all i had to do was wait? I’m getting the hang of these watch as I fail this one I Are dead can they move the snow can I move the ramp can I do a thing? With anything no I can’t um Here we go. ahh fuck What we do? The Mouse isn’t changing my tactic from last time you just do this until something shows up, and then you click that nothing showing up hello, help, I Think I can click em in Midair Stop stop fack um Click click no click click Fuck. It’s allowing me to click him again, but nothing’s working um Motherfucker click, I’m trying to do it May be nothing happens. Maybe I’m just stupid I clicked the wrong fucking thing. I don’t need ah balls! I Don’t need your bullshit. Ohhh, I had to hold it Grrrr Fucking games drivin- my world record the triple jump Fucking amazing can i move the world record? Yes Move it move it move it I’m holding it. I’m trying to pull it. It’s not fucking World record World Record move it Clicking it once does that holding it does that dragging it does that? fuck! It won’t let me do the thing it won’t let me do the thing it will let me do the thing but I’m not doing Enough maybe i should keep clicking until you break It’s not working and can I drag you *karate Yell* I can it was the same as the fucking last one goddamn it ok now change the world record no Click on you Ohh ha ha ha ha Did you Fucking see me fly did you see me? Go through the air like a majestic fucking eagle? Throw this disk instead. I-I don’t need that one there you go throw this one. It said that’s easier go Ok that one was a bit [easier]. I got that one straight away. Let’s see what the rest- doping What? Okay, so that one kills me. There’s one here. There’s one here Gives me a tail. There’s one here. I’m gonna turn into Satan. I’m Gonna kill [this] motherfucker Yeah, can I do anything yet no? this one? Come on. There’s there’s no more of them. Oh there is to one on your hat Did i get boobs? Okay, so this is all based around the olympics. I should have said I’m only after well im Only after noticing kind of now, but They’re- good show good Jolly Gumdrops. Okay? I can’t click him again Can I move this no can I moved thi- no! Stop running in to that!. I’m Gonna hold you no that doesn’t work holding doesn’t work on this dude um no Stop moving when I don’t tell you to Yeah!! Yess! Let the crowd cheer you still suck a load of dicks Can you not hear the crowd cheering for you Listen to them Listen to them Cheer They love you Wanna do a thing [for] them? i don’t know what to do next Fuck. I love to hear the crowd cheering make me feel good. Do these do anything if I keep clicking? Clicky Clicky Clicky
Clicky Clicky Clicky Clicky Clicky Clicky the fuck are you oh? I’m taller now You didn’t just jump the freaking poll you jumped the circumference of the earth that [was] amazing. You’re awesome. Yes Yes, my people. Yes dive! They love [you] man, you fucking love you. They love you There screaming your name Nipples nipples Yes, I don’t even know if I got that right or not But that dat- I finish the level so I must have done something good. Oh Boom! no? [okay] shit if I What he sneezed they made me scared, and they made a good shot That’s what you always do you make loud noises around people with firearms Someone has to go to their hand just shout loudly near them can I move the finish line closer? limbo, baby You didn’t limbo Okay, can I change your posture? Oh? Yeah, Limbo champion man. Oh Hermes Conrad the best limbaugh ever Good fucking job bro proud of you It’s a goat now. Hop on your goat mary adventures are throughout the land. What the fuck Okay, theres something back. Is that a Jetpack? No, I am muscle man. I am badly flexing turn Fucking one-handed weight lifting magician that was amazing actually Dolphin fish Narwhal thing what I do [oh] was there any clicky on you i thought I just saw a Clicky clicky clicky. You’re dead. You’re dead your Dead sure Onwards what the fuck was the point of the fish I? have no [idea] what I just did but I amazing so sweet fucking bobsleigh time faster attaboy attaboy Fill up some fucking speed there you go Yeah, if i went to the red. It probably kill me so I just didn’t bother wait. Let’s see Yeah, I’m dead Cuz when you play enough of the games you start to realize like there’s always there’s either something you can move something you can change or there’s one thing short at the end that you’re supposed to do Wait, I to [try] again really even though I passed the first time I failed the second time, okay fair enough better Ba da da dah dah level 18 we are almost at the end What happens if I change these nothing can I change the numbers? Yeah there we go? Yeah Fuck you guys. How did that other person come in second? I’m much better than them get the fire get the fire get the fire *man yelling* Aw Man, how we figure these out so quick? The fan cuz I know now not to click on my guy cause]it never fucking works Okay, maybe click on my guy ew do i have to like to turn this on oh There we all at once Don’t I have to turn all these on at once and burn that guy? Okay, oh feather feather fea- there we go what?! What’s the point of that? You sons of bitches. I am the master of the Olympics the troll Olympics the trolllol lol lol, Olympics. Oh God life to not go well for that guy Lah blah blah blah bla blaaahhh Ha ha that was fun Yeah are the master of the Olympics the best there ever was? Thank you nation. I like that one the best um Mainly because I figured out a lot of this stuff instantly what I happened to kick around except this this um Some of them were ah took forever to do oh and this one, I got I got most of them on my own straight away And then a lot and others I got after a few more attempts. Yeah proud of myself I’m the best troller that ever was any way that does it for Troll quest 4 hopefully there’s there’s at Least one more. I’ve seen the troll quest five whenever I go into the Google search bars always Its always like troll quest and then all five show up later after i don’t know if theres seven if there is I might play them all if there’s only five we have One more, but we see what happens but for now Thank you guys so [much] for watching this video if you liked it punch that like Button in the face Like a boss and high fives all around Thank you, and i will See all you dudes in the next video! Come on One of these has to be oh come on. I need a good one. I need a good one It’s fucking skunk spray Haha, oh my God that is so nasty Stand for our Nation’s proud troll anthem Stand damn it

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