February 20, 2020

When you play rocket League to your camera settings look like this Well, let’s hope not because this is Buzz and Buzz is an all-star BOTS made by psionics and no matter how well these all-star BOTS play They’ll never get out of silver except for you Tex. You got this now I know this video has been covered before but it’s still a question. I get asked all the time. What are good cam settings So I have hosted hundreds of tournaments from bronze all the way to pro players So trust me the entire twitch chat can tell when you’re a low ranked player just based on your camera settings Yeah, it’s that noticeable, but virtually every top 100 player I have seen has very similar camera settings So basically what I’m saying is if you ever want to be a top 100 player pay attention to this guide Before I show you guys the settings if you haven’t already make sure you leave a like on the videos subscribe to the channel click The bell turn on notifications at the time we’re recording. I’m almost at 3k subscribers and I really appreciate you guys This page should look familiar to you this is the camera settings tab It is your friend and not to be changed lightly and most of these shouldn’t change as you rank up Basically, once you set this to a good place, it should carry you up the rinks without much change So let’s make sure you understand what all these camera settings do starting from the top. We have camera shake please Just do me a favor and just just fun check that box just it’s no bad I could go on and on about how camera shake is bad But I’m just gonna ask you to trust me on this basically any time you do anything It shakes your car jump flip bomb anything the camera shakes and makes the game unplayable Seriously, there’s a reason nobody plays with camera shake and do not believe anyone in the comments about them playing with camera shake they’re trolling you Now a lot of the rest of these settings are not up for debate stay within the range I’m about to tell you I promised these cam settings are used by the best in the world for a reason and don’t worry You’ll have your chance to be creative so starting off we’ve got field of view and this feels sort of like Changing a lens on a camera if you have a high field of view it’s like having a really wide camera lens almost feels like a GoPro where you can see a lot but it stretches the image around the edges and makes things feel further away a low field of view feels like a long lens where everything is zoomed in and looks a lot bigger than it naturally is and for a game like rocket League it doesn’t make sense to zoom unnecessarily close to the ball and the max of 110 doesn’t distort the image that much so Most high-level players use a field of view of 110 but some go all the way down to 105 The next setting we have is distance distance controls how close the camera is to your car and is one of the settings that I see most abused by new players a High distance allows you to see more of the field and what is going on But it makes it infinitely more difficult to get an accurate hit on the ball move the camera too close and you lose too much The action going on around the car and even worse when the ball moves in ball cam you can lose seeing your car completely most pros seem to use a distance somewhere between 240 and 300 so it’s actually a pretty small margin that you can use but stick with it up next we have height this controls how high the camera is in relation to your Car and this is another setting that I see really butchered by the lower ranks People will crank it up to like a crazy height with a crazy distance and it just doesn’t make sense stick with what the pros use they usually fall somewhere between 90 and 110 a height of 40 will put the camera So low that you can’t see anything but the bumper of your car which is going to make dribbling almost impossible not to mention It’s just it’s just just don’t do this. This is a bad height You can’t see the front of your car at all But if you go with too extreme of a height you’re gonna be able to see more of the game But your accuracy is gonna take a big hit your camera should make you feel like you’re hovering just behind your car Not on top of it Now the next setting is angle this controls the angle of the camera in relation to your car This has a huge range of options but it’s actually one of the most narrow windows of what most good players use most of the pros fall somewhere between negative 3 and Negative 5 increasing the angle too much can cause you to lose accuracy and pretty much any aerial tasks because it’s harder to properly judge how high your car is off the ground because it essentially Flattens the world by making it feel top down. It’s just not how cars are supposed to be driven. It doesn’t feel right I really didn’t like playing with an increased angle 0 out of 10 would not recommend to a friend not to mention the extreme angle cuts down what you’re able to see of the field making it harder to read your surroundings and If you put your angle on 0 it’s actually not as bad as putting it too high But it does make it harder to dribble because you can’t see enough of the front of your car It’s not as bad as a low height, but it does feel similar So yeah, this is another one just stick within the range now We’re at stiffness. Essentially this controls how quickly the camera follows behind your car at the minimum setting the camera follows You very slowly allowing the distance between you and the car to become greater as you go faster And then when you slow down it goes back to where you had your camera settings Now this will allow you to see more of the field as you accelerate but it could come at the cost of accuracy If you have to take a shot at full speed now If you set it to max stiffness the camera falls very quickly Making it seem as if the camera doesn’t move at all as you’re moving The only time it’ll move is when you go supersonic And it’s ever so slight but for the most part your cameras locked right there. Now. This is where you can start to get creative Because for the pros this is all over the place. I’ve always played with the default sniff nosov 0.5 I would recommend finding your other camera settings first and then playing with this but make sure you have your other camera settings locked first But keep in mind stiffness most closely relates to distance So the lower the stiffness the more it’s going to increase your distance as you accelerate So just make sure you have your other camera settings locked Up next we have swivel speed this controls how quickly the camera moves when you manually move it with your analog stick or Whatever the heck you keyboard and mouse users use seriously What do you guys even use a low swivel speed makes it move glacially slow But it looks a lot more smooth and it’s less jarring a higher swoll speed makes it move pretty much instantly But it can be jarring and I find it off-putting myself, but on the bright side This is all up to your creativity Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and works best for you in game But a lot of high level players keep it around 4 or higher I also keep my swivel speed at 4 because anything lower than that feels just too slow to be useful in game well next we have transition speed this changes how quickly Smooth your camera transitions from ball cam back to car cam at its lowest the camera moves slowly But is smooth and easy to follow at its highest the transition is instant And I personally can’t handle a max transition speed because I lose sense of where my car is But if you don’t have that problem I say go for it, which means this is another setting that is also up to your creativity Whichever you can handle if you can handle how fast it moves Its highest setting by all means use it and there you go. You’ve mastered camera settings. I automatically grant you 50 points of mm or If you just need a jumping off point for cam settings, I’m gonna give you the cam settings of the pro player gyro also I’ll make sure to leave a link down to his channel in the description of this video if you guys want to drop him a Follow or see if his cam settings have changed now I recommend you try these out for a while in adjusted dial you see fit For example, my distance is 250 because I was particularly bad at striking Actually, I’m pretty sure it used to be 240 which if you remember is at the bottom end of what I consider to be acceptable And my height is 110 because way back when when I was trying to get better camera settings I just used squishies and now I put so many hours into it that I’m afraid to change them Which you should be too change your settings carefully or de-rank at your own risk make small changes to these over a long period of time with careful thought Do not go to one extreme or the other just because you’re striking sucks. Stay within the recommendations. I just gave you Let me know down below in the comments If you want me to video covering key binds controller settings or my favorite training packs And if you haven’t already make sure you leave a like on the video subscribe to the channel. Click the bell turn on notifications Seriously, please subscribe to the channel. I’m so close to 3k subscribers Also come by the livestream livestream rocket League six days a week over on Twitch Info down below in the description and I’ll see you guys next time You

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