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August 29, 2019

Greetings children, it’s me, Captain Disillusion. Thank you for all your excellent video suggestions. It’s great how you and I are on the same wavelength. We get it, unlike the rest of society. Am I right? (sighs) People with their opinions and natural reactions to things. They think music is cool and jokes are funny and recipe videos are pleasant to watch. It’s like everyone’s in a cult. Remember the alligator golf course video from last month? Everyone was so amazed by the prehistoric creature strutting on the green, but no one had the brains to figure out right away that it’s fake. Obviously it can’t be real because ‘alligator too big.’ If you look at the pixels you begin to see that it looks all weird and stuff. The walking seems – like, totally animated in like a classic computer CGI graphics way and why is the guy not scared? I would be scared. I mean it did happen in Florida which is basically a pile of alligators shaped like a peninsula, and the people that golf there did say this gator is almost like a mascot of the place that everybody knows, but still. I just don’t think it looks right and also this other angle taken from another phone is totally fake too. It’s actually kind of obvious when you know what to look for. Let me illustrate with another one of your requests. Ah, here’s a goodie – the Flyboard Air. A company that makes water jetpacks suddenly came out with a personal flying machine? Ha, as if. Are we supposed to believe that Technologies now exist that make an invention like this possible even though just a few years ago they did not? I don’t think so. Just ask yourself, “have I ever seen jet turbines lift something that proportionally heavy? And where’s the fuel supposed to be? The backpack? Oh. Well, what kind of fuel is it? Well, how come the video has fake-looking edits during the landing? And I don’t hear about how there are a bunch of other videos of uninterrupted takes showing an entire flight or an official Guinness World Records breaking flight in front of a huge crowd. When even a ufologist claims that the whole thing is an elaborate hoax, you know it’s gotta be fake. Debunked. What else you got? Talk to me Facebook. Hm, let’s see. “When you get a chance, you know, not right away, may you debunk this?” I sure may Zack. (a woman screams) Whatever this is, it’s totally fake because just look at it. Graphics don’t float on water. They go on paper or skin. I certainly wouldn’t be able to figure out how to do this and Occam’s razor dictates that therefore no one could. So even if we type the word thats under the video into the internet and find a detailed article about this printing technique. We can be sure that it’s wrong Wikipedia? Please. It’s run by a cabal of critical-thinking extremists obsessed with perpetual refinement of factual information through rigorous citation of credible sources. You can’t trust that (explicative). (device starts malfunctioning) But I don’t have to tell you that. You’re a proper skeptic you know you can’t trust anything you see on the internet or hear on the news anymore period. End of thought process. [Captain D]: No! What’s more likely? That flimsy explanations about exposure ratios, movement in a vacuum, or how Hollywood movie props aren’t labeled with letters prove that we actually went to the freaking moon like some sci-fi fairy tale? Or that maybe it was filmed on a soundstage as part of a global conspiracy by the old powerful and extremely well-funded government Organization, NASA. [Captain D]: (banging on the glass) No! Stop! Come on. Humans getting into spaceships and risking their lives to prove that the Earth, our home is just another rock and an endless void of rocks and dust. I’m not ready to accept that yet. I’m not ready to accept that Paul McCartney isn’t a look-alike who was secretly enlisted into the Beatles after the real Paul died in a car crash in 1966. Look it up. The evidence is everywhere. And I’m not ready to accept that a group of deeply misguided individuals could put about as much effort as it takes to create one of my videos into destroying two of the tallest buildings in the most iconic city in the western hemisphere and killing three thousand people. Those people must have been actors. They didn’t die. The whole thing is a carefully orchestrated hoax by powerful people more capable than any of us They do it all the time. When a natural disaster a bombing or a shooting causes innocent people to die, it’s probably not real. And someone, even if they didn’t have our best interest in mind, was in control. Because if no one was in control that would be terrifying. (an explosion) [Captain D]: Enough! It is terrifying, but the terror wears off, and if you’re willing to endure feeling disillusioned for a while, you get to see the world through new eyes. A world where rationality and critical thinking lead to empathy and social growth. [Imposter D]: Don’t tell me about social growth. [Captain D]: Who are you? [Imposter D]: I’m Zeitgeist, the spirit of the age. And they’re with me. [Captain D]: If you’re so popular, what’s with the chameleon routine? [Imposter D]: The Zeitgeist tends to change. [Captain D]: Well, I tend to kick the ass of anyone who kidnaps me and messes with the minds of my viewers. So let’s settle this. [Imposter D]: Not tonight, honey. I have a headache. [Captain D]: Listen to me: the power to tell real from fake doesn’t come from being a world expert or Mistrusting every single thing you see. It comes from an honest willingness to change your opinions and beliefs based on new facts. So learn to enjoy being wrong. The world might start making more sense. You won’t feel quite as out of step with the rest of humanity, your words won’t cause needless pain to people who suffered real tragedies, and the words of others won’t sway you into believing myths over truth. You’ll be able to love with your heart, but use your head for everything else.

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  1. Not only a repudiation of a form of blanket skepticism so extreme it becomes tantamount to blindness, but a rare shining declaration of your larger ethos. I loved it, Captain.

  2. Im confused on this video so was the moon landing fake or not? I never heard the fact about the c on the prop?

  3. Why is nobody commenting on the razor to the eyeball clip? Every part of me knows it’s fake and how it was done, but it still made me cringe

  4. And in space has no gravity the flag would go up and the space man were heavy and the flag is to light!

  5. Downvoted for the eye scene. You know the one.
    Why the fuck would you show something like this? What was the point?!

  6. For a while i thought the hydro dipping things were fake but you can do it with spray paint and paper that has a design on it that floats and sticks

  7. me and my nostalgic ass thinks when ever i hear those drums at the start the yogscast intro will play

  8. 4:20 Is he serious? Actors? No one was thinking 911 filmers were actors. But there's debate whether the US government hired skilled people to rig the entire buildings with explosives. fly a plane in it. blame it on muslims and invade them for war and profits. Or whether some muslims really did it.

    Who's saying the filmers were actors?
    hihi my time stamp is 420..okay.

  9. Some people just want the truth there is no way for the average human to find out on their own. I agree that things like the moon landing and 911 have been exaggerated, we really don't know the truth anymore by how messy it got. Someone like you can easily debunk or prove that they are real and put the argument to rest and save lot of people time and energy. It's really strange that you havent done a real video on either topic.

  10. In his video about piecemeal paranormals he shows a little visual about fiction bleeding into fact, fact being white and fiction being black. he then changed the color of fiction to orange but kept the parts bleeding into fact black. I think this is why he wears silver makeup with a black "goop" seeping out, that is the fiction bleeding into the fact, and thats why the Zeitgeist has more black goop and why it seeps upwards too. its the fact bleeding into fiction, its the moon landing and its 9/11.

  11. Hey I just came across this video and I was wondering if it was faked and how it might be:

    I also left a comment on it advising the poster of what he should do in the event that it is a real ghost or something like that.

  12. This is actually one of my favourite videos on YouTube. It not only subverts our expectations but it tells a very good message that is still and will be relevant, very nice.

  13. This video is truly a masterpiece. There is nothing like education through narrative and Captain D does it like no one else. As hateful, scapegoating conspiracy movements continue to grow and fester in dark corners of the internet it is becoming increasingly apparent that what is real and what is fake will become the defining question of our internet-saturated world for the foreseeable future. With fake news disseminated during elections, government propaganda disguised as average internet users maligning protesters, or with hack “experts” seeking to profit from false information, the question of what is real and what is fake has the potential to define our collective future, or our collective demise as a society – and as a species. This video contains a message that we all need to hear, yet unfortunately it is a message not often conveyed in our schools, or by our parents, and certainly not by our governments. Above all, critical thinking, and the mental flexibility to admit when one is wrong, is what separates a skeptic from a cynic, or thinker from a conspiracy theorist. Open-mindedness is not disbelief. Open-mindedness is the ability to put information above ego. To consider others before oneself. To understand that we can’t know everything and that that is okay – as long as we stay open to new information and critical of the sources from which it was obtained. Captain, thank you for not only entertaining us but educating us, in a way that most wont simply because there isn’t money in it the same way there is in saying anything that you know people want to believe and confirming their biases for your own personal gain. Thank you for putting our society, and our species, above all. I truly appreciate you and your work.

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