The World of Teddy Ruxpin: “The Airship” (1985)
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The World of Teddy Ruxpin: “The Airship” (1985)

October 19, 2019

Come dream with me tonight! Hi, my name is Teddy Ruxpin, can you and I be friends? I really, enjoy talking to people. I would like you to meet some of my other friends, too We’re going to have lots of good times together Now, listen to this sound *jingling noise* That sound reminds you to open the book to page 1. Each time you hear that sound again, you turn a page, ok? There’s a picture of Grubby. He’s been a good friend of mine for a long time. Say hello to our new friend, Grubby! Oh, hi there. How are you, hm? Remember, turn the page Hey Grubby, do you remember this song? Yeah, I sure do. Your Friend, Your Friend. Is what I’d like to be Your friend Your friend Cuz I like you, do you like me? My friend, my friend, I’d like for you to be My friend, my friend. I’m nice to you, you’re nice to me. Friendship is a lovely word, it makes a lovely sound Friends are people that you like and like to be around. Your friend, your friend is what I’d like to be Your friend, your friend Because I like you, do you like me? Of course, Grubby! My friend, my friend I’d like for you to be My friend, that’s you! My friend! I’m nice to you you’re nice to me Friends are people that you help when they have things to do Friends are there to lend a hand when there are things that you must do That’s what friends are for! Your friend, Your friend, your friend, your friend Is what I’d like to be Your friend, your friend, your friend Cause I like you, do you like me? My friend, my friend, my friend I’d like for you to be My friend, my friend, my friend I’m nice to you, you’re nice to me Friends can make you smile when you are sort of feeling sad And friends will make you happy And I’m real glad I have you for my friend My friend My friend! Grubby and I had always wanted to go in search of new and wonderful things Then, one day we found an old treasure map The treasure was supposed to be hidden in the far-off land of Grundo And so we left our homeland of Rillionia and set out on our great adventure Let’s go to far off places and search for treasures bright Grundo was a long way from Rillonia and after walking for many days, it didn’t seem like we had made much progress Teddy my feet are getting sore I must have stepped on every rock between Rillonia and here you didn’t tell me that adventure-seeking would be this hard on my feet Yes, you can see Grubby does have a lot of feet to worry about So we decided to camp there overnight The next morning, Grubby’s feet were better, and we continued on our journey That was the day we met Newton Gimmick Oh! Hello there, heheheh My name is Newton Gimmick , but everyone just calls me Gimmick. I’m an inventor. Oh yes indeed! We discovered that Gimmick is a marvelous inventor Oh, heheh, I think “marvelous inventor” might be exaggerating. It would probably be sufficient to say, uh Wonderful inventor. We also discovered that Gimmick is “modest” We told Gimmick that we were on a journey to find a treasure He said that one of his latest inventions might be very useful to us Grubby and I were very interested so we went to Gimmick’s house to see just what this new invention was Uh, yes! Here it is! I call it an “Airship” Hmm. It looks like a boat Oh, well As a matter of fact, it did start out to be a boat But then I realized, I’m not very close to water No, you’re not very close to water Yeah, it would be kind of good for a boat to be close to water Precisely, and that was my exact conclusion But then the idea hit me; if a boat could float on water, it could also float on air If the air is hot, that is Gimmick explained that by pumping hot air into a giant air bag under the ship, the hot air would rise, and cause the ship to lift off the ground It sounded logical But somehow, something didn’t seem quite right. Teddy, uh something doesn’t seem quite right As the airbag filled with hot air, the ship began to lift off the ground Hey, Teddy, it’s working! Hehe, ah yes! Just as I expected, heheh. Make sure all the tether lines are tight Everyone, get aboard The ship lifted off the ground, and Gimmick was delighted with his new invention But somehow something still didn’t seem quite right Do you know what it was? Teddy, something still doesn’t seem quite right And I think I know what it is! Whoa!!! Hey! We’re tipping over!! Watch out, Grubby! *Screaming as the Airship crashes* The Airship had turned upside down and crashed Hmm Apparently something wasn’t quite right Oh, really? Maybe it was the hot airbag trying to get out from under the ship Hmm…uh, yes Grubby That may be it! What Grubby said was correct By any chance, did you expect what would happen? We discovered that the hot air should pull the ship up into the sky, not push it. Which meant the ship would have to be suspended by ropes from the airbag Indeed, Teddy, heheh. And once we had done that, everything was all right Well almost all right, anyway You see, we could make the ship go up and down okay but we couldn’t steer it very well. In fact, we got stuck in a tree Suddenly, we heard a tiny voice Just what are you doing in my tree? Uh, huh? Who said that? I said that, and I’ll say it again, just what are you doing in my tree? We discovered that the voice was coming from a tiny flying lady! Hey, would you look at that? What is it? I’m a Woodsprite. Oh, uh, no. There is no such thing as a Woodsprite! Oh no? And I suppose there’s no such thing as a big bag of air stuck in my tree, but there it is, big as life! She was a real Woodsprite, no bigger than a bird, and very pretty Well how about moving this b- Oh, haha You really think I’m pretty? Oh yes, I certainly do Hohoho, oh, aren’t you sweet? Who are you? Well, I’m Teddy Ruxpin, and this is Grubby, and this is Newton Gimmick. How do you do? How do you do, how do you do? My name is Leota. I am pleased to meet you, and I’m sorry if we damaged your tree Oh, that’s alright Is there anything I can do to help? Well, I’m not sure. You do understand the simple basics of aerodynamics don’t you? Uh, huh?? Leota showed us how to get down out of the tree Then she gave us some ideas about steering the airship Now, in order for your Airship to move in any given direction, You must apply a force in the opposite direction, such as this large manually driven propeller Then you will have to know something about the effect of wind and various aspects of navigation. It’s very simple Well, it all sounded very confusing at first But Leota had been flying all of her life, and knew just what we should do to make the Airship work And so at last the Airship flew perfectly! We said goodbye to Leota, Goodbye, goodbye! Goodbye, Toodle oo! Goodbye everyone! And we were off on our way to Grundo, in search of adventure, and maybe to find a treasure Grubby, and I had met two new friends Newton Gimmick and Leota the Woodsprite And I think we started to learn that it probably wouldn’t matter too much if we ever found the treasure or not! The important thing would be the people we would meet And the things we would discover along the way Come and discover the world with me There are lots of people we can meet, lots of things to see! So come and discover the world with me, oh boy! Like what makes the leaves in autumn fall? What irritates a honeybee? Why are some people 6 feet tall and others only 3? What makes the snow in winter fall? How does a sheepdog see? how come my favorite rubber ball can bounce into a tree? And sometimes when I trip and fall why does the ground jump up at me? Huh, I never thought about that Come and discover the world with me There are lots of people we can meet lots of things to see! So, come and discover the world with me Huh, do you think that a snowflake knows just what shape it’s gonna be? Now do you think a duck has toes? Why does a dog have fleas? Why are there freckles on my nose? What causes me to sneeze?*achoo* Where does a balloon go, when you set it free? And overnight a mushroom grows, but it takes years to grow a tree! Don’t ask me! Okay! Come and discover the world with me There are lots of people we can meet lots of things to see! So come and discover the world with me C’mon, Teddy! Let’s go! Haha! It’s a world full of wonders and it’s here for you and me Come and discover the world with me my friend my friend Come and discover the world with me, my friend My friend Come and discover the world with me, come and discover the world! My friend, my friend

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  1. Oh Wow!
    I Love You Edited This,It’s So Clean!
    Is That Your Teddy And Grubby?
    Because Man Are They Adorable!

    Can Teddy Be My Friend?

  2. Recién ahora me entero del apellido de Newton XDD y vaya… parece que a él no le hicieron un muñeco de felpa, discriminación humana, jaja

  3. This really takes me back… I was 14 when I got one… But he kept breaking down….. But I have 2 WOWs 3 backpacks Plus a Mint one in the box… Now I have 2 WCT one with original vest look and the jeans and vest… Teddy Rocks….

  4. I recommend this book and teddy please buy him you have got to him if don't I will cry there is a new version of the teddy ruxpin

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