The World’s First Jetpacks Are Here
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The World’s First Jetpacks Are Here

August 8, 2019

(Music) Anyone that’s had one of those dreams as a kid standing on the roof and just being able to launch off, fly. That’s the best way of describing it. It’s dream-like. It’s incredibly noisy, but dream-like. (Laugh) (Music) (Noise) (Music) In many respects, I think that the JetPack is sort of the ultimate expression of freedom. It’s more than just a fantasy or a dream. It’s more than science fiction. It’s something that we can literally do right now. The history of vertical flight has really been the Rocket Belt. And when a lot of people think about the Rocket Belt, it was Lost in Space, you know, the Jetsons. I think Gilligan’s Island, they flew a Rocket Belt on that. Thunderball, James Bond, what have you, but Nelson, my partner, worked on that. Nelson Tyler, my design and engineering partner, he’s like one of the original Wright Brothers. – My dream is to be able to strap something on and go fly. I can tell you how it started. I was about ten or eleven years old and Buck Rogers was on the radio. And Buck and his girlfriend came out of a spaceship and flew a jetpack down to this evil planet. At that point, at 11 years old, decided I had to have a jetpack. So when you think about it, I’ve actually been working on it, on and off, for 70 years. And I’m still working on it, but it’s sort of hard to believe it’s actually here. (Sound) (Music) – That idea of strapping something to your back and flying was developed around the time of Buck Rogers, we’re talking the 1930s. But it was 1960s or so when jetpacks and rocket belts were only being built by government entities or like Bell built them for the government. Nelson Tyler actually saw one and said, I’m gonna build one. And he figured out how to do it, and using his own ingenuity, designed it and built it himself and got it to fly. But he’s stayed in the industry since then, and trying to overcome the obstacles that the rocket belt had. (Music) – A lot of people think, yeah, rocket belts have been around for so long, since the 60s. The jetpack works on an entirely different concept. The engines, where the jet pack are literally jet turbine engines. You’re pushing out a stream of air on each side and that can give us like ten minutes flat time, rather than 20 or 30 seconds, okay? And that’s just a complete game-changer. (Noise) (Music) This is the beginning of something that’s gonna be around for eternity and it’s only gonna get bigger from here. This concept of personal vertical takeoff and landing. What we’ve created is really just the first tiny little microstep. – My dream was so that I could just go fly, and I did that dream and it finally happened. And now I want other people to do it. It all ties back to the old serials where the hero gets to strap on the jetpack and save the day. And I’m ready to save the day with my jet pack, how about you? (Music) – It’s like a dream. You feel all of the energy that’s going to cause the force being directed towards the water. And you feel your impact on the nature around you. (Music) It feels magical, intuitive, and it feels like you have superpowers. (Music)

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  1. Man, I can't even fly my drone without crashing into a tree. If I flew one of these things I'd probably get lost in space.

  2. I feel like I remember some other group doing a flying thing some years ago. They were flying it over the river or something. As far as I can remember, they did so many kickstarters and no real new previews that it kinda died out of accusations of it being fake. Might be the one that was shown at the end of the video, of him standing on it.

  3. soo, how many seconds before you run out of fuel? what licence do you need? there is a reason that you can't buy jetpacks yet as a normal human being

  4. First time I saw a jetpack in use was with the opening ceremonies of the 1984 olympic games in Los Angeles, so this is definately not a new thing. In movies you could even see a similar jetpack in the bond movie thunderball and this was in 1965, now I know that this is pretty far fetched, but I guess they have been around since somewhere between 1965 and 1984.

  5. 1 too noisy
    2 too big
    3 the fuel cann go out in mid air
    4 it moves faster vertically instead of horizontally
    5 buildings
    6 privacy & safety
    7 mexico isn't paying for the "wall" anyways.

  6. Fly your very own jetpack in the latest episode of 'The Possible'. Watch now on the Within app ⇨

  7. world's first? don;t think so tim! best to date? maybe… try using some truth in your headlines prik fake news media

  8. i dont think it will catch on for another 200 300 years tbh ^^ its not for everyone yet so not super important in great sceme

  9. what you guys have to understand is that this jetpack is nothing more than a piece of shit cause it only has 12 minute flight time lmfao. Come back when you have 2+ hours idiots

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