They Shall Not Pass : A Battlefield 1 song
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They Shall Not Pass : A Battlefield 1 song

August 11, 2019

Bonjour Monsieur! (sexy face with extra mustard) Le French are here Bringing up rear with our Behemoth tank here it’s so grand TRES GRAND OOH LA LA. so big. Come on hop abroad. This battle will be over in a jig Allo Allo I am here to steal your Pigeon Im mr. German *being a jerk laughing* Monseur, Is that a mace you are waving in my direction OH HO, I’ve got this COG HEAD CLUB that’ll soon change your intention they shall not pass we French will kick your a** they shall not pass we French will kick your a** happy Germans in a blimp awww piss our uniform it is blue I look good meleeing you today I use my trench fluex I got your blood on my shoe you want to fight at Verdun but the battle, she’s won we used out friendly Pigeon to call Artillery fun boom. They shall not pass we french will kick your a** they shall not pass we french will kick your a** They shall not pass we french will kick your a** they shall not pass we french will kick your a** If you like my video please like and subscribe and please check out our cool stuff

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  1. ww1 1914 gr=germany bg=belgium uk=you know who it is fr=french republic asthe=austro-hungarian empire ome=ottoman empire (turkey) rsa=Russia usa= usa 1914:serbia very angry at asthe so one day the duke archduke ferdinand he was attempeted to be assasinated with a bomb but bounced off the back and kaboom 2 officers were blown up so the duke went to see them and then left but the absolutely stupid driver took a wrong turn and then a student went pew*pew his wife died instantly he died 10 minutes later so asthe got angry at serbia so they declared war on them but russia said no no no i declare war on asthe ect
    the christmas truce happened on christmas as the night came the germans started singing christmas songs and then the british joined morning the germans rose over the trenches the british thought this was a trick but they had no weapons on so the british did the same they played football they saw each other as humans and not enemies then when the day came to end they gave gifts as soon as they heard the shells exploding they went back into their trenches
    schliefflen plan so the gr wanted to knock fr out of the war so they could focus on rsa and win the war but france had forts and defences so gr invaded belgium which made uk angry so they declared war on gr and gr was surrounded the end i only wanted to do 1914

  2. Шедевр!!!! Тому кто сделал субтитры нужно поставить памятник

  3. Fields of execution, turned to wasteland from the grass, thou shall go no further it was said THEY SHALL NOT PASS

  4. French 1939: We have a barrier the can't do anything to us| Germany avoids barriers and pushes them to Verdun French: UK, UN, NATO, USA HELP!!!!!


    Nazi Germany : I'm gonna end this man whole carrer

  6. The peoples say the jokes on the France WW1 and WW2 You are so boring and not funny … Voilà, Vive la France !

  7. 1 ww you will not pass 2 ww I Hitler will destroy the whole of Europe Your life will be terrible I don’t care that you feel bad because Switzerland will destroy me (lol)


  9. I like this song, I really do but after SABATON, all I can think of is… Deep inhale
    FIELDS OF VERDUN!!!!!!!!

  10. Put on subtitles (no auto generated) and go to the beginning of the song and pause when the French soldier appears
    Edit: it says sexy made with extra mustard

  11. “ oh hey, this is cool!! I should play this while playing the French in battlefield 1.”

    gets sniped across the map with a MG 15 n.a. Suppressive while an army of scopes medics and MG 15 n.a. Low weights win the game within 10 minutes

  12. "The French are Here!"


    I'm /so/ comforted, given how much they needed their asses pulled out of the fire in both world wars.

  13. Regarder sur internet c’est les rageux qui crache sur l'un des pays les plus puissant du monde qui pourrait faire pleurer le pays juger le plus puissant du monde

    Regarder les militaires d'autres pays Et les autres pays respecter la France

    Tout ce que je regarde c'est les con qui insultes un pays qu'il n'aimerais pas affronter en face a face

    donc avant d'ouvrir sa gueule on regarde l'histoire militaire français

    ((Watching on the internet is the brave spitting on one of the most powerful country in the world that could make the country judge the most powerful country in the world

    Watch soldiers from other countries And other countries respect France

    All I'm looking at is the con who insult a country he does not want to face face to face

    so before opening his mouth we look at French military history))

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