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  1. There goes it's fuel reserve, hindering it's range and payload. Good for short distance interception and attack on pirates. Apart from that, IMO an overly rated and expensive toy.

  2. The Harriet should be rebuilt. No difference between them.
    F-35 fly at Mach 1.6 but is advised against doing supersonic as its skin gets peel off after each supersonic flight.
    There a waste of money and another bigtime CON job by the USA.

  3. Imagine his kids at school.
    Teacher: "What does your dad do Jimmy?"
    Kid: "He hybrid lands jet fighters on a rolling carrier deck in the mid Atlantic Miss."
    Teacher thinks, OK…

  4. I guess to load computer memory and computer recorded as well, as sattalite wify etc all loaded into on board memory ….. each time improve and semi auto pilot aided in future each attempt computer manual loadeded scenarios till almost 99 % auto landing after good number of landings …like space x

  5. How does he have glasses, I'm pretty sure it's a requirement inorder to be a jet fighter pilot one has to have 20/20 vision.

  6. The thing here is the F-35B landing gear is not beefed up for carrier landings at higher speed like the F35C. So he had to be really careful with this.

  7. That was nice, in good weather. Now try it in roiling bawling weather. And see how good ya are!…I know you can do it, with less computers but bigger balls.

  8. Can you book the next order please mr trump can I have 40 of these f 35 please can I pay you money half in front ( mr modi )

  9. This is for viewers without any knowledge of aircraft landing. He must have practiced hundreds of times on land before taking to the sea.

  10. Was interesting to see makes sense it probably a former Harrier pilot had the skill to do this I agree with the previous comment where is the auto pilot thanks for the video

  11. Good grief the analogy of "Rocket" this and that was waaaay way off. Who wrote the script for this doc!?!?! And all the "Firsts"….yes TO THE BRITS, BUT not for the testing of the F-35 for USA Navel use! This doc video was obiovusly conjured up for the $$$$$$$$! Ooooooh give me a break, the first two "Wave offs" were STANDARD testing procedures…FAKE DRAMA!

  12. Um, a completely VTOL design aircraft is going thru, what seems like a over exaggerated rated exercise. Pfffftttt, Tomcat snags are where it's at …

  13. He's landing an aircraft without restrictor wires on a moving ship at sea in a forward motion……there is nothing over dramatic about landing on a carrier….was SAR for the US Navy….if a pilot gets to the point thinking it's just another landing..that's when bad things happen and people die.

  14. Not easy. Hard to believe that pilots will be able to accomplish this during real combat. There will be no second or third chances, and the stress will be phenomenal.

  15. Interesting, very very interesting. Why is this pilot English? not American? How its interestingly showing who owns the plane? America is just making those hyper expensive toys for QUEENS PIRATES ARMY? GUARD?

  16. 57 knots on the HUD. So was that about 20% of the weight on the wings? It must have had an impaired view descending with the nose pitched up like that. There were 2 flight path vectors, is one relative to the moving ship?

  17. Have any of you ever wondered how we have all this technology to be able to have fighter jets that can stop on a dime and basically turn left and right at the stop of a dime it's called UFOs. We've obviously have UFO's it's crashed and that is why we are so sophisticated. And that is how we have advanced as fast as we have. From taking the technology from the UFOs we've gotten

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