This is HOW to get ANDROID APPS on your PC or Laptop! | Memu tutorial for PC! | Harrison Broadbent
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This is HOW to get ANDROID APPS on your PC or Laptop! | Memu tutorial for PC! | Harrison Broadbent

August 21, 2019

hey guys
Harrison here and today I’m going to be showing you how you can get Android apps
on your PC or laptop the variety of Android apps is appsoloutly staggering
from a bucket load of games such as clash of clans, Monument Valley and
Kingdom rush to apps to help you kick back and relax like Netflix to the
incredible masterfully engineered utilities aimed at improving humanity at its
core such as this one the apps android has are incredible so wouldn’t it be
good if we could use them say on a computer or a laptop well today I’m
going to show you how to do just that we’re going to download a program called
Memu, so hit the link in the video description and from there just hit that
big download button it’s a pretty big download so it might take a while and
this is because this program is an Android emulator which is basically
going to run an Android phone within your computer now that the download is
finished we’re going to install Memu by just running the program Memu will
run you through it set up and then launch right into the Android emulator
so just a quick tour before we actually get some apps on the bottom right of our
emulator are home, menu and back buttons just like on a normal Android phone
above that there is the toolbar settings to change which buttons appear followed
by the volume up and down buttons after that there’s another button to access
the emulator settings some more buttons that we aren’t going to worry about and
the full screen button there’s a lot of buttons now to the actual good bit, which
is downloading apps and playing games the Google Play store is included which
is awesome so we’re going to open it up and then just log in to your Google
accounts like you would on a new phone so now that we’ve logged in you
essentially have access to the entire Google Play Store almost every single
app that you can get on your phone or tablet we can get on our computer this
includes games like clash of clans which works perfectly just as a would on a
normal Android device. other games should work perfectly as well and let me know
in the comment section what games you think you’re going to play with this
social apps also work perfectly I gave Instagram a test and it works
flawlessly other apps like Facebook Facebook Messenger and whatsapp should
also work perfectly snapchat should also work and you might
even be able to use your computer’s camera if it has one to take pictures
but again I didn’t test this so I’m not completely sure and that’s basically all
there is to it you can even access the book and movie
section of the Google Play Store if that’s what you want but I imagine the
huge app library is probably what you’re after so that’s just about wraps up this
tutorial I hope you enjoyed if you did don’t forget to leave a like and
subscribe down below and I’ll catch ya in the next video

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  1. Saw you on Instagram and definitely glad I found your channel! Awesome vids man! Would you mind giving me feedback on the trailer for my video game that is on my channel? (it's the oldest one on my videos list). Thanks!

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