Thor Puts His Hammer on Fire Dragon (Scene) – Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP HD
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Thor Puts His Hammer on Fire Dragon (Scene) – Thor Ragnarok (2017) Movie CLIP HD

August 26, 2019

Heimdall, come on. Stay! Heimdall? I’m running short on options. -Heimdall? Um … Skurge ? Is that important? Skurge : You girls are in for a treat.

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  1. that dragon deserved more screentime, it was an amazing design without the wings👏🏻 Imagine Thor summoning that dragon in Endgame

  2. After watching Avengers Endgame: Spoilers

    I just realized all they had to do was knock Thanos on his feet and drop the hammer on him

  3. This Dragon is one of the coolest creatures ever in MCU.. as brutal as It is.. I believe it could kill any Avenger below Thor, Hulk Doctor Strange and maybe Iron Man (till infinity war)

  4. 1. Mjolnir is powerful enough to hold up to Infinity Stones in terms of power in Avengers and Thor: the Dark World
    2. Mjolnir is apparently useless against Hela in Ragnarok and is revealed that Thor can get even stronger without it.
    3. Thor with this newfound power gets shit on by base Thanos in Infinity War opening scene.
    4. Thor gets Stormbreaker, which is apparently strong enough to defeat Thanos with all 6 stones combined.
    5. In endgame, Thor with Stormbreaker can not solo Thanos without any infinity stones.

    Why do I feel like Thor's power level is all over the place in the MCU? You can literally never tell how powerful or powerless is he. Mjolnir, Thor's inner powers and Stormbreaker can all be useless or somehow as powerful as infinity stones at any given time. What a freakin joke MCU is. You can clearly say that there is no lore master of this thing, no clear vision when they go ahead, nobody in there to check the scripts for consistencies. Every director just makes his own movie and they roughly maintain a continuity between them. How lazy for a multi billion dollar company.

  5. Every time I see Thor with his hammer, I just imagine what would happen if he had stormbreaker instead.

  6. All these aliens and monsters in the MCU, but a dragon seems really weird for me. So like are dragons aliens, or are dragons just intelligent beings who once lived on earth but left?

  7. Just a question, why he didn't put the hammer on thanos? Or on his chest or head in the endgame? They made him to took tha mjolnirt only for give it to captain america

  8. Thor plus hammer in oral cavity of dragon……no effect of dragon
    Thor evacuated the oral cavity and puts hammer there…..the dragon is grounded.
    Am I fool to found logic or Thor is having negative Weight

  9. Surtur : Thor, son of Odin
    Thor : Surtur, son of a………..bitch……epic. I'm all DC but Ragnarok, Dr. Strange n GOTG are awesome

  10. to bad it didn't show Thor a lot in Muspellheim it would be better if Thor had a adventure there Thor was mostly in sakaar.

  11. It took me so long to find this scene. And I’m so glad I did. Just a solo mission with a dragon literally by the teeth. And the mother fucker flew with biological engines? What. 🤙🏻👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼🌌

  12. So you know your dragons: Maleficent, Smaug, the ones from Game of Thrones, they all have wings. WHY THE FUCK HAS NO ONE THOUGHT OF A JET PACK DRAGON

  13. Skurge was completely unnecesaary in this movie, his sacrifice didn't even made people cry.

    Also it opens a question why the hell did they replace Heimdall? While he exists in the movie it is his life duty to stand forever in the bifrost.

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