Three hospitalized after helicopter crashes in Windward Oahu

September 25, 2019

MARISA: WE STILL DON’T KNOW WHAT CAUSED THE HELICOPTER TO CRASH. BUT FORTUNATELY, THE THREE PEOPLE ON BOARD WERE CONSCIOUS WHEN THEY WERE RESCUED. WE HAVE NEW VIDEO INTO OUR NEWSROOM TONIGHT…IT SHOWS THE AFTER IT CRASH LANDED NEAR THE KANEOHE SANDBAR. THE F-A-A SAYS THE HELICOPTER IS A ROBINSON R-44. IT CRASHED AROUND 5:15 TONIGHT. FIRE OFFICIALS TELL US —- GOOD SAMARITANS GOT TO THE VICTIMS FIRST. BRIGETTE NAMATA JOINS US NOW WITH WITH NEW INFORMATION FROM THE HELICOPTER COMPANY…BRIGETTE, WHAT DID THEY TELL YOU? MARISA, THERE WAS A LOT OF ACTION ON SCENE TONIGHT AT THE HEEIA KEA SMALL BOAT HARBOR IN KANEOHE WITH MULTIPLE EMERGENCY PERSONNEL ON SCENE. WE’VE LEARNED THE HELICOPTER HOVICTOR OAHU HELICOPTER TOURS.” JUST SPOKE TO A REPRESENTATIVE NOT TOO LONG AGO… SHE TELLS ME THE PILOT SUFFERED AN “APPARENT MEDICAL CONDITION” DURING THE FLIGHT… BUT THAT HE IS DOING “OK.” A pilot and his 2 passengers, rescued from the waters off Kaneohe bay today. EMS said it transported 3 people to the hospital in serious condition: a 57 year old man with injuries to his back, head, chest; a 31-year-old man with injuries to his head, chest, back and arm; and a 35-year-old woman with injuries to her chest, back, and leg. Witnesses describe one of the men as emergency responders rushed him into an ambulance. “brig: what kind of shape was he in? David Michelemore: not good. he was moaning when they pulled him out of the water when they had him on the stretcher his knee was up by the time they got him over here he had lost his complexion. very pale not moving at all. and i didnt see anyone tending to him as they loaded him in the ambulance his arms were crossed the ambulance didnt leave. the doors Preston Swann says he was on a boat when he saw the crash, near the Kaneohe sandbar. “and we couldn’t get all the way up to the sandbar cause it’s shallow but we were able to get close enough to see bodies standing in the water we were able to see an object protruding from the surface of the water and it looked i mean it was a helicopter it was easy to tell.” the water as another 4 more hovered overhead in the HFD chopper to rescue the 3. Battalion chief Mark Nakagawa said a fishing boat was already at the crash site. ” it was fortunate for us that the good samaritans were out there so quick and were able to secure and the 3 occupants and pass on info our fire dispatch their condition” “I’m not sure if they self- extricated or guys from the boat got off to assist them, but by the time we got out there, they were already on the boat. There were also two kayakers out there assisting.” Right now the cause of the crash is unknown. But witnesses say it was a rescue they’ll never forget. “it was surreal it was kind of a reality check you never know when it’s your time you could be doing something fun and that’s it ” ” its hard to see something like this happen. unfortunately there’s a lot of deaths on this bay ” THE F-A-A AND THE N-T- S-B ARE

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