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Thruster (jetpack) review! – GTA Online guides

August 21, 2019

hello everyone and welcome back to another GTA online guide where today we’re gonna be taking a look at the thruster jetpack headed as part of the Doomsday heist dlc in GTA online and wow does it feel weird saying that anyways let’s get to the guide so to obtain a thruster jetpack you first need to own a doomsday heist facility I have a short video briefly explaining the basics of facilities if you don’t already have one anyways once you’re on a facility you’ll be able to buy this thing for three point seven million undiscounted once delivered to your facility you’ll find it in the middle of the storage area and once you climb in and strap on you’ll have the ability to customise and upgrade the thing like any other aircraft it’s basically like a Smuggler’s Run aircraft you have all the usual visual and performance upgrades but also have the ability to get the thing out with weapons and countermeasures you can have machine guns or rockets as your offensive capability and have chapel flares as your countermeasures strangely they’ve not added the ability to mount smoke trails to the thing but to be fair I never really saw anyone use those anyways in smugglers run anyways once we have the thing modded to the max let’s take it out for a spin so on the most part the thrusters handling is very similar to that of a helicopter you can just imagine it as an incredibly small VTOL aircraft because that’s all it is it’s got very good maneuverability which will allow you to do some pretty complex maneuvers and it also travels at a pretty decent speed though you won’t be able to outrun most of the aircraft so it’ll be something that you’ll need to keep in mind shooting at people is a little more difficult than I first thought it would be the game’s camera isn’t very cooperative especially when you need to fight in a pinch it’s zoomed into your character much closer than any other aircraft and it makes keeping tabs on your opponent and yourself a little tricky at times a good workaround to this is to use first-person view when attacking using the thruster as it will allow you to always see your aiming reticule and lock-on a little easier the missile firing speed is exactly the same as out of the Buzzard you can fire two missiles away but will then have to wait like 6 seconds to be able to fire it again as for defensive capabilities that too is also similar to a smugglers run aircraft to explosive sniper shots and it will still work fine but more and it’s a gonner it’ll also take just one humming rocket to take the thing down so keep those countermeasures in mind over all the thruster is basically just a novel way of getting around and blowing people up I guess would I recommend that you buy this thing hmm I personally wouldn’t to be honest for the price tag as an offensive piece of hardware it just doesn’t hold up but as a personal runaround it’s pretty fun I kind of like it of course I only bought the thing because I wanted to make a video on it but if I wasn’t a GTA youtuber then I don’t think I would have bought this thing maybe wait till you’ve unlocked the discounted price if you’re planning on buying this thing anyways I hope you enjoyed this short video about the thruster if you did make sure to leave a like and subscribe to the pyro gaming channel for loads more videos coming to you very soon see you around everyone

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  2. YOU FORGOT TO MENTION THE MISSILES ARE LIMITED! i wasted alot of money on those missiles only to have it run out. what a waste of money.

  3. I know I’m late but can someone help me out in gta v so I can get money. I know I sound greedy but just please help me.:psn rod62405

  4. I always play gta in first person the way it should be played and flying a thruster is fuckin sick.

    Typical just like alot of moany gta players so fuckim typical i knew youd moan and say this is worthless fuck me like

  5. Dunno how to put this
    Gta 5 is more of realistic
    Then gta sa so the jetpack mechanics are kinda weird tbh haven't tryed it but i can tell through the video gonna wait until it's on sale
    All i can say is they could've done more
    And yes i would buy it because jetpack is a unique vehicle & fun at the same time

  6. If u are in the Jetpack flying around and you get hit with an explosive sniper shot u will fall out of the pack and die and it will be destroyed. Also you will have to pay the insurance fee on it, not the person who shot you. So it sucks.
    P.s. this thing should have had controls similar to iron mans suit, with a vtol mode for take off and landing and a jet-like mode for flying. Also it would still have the jato rockets as an upgrade.

  7. I've never seen a single player use the jetpack once

  8. Also the two tanks at the back are accually booster you just gotta be on the ground and lift landing gear and boom totorial

  9. I think the thurster is worth it
    It's not as fast as helicopters
    It has flares
    It's faster than the deluxo( I tested)
    It's an personal vehicle
    The camera is shitty but you can fix that with first person
    I really like the rocket boost

    Just buy the oppressor

  10. I was gonna buy it but F that, if it shoots missiles like the buzzard, and can barely see your aiming reticule do to bad camera angle. It’s not worth my money. Thanks again 🤙🏼

  11. For the CEO miIf you grab it right off the bat so it becomes your personal vehicle it makes it so you can request your personal vehicle and still be able to get your other vehicles if you accidentally get this blowing up then you could call in your CEO helicopter are your bike or stuff but for getting into tight places relatively fast it's okay nightclub missions helps you get it done fast

  12. Is it weird when I first started playing I thought the the thruster was a spaceship from the warstock thumbnail?


    he said he fully upgraded it , and it still went down with one missle! So if you want to waste more than $50,000+ you can. But tip its not worth throwing armour on if it can still go down with one rocket. I just saved you fifty grand you're welcome 😂👌

  14. I like my jet pack. Im very far through the gane and own many weaponized vehicles, but this one is one of my favorites, simply because you can fly in those hard to reach areas easily. Definitely not a smart purchase for people who still have facilities bunkers or businesses to buy. But it is fun nevertheless

  15. Almost 1 year later, I have decided that this will be the more fitting spawn-beside-u flyable PV for me than the Opressors & Deluxo. I like the more realistic aspect of its existence & controls compared to those 3 which all have earned terrible reputations through f-ing tryhards & griefers! Plus it's much more casual & relaxing to fly around in. Now I just have to wait for a more reasonable discounted price of it considering its unpopularity & impracticality by most ppl.

  16. No mention of how to spawn it and how close it spawns, on hills, away from roads etc. No mention of replacement cost when destroyed. Really? Why bother with these videos? Useless.

  17. There’s also a glitch where when you go forward in a straight line, any missiles shot at you blow up before they hit you. I often use this to drain Oppressors and Deluxos of their missiles, which sort of acts as a try hard repellent.

  18. I enjoy mine. I prefer to grind rather than grief and its handy and surprisingly fast. Its like a super expensive Buzzard. definitely a rich persons toy and not essential but its fun. Much better than the Havok. No match in combat for a Mk2 oppressor but what is except another MK2? If youve got all the businesses and all the essential stuff and want a silly overly expensive but quite nice little toy, get one!
    TLDR Pyrealm is totally correct

    Do not buy!!!
    I got it and really wish I had just
    Gone with a buzzard. The missles
    Are worse and you can barely stay
    Alive due to high exposure to
    Medium and small arms (pistols
    And rifles) tried using for headhunter
    And couldn’t. Worked for sight seer
    But that’s about it. Just get a buzzard.
    It’s more protected, cheaper, and
    Is also easier to spawn near you if you own a ceo office.

  20. To bad the Truth wasn't in GTA Online, otherwise you would've just gotten it for free after breaking into Area 69.

  21. big waste of money, cannot be sell, go up very slow, cannot be sell, when you fly and go strait you goes down as well, camera is close to the character. BUT YOU FUCKING CAN NOT SELL IT, 3 million for this wtf rockstar

  22. People watching this now should know that it has strafe mode, search it up. And it's also invincible to small rockets when flying forward at top speed. Also if u want better in depth reviews, watch Ghilliemaster or The Professional instead.

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