TIGHTROPE FAIL: Daredevils attempt to walk between two hot air balloons at 10,000ft
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TIGHTROPE FAIL: Daredevils attempt to walk between two hot air balloons at 10,000ft

August 31, 2019

Well, you’ve gotta have some guts to do that! Yeah, these daredevils in Spain have attempted
to walk between two hot air balloons 10,000 feet up in the air. Tres, dos, u… Pronto! The extreme athletes tried walk across a slackline,
which is a tight chord of nylon that’s tied to the two balloons, but they didn’t make it. But fear not – the athletes, who are both
experienced acrobats, reached the ground safely after activating their parachutes. Filmmaker Sebastien Montaz-Rosse filmed the
attempt and posted it online, a video which has already gone viral. The daredevils are part of a group of extreme
athletes, called Skyliners, who get together to make films of themselves slacklining in
dangerous situations. The Skyliners have said they are planning
for another sky-high attempt once they hear of another spell of calm weather.

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  1. How incredibly cool!!!

    Wearing rigs and with no obstacles they are really safe.

    Wonderful of the balloon people to cooperate – it must have given them the heebie jeebies (unless they were jumpers;)

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  3. They have parachutes,read the description, nobody's dead or hurt 🙂
    And it isn't a daredevil act because I can do me too things like that with parachutes !

  4. So, what's the big deal here? They have on parachutes and both failed the attempt. Not impressed in the least.

  5. Pfft, Whats the big deal? Its not 'Dangerous', No more so that Sky Diving. 
    You can not call these people daredevils, If you did, Then every person who ever sky dived would be one.

  6. parachuters usually do not ropewalk, ropewalkers do not usually parachute, it does not look like a big challange for a regular ropewalker just get one that can do it with parachute, cause the ones in the video suck…

  7. Was it really necessary for the commentator to add in the whole "but fear not" spiel after they fell? Obviously they had chutes. They would hardly be laughing if they were plunging to their deaths. This narration must have been intended for idiots.

  8. i dont get how they are "daredevils". they have parachutes, if they fell they wouldnt die. without a parachute, on the otherhand, then they would be daredevils

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