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TimeClick Timesheet Printing Options | TimeClick Time Clock Software (435) 753-4102

August 15, 2019

To make payroll an even easier process, TimeClick
allows you to set up different printing options. These options include saving a report as a
PDF or XPS file, selecting from which printer you would like to print, and which pages of the report to print. I will now demonstrate how to change your
printing options in a few simple steps: 1. Right Click on the TimeClick icon and choose
open file location. This will take you to the TimeClick folder
which is located by default in this directory. 2. Find the TCForm file and open it by double
clicking on it. You may be prompted to choose which program
you would like to use to open the TCForm file. Select Notepad. 3. On the bottom line that reads SET PRT DIALOG
change the 1 to a 3 4. And now save the changes by going to file,
save, and then close out. Now let’s open up TimeClick. And go into the administration mode. Run a report of your choice, here I will run
an All Employee Hours report. Enter the dates for which you would like to
run the report, and click Accept. The first print screen that appears will take
you to the print preview mode. Even though it says print, this step previews
the report before printing. Click the Print button. Here is the preview of the report. Now when we select print we are given the
option to choose which printer to print from. Here you can also choose which pages of the
report you would like to print. *Note: In order to save the report you will
need to select the Microsoft XPS Document Writer or a PDF writer as the printer. An XPS file is Microsoft’s version of a
PDF and the XPS Document Writer and comes pre-installed on any newer Windows PC. If you want to save as a PDF you will need
to have a PDF Writer installed on your computer. There are many free PDF writers that you can
find online using your favorite search engine. Now when you click print, you can choose to
save the report as a PDF or XPS in a location on your computer that you specify. From here, you will be able to send the report
as an email attachment or store it electronically.

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