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August 16, 2019

Your time sheet will be
pre-filled out at the top with your client information. You’ll need to fill out
the pay period end date in the upper right. Please refer to Accra’s
pay period calendar for the correct dates. Then enter each date
of the pay period for each week. You’re required to fill out
your time sheet after every shift. To complete a shift, enter
the start and end time of day. The total hours worked each day
are entered here and should be rounded
to the nearest quarter hour. Draw a line through each day
you did not work. If the participant
is hospitalized, please enter the admission
and discharge dates in the upper-right box. Remember, no services
can be provided when they’re in the hospital. Record each care you provided
per shift with your initials. Do not mark with a checkmark,
X, or other mark. Add the total hours
for each week. After the time sheet
is complete, it’s recommended that each party
review the time sheet before signing. At the end of the pay period, sign and print your name
and employee number. Then have the responsible party
sign and date here. Please add your phone number and the responsible party’s
phone numbers at the bottom so Accra can quickly get
a hold of you if there are any questions. You can submit your time sheet by email, fax,
or dropping it off in person. If you have any questions
about this form, please call Accra Care at 952-935-3515. Thank you.

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