Tips and Tricks for Monsters: Evolve Tactics and Strategies to Win and Dominate More as a Monster
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Tips and Tricks for Monsters: Evolve Tactics and Strategies to Win and Dominate More as a Monster

August 16, 2019

Tips and Tricks for Monsters – Evolve – Tactics and Strategies to Win and Dominate More as a Monster What is happening guys, Kris here and in this
video, Im gonna give you some tips and tricks for playing as the monster in Evolve, although
you may feel like a badass playing as the all-powerful monster, you still have to survive
and play tactically to win against those pesky hunters and hopefully Ill be able to help
you out with some basic but important tips, that might just gain you that win.
So the first tip is an obvious one if youre playing hunt, get the hell out of there, as
soon as the match starts, youll have a few seconds to cover ground and get as far away
from the hunters as you can, here I find that its best to get away as quick as possible
as the hunters will drop down and land, pretty close to where you start. If you want to use
a sneaky tactic, you could use your footprints to lure the hunters in a specific direction,
and then crouch to hide your footprints, and turn around sneaking off in the other direction,
if you do this right the hunters will probably run off in the opposite direction to you at
the start of the round, giving you a big advantage and sending them off the wrong way.
Another hint is to keep using your smell ability all the time, this gives you a huge boost
of awareness on whether the hunters are close by and which direction you should be moving
in to avoid them, it also shows you creatures around that you can hunt and eat, and obstacles
like flocks of birds that should be avoided. You can use the smell ability as much as you
want, it doesnt run out, so dont be afraid to use it. This leads me onto my next piece
of advice, watch your back, keep checking behind you every now and then, especially
if youve stopped to feed for a few seconds and you know the hunters are on your tail.
All it takes is a quick pan of the camera, and the use of the smell ability and you can
instantly see if the hunters are close by, and if you can see the hunters, try and move
on before the tracker throws out a portable arena. Remember to crouch and sneak around
often, not only will this hide your footprints and confuse the other players as to where
you are, but itll also prevent flocks of birds from giving away your position.
Make sure you make good use of high ground, lots of hunter players tend to stick with
running around on the floor, just because, they dont have to use their jetpacks so much
when travelling around on lower parts of the map, use this in your favour, by sticking
to the higher parts of the map, youre probably less likely to have your footprints seen by
the hunters, to follow them to your location, you can also escape hunters a lot quicker
too by using high ground, as you can climb a lot quicker than they can, they have to
wait for their jetpacks to refill, so they can keep climbing after you, and this period
of time should allow you to escape, turn the terrain into an obstacle course for the hunters,
another trick, if you know the hunters are close behind you, is to look for one of the
larger, more dangerous creatures like the tyrants that wait in the water, and basically
jump over them and lead your footprints into a trap, if the hunters arent looking or are
too busy chasing you, they might not see the tyrant or dangerous animal, and you might
be able to get an easy kill or two by leading them into a trap, this method might not kill
the hunters but itll definitely slow them down.
As you travel around the map searching for some quick meals to evolve, its best to go
for the medium sized creatures that give you a few points towards your armour and evolution
bar, smaller animals like the beetles will just slow you down as they only give you one
point, and its not really worth the time or effort of hunting them down. Once youve got
to stage 2 evolution, go for some of the larger creatures, to get even more points towards
your next evolution. Its always best to achieve the last evolution stage before taking on
the hunters, so id highly recommend eating enough wildlife and running away from the
hunters in the earlier stages, its probably not even worth attacking them until you reach
stage 3, just as this will slow you down and make it easier for them to trap you, your
best bet is to focus on escaping, dont be afraid to run away, its the best chance of
you keeping as much health as you can, to help you in that final battle against the
hunters at the end. And a big tip that a lot of people tend to forget once they reach stage
3 evolution, is you gain your armour back by eating more wildlife, its temping to just
head straight to the power core and unleash death and destruction on your enemies, but
before doing this make sure your armour is replenished, you can always get your armour
back, but your health will be gone forever. If theres a hunter that feels like taking
you out on their own, and theyve strayed away from the rest of the group, crouch and pounce
on them, if theres nobody around to save them, you can get an easy kill, and by the time
the others have caught up, theyre one hunter down, making them a less effective team.
And probably one of the most important tips for battling against all 4 hunters, is to
kill the medic first, one theyre done for, the others should drop like flies, medics
can revive teammates a lot quicker, and often from a distance to its best to get rid of
them first, be aware of hunters trying to revive each other and stop them at all costs,
even guard players that need reviving just to prevent them from coming back, its best
to work on them one by one, and always keep an eye on the last hunter who will probably
try and run away, follow them and kill them before the others can spawn back in, and youll
win yourself the match. So use these tips and tricks the next time
you play as the monster, and you should be able to dominate the hunters and become an
unstoppable monster player. Make sure you hit that like button and subscribe to keep
updated with all of my guides, reviews and videos on my channel, thanks for watching,
and ill see you, in the next one!

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  1. Thanks for the great video man! Basics are always super important and I've been struggling with the monster and I'm trying to educate myself on how to be better. Would love some advanced tips too!

  2. why does unkillable gold perk feel broken? mid combat, if im not getting hurt for like 2 seconds half my shield is back up already, for only like what? 3k gold?

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