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Tobe & Friends Hookshot Escape iPhone Gameplay Review –

August 12, 2019

The name ‘Tobe & Friends Hookshot Escape’
may ring some bells for those of you who frequent the XBLA or Steam platforms looking for new
and interesting Indie titles. For a while now, Secret Base, the developers behind the
Tobe series have been placing the titular Tobe in to a series of varied platforming
titles, ranging from a basic explore and conquer to an endless runner. Their latest title for
the iOS adapts a game already available on their website and mixes things up by adding
more depth and challenge to its already addictive gameplay. Ultimately, Hookshot Escape is a vertical
endless title, albeit with a unique system of using a hookshot to latch on to and propel
the main character ever-upwards. A combo is awarded if you can chain together a series
of grabs, though leniency is given if you happen to bounce on an object first (be it
an enemy, chest full of coins or a temporary bubble platform). This is no easy task, however, as Tobe sports
a woeful jumping ability and the hookshot in question has a very short range – many
of your first attempts will be cut short as you attempt to find the right spot that allows
you to jump and hook with success. Once you’ve come to terms with this distance you’ll be
flinging your way up with almost a carefree abandon and it’s here you’ll meet even more
challenges, be it enemies blocking your path, large gaps or moving / crumbling platforms.
Break beyond this barrier once again and you’ll start unlocking objects to customize your
character and one of three alternate characters to play with. Interestingly, this is where the game really
opens up as each character sports their own unique way to make their way up the screen.
While the hookshot is Tobe’s preferred method, one unlockable character sports a double-jump
and a hammer to break through blocks ala the NES classic, Ice Climbers. Just when you think
you can’t be bothered spending more time trying to beat your record, you’re rewarded with
something new, sucking you right back in. Of course there are the obligatory In-App
Purchases to make progression smoother, but aside from the controls being a bit cramped
in the vertical orientation, Hookshot Escape is a perfect way to waste your time while
challenging your platforming prowess.

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  1. i have the IAP… they are not "obligatory" as you mention… and they for sure don't help as much as you'd expect from an IAP item… they do provide an alternative… but they cost more points too

  2. @AppSpy hey r u gonna do a review on heist the score bc i wanna c it b4 i pay a dollar ( i no cheap me but i saw under features rail shooter and i wanna no wat its like) 🙂 thnx

  3. Yay! I saw a trailer for this a few months ago. I wasn't sure when it was actually coming out. I think I'll go pick it up now.

  4. @warmachine rail shooters are pretty tough on iOS if u liked rage for iOS u may like another but as for me I like my games free roaming mostly. I'm wondering what's better fancy pants? Or this? Leaning more to fancy pants since the demo on Xbl got me distracted4 hrs n hrs. But like cod zombies I fear it won't support wifi which is more reliable then 3G I never got that why not use features. Cuz fancy pants is best with 4friends

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