Tomfoolery – Genji Cat – Part 5 | Overwatch Comic Dub
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Tomfoolery – Genji Cat – Part 5 | Overwatch Comic Dub

August 16, 2019

oh man let’s tow the paper Symmetry’s house Oh Lucy oh I don’t know come on it’s Halloween it’ll be great [Music] huh [Music] in gcapp please Oh No we humans ordered a holdup is that a hurt kitty hey buddy hang in there we’ll get you healed up whoa hey [Music] Angela did you see the news oh no Hayley Hayley awhile penguin came into town they think it lost its entire flock and it’s been wandering around ever since all it has is a little backpack that people drop food in that’s the saddest was adorable back story I’ve ever heard [Music] here we go washee-washee [Music] kitty cat mother mother oh my goodness is that he’s good morning jack good morning red field sorry hello Toby on is it ready yeah are you work hard [Music] [Music]

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