Tony Stark’s ARC REACTOR Explained! (MCU)
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Tony Stark’s ARC REACTOR Explained! (MCU)

August 18, 2019

Created by Howard Stark and Anton Vanko, The
Arc Reactor is a compact power core made of almost pure sustainable energy. With the ambition to supply the world with
a source of clean power, Howard had created the first industrial Arc Reactor to power
Stark Industries. However, this arc reactor was limited by the
technology of Howard’s day, and the perfection of the design would later be tasked to his
son, Tony Stark. While in captivity, Tony was capable of gathering
spare resources to create a miniaturized version of his father’s arc reactor. Much like his father’s arc reactor powered
Stark Industries, Tony’s was capable of powering an electromagnet in his chest that
prevented shrapnelfrom entering his heart. The arc reactor had such a great surplus of
energy, that he was also capable of powering his Mark 1 suit, utilizing it to escape his
captors. Tony has continually improved upon the arc
reactor design to power increasingly complex Iron Man suits, as well as following in his
father’s footsteps by becoming a world leader in the business of clean, sustainable energy. He also created a new element to make it stronger.

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  1. Tony Stark didn't invent a new element for more power, the chemicals produced by the previous version of the miniature arc reactor was poisoning him…

  2. The arc reactor is based on cold fusion reactor, right?
    Cold fusion reactor would seem as sensable as it uses palladium.

  3. if his arc reactor powers the suit im confused that in ironman 3 his suit lost power and was charging in a kids garage

  4. how was the reactor power the suit when he is wearing a shirt how can it connect to the suit..seems no wire or any attachements?? i thought he's suits already has built in reactors .. and the purpose of the reactor in his chest is just to prevent the shrapnel enetring his heart.

  5. There are several types of energy:
    – Kinetic Energy
    – Electrical Energy
    – Heat Energy
    – Light Energy
    – Nuclear Energy
    – Plotdevice Energy

  6. I think the new element tony design or create is based on tesseract. I am not saying the science part but Howard tells that he is limited that means he wasn't able to recreate the the energy in the tesseract and tony was. And i saw many other comments in other videos that this new element can't be placed in the periodic table because it isn't synthesized till then as is created not in earth and rather a clean energy like the suns. This is all my view. Waiting for the reply and other speculations

  7. Wait if his arc reactor is made from paladium and that stuff is toxic and nuclear then how does he have it in his chest and not die from paladium poisoning

  8. Well I was searching for a scientific explaination of the reactor and this guys just gives the same introduction which we already knew.

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