Top 10 20th Century CONCEPT CARS We Hoped We’d Drive By Now
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Top 10 20th Century CONCEPT CARS We Hoped We’d Drive By Now

August 10, 2019

Top 10 20th Century Concept Cars We Hoped
We’d Drive By Now 10. Autobianchi Runabout Bertone (1969) At the Turin Motor Show in 1969, the Autobianchi
Runabout Bertone made its debut. This car was the closest thing that you would
probably ever see to actually owning Speed Racer’s Mark 5. If the future depicted in the Waschowski’s
movie was to become a reality, then the Runabout Bertone model should be massed produced by
now. The Runabout Bertone was not even inspired
by the automobile world. The basic concept behind this car was to put
a speed motorboat on wheels. Now, just imagine if the wheels were actually
retractable and the Runabout was either a convertible motorboat or submarine. The dropped ball on the Runabout could have
given us to James Bond or Condorman action. 9. Italdesign Machimoto (1986) The Machimoto (1986) was an attempt at the
evolution of the Dune Buggy. It was essentially a bridge between open air
dirt riding and Total Recall. Basically, a combination with Volkswagon engineers
to try and combine the stability of a car with the open air enjoyment of riding a motorcycle. The Machimoto was designed to comfortably
seat nine. The Machimoto looks more at home riding a
rail ala The Black Hole or being a street worthy roller coaster car. It sports a sleek boxy open air look that
we were supposed to fall in love with here in the future. Unfortunately, we are as far away now from
the Machimoto as we are from having everyday silver or gold pants. 8. Chevy Astro III (1969) The Chevy Astro III came out during a time
in which the Moon Shot was influencing everything. The question today becomes “Why aren’t
we driving around miniature spaceships on freeways… right now?” It certainly seemed like a possibility in
1969. A little imagination and this baby would have
been your driving X-Wing fighter today. One of the truly great innovations of the
Astro III were the rear view mirrors. Do you not see them on the car? That is exactly the point. The rear view mirrors were actually small
closed circuit televisions in the interior that would broadcast what was going on around
the car. If the closed circuit television idea had
come to fruition for everything, all we would lose is one ‘objects in mirror’ joke in
Jurassic Park as well as a single Meat Loaf song. We would have lived. 7. Ford FX-Atmos (1954) The Ford FX-Atmos debuted at the Chicago auto
show in 1954. This seeming proto Batmobile used the term
FX ( for Future Experimental ) and seems like it would be more comfortable riding the airways
on Coruscant than any where near the freeway system. The Atmos name was a nod to the idea that
cars could one bay be run by nuclear reactors. To this day, we do not drive anything that
looks quite as futuristic as the Atmos. You can only imagine that crowd’s disappointment
if they saw a twenty first century KIA Optima. A degraded nuclear core was a central plot
point in The Dark Knight Rises that might eliminate millions of people. Just imagine the wholesale destruction some
schmuck could cause by changing out one on his modern day Atmos. 6. Bertone BAT 5 (1953) Berlinetta Aerodinamica Tecnica 5 was an attempt
to make the lightest most aerodynamic car possible. The Bertone BAT 5 eliminate weight as well
as wind resistance as much as possible. There was even an attempt to eliminate wind
resistance in turning wheels. The result? This is a car out of your futuristic wet dreams
lighter than most cars on the road right now. Also, the BAT 5 could easily top 200 mph. If we had gone down the road of the BAT 5,
the muscle car era would have turned into the steroid muscle car era. Literally, the idea behind the Bertone BAT
5 was to have a mini jet cruising down the highway. If that was going to be the regular cars,
just imagine what the cop cars to stop them would have had to look like. 5. GM Firebird II (1956) The Firebird II is the only car ever constructed
out of titanium. We don’t think that you are quite taking
the journey with us here. Titanium is the same material in which Stewie
Griffin talks about making death rays from and Iron Man villains construct their armor
from. The Firebird II looks like a combination of
a shark and a pod racer. The amazing part is that the Firebird II was
an imagination of the futuristic family roadster. This car would have probably taken the run
time of National Lampoon’s Vacation down to around four minutes. That is probably a bit of hyperbole but Clark
Griswold would have had no trouble keeping up with Christie Brinkley in and updated version
of this baby. 4. Ford Nucleon (1958) Believe it or not, there was a time in which
nuclear energy was seen as a source of power for every day use. The vision was that nuclear energy would provide
a clean cost efficient alternative to all other types of fuel. Just imagine, you could power your car, talk
on your phone, and scold the kids with all three of your arms! During this time of unfettered and possibly
ignorant optimism, there was the scale model produced of the Ford Nucleon. The Nucleon imagined a future in which cars
would run on the same concept as nuclear submarines. There would be nuclear powering stations on
every corner. Somewhere, Mr. Burns would put his fingers
together and say ‘Excellent.’ There was never a working proto type but the
Nucleon gave us a glimpse of what might have and what might still be. 3. Chrysler Turbine Car (1962-1964) Have you ever sat down and pondered what would
happen if they actually put a jet engine into a car? Well, take heart Bucky, you are not alone. Chrysler spent about three decades pondering
whether your car could style around like it was straight out of Men In Black. The Chrysler Turbine car could run on your
choice of diesel fuel, unleaded gasoline, jet fuel, or vegetable oil. The findings on whether or not it would also
slice and fry potatoes are a little more vague. Unfortunately, you cannot even buy these things
on the black market as most of them were destroyed by Chrysler or donated to museums. There are only three fully functional Chrysler
Turbine Cars out of 54 produced. The technology was later used in the M1 Abrams
Battle Tank. The possibilities were endless… and awesome. 2. Ford Gyron ( 1961 ) In the recent Men In Black III, Will Smith’s
J character said that “two wheels is like my minimum.” It stands to reason that J would have loved
(or at least tolerated) the Ford Gyron. The Gyron was a two wheeled fully encapsulated
car that looked more like a TRON light cycle than anything currently on the road. At auction, a mere model of the Gyron sold
for forty thousand dollars. The Gyron operated on a series of gyroscopes
to operate the hybrid car/motorcycle. For being envisioned over fifty years ago,
the Gyron still looks like it could be the future of automobile travel. 1. Lincoln Futura ( 1955 ) The Lincoln Futura is still embedded in our
collective imagination not for what the Futura was but for what the Futura would become. The Futura was originally produced at a cost
of a quarter of a million dollars in the 1950’s tio highlight potential advancement in car
design. Ten years later, the Futura was repainted
and turned into the infamous Batmobile for the Adam West television series. Years later, the Dark Knight trilogy Batmobile
would be postulated to come out of Wayne Enterprises Research and Development department. Of course, the Futura was never actually mass
produced but everyone certainly wanted one.

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  1. Jay leno has one of the Chrysler Turbine cars. Definitely check out his video on it.

  2. "nuclear powering stations on every corner"??? did you understand that the idea of nuclear powered engines the elimination of refueling stations.

  3. What actually happened to these cars? Were there only one of each? Or several? And who has them if they weren't destroyed.

  4. Fantastic video!! I love finding things that I am normally not interested in, then becoming obsessed with them. I want a car with a jet engine and crazy fish tails!!

  5. wanna know a secret? Ufo disks are nuclear reactor powered drones , the public would throw a fit if they we were flying around nuclear reactors over the public.

  6. You don't REALLY hope everyday people would be driving nuclear powered cars today, do you? You have seen the driving haven't you? The nuclear cars were basically the same as battery cars, but an RTG replaces the battery.

  7. The BAT 5 was only capable of 120mph (theoretically) not over 200 as said here. Though 120mph is roughly 200kph so maybe that's where the confusion came from.

  8. Thank God none of these ever saw the light of day, especially number nine. A 9 seater (top heavy?) beach buggy for the roads – what could possibly go wrong? 😄

  9. Wait… you put the Firebird II but NOT the Firebird III?

  10. back in the 60s people thougth that we were gonna be like the jetsons in 2000s and 2010s
    and the 60s ended up as the most futuristic decade
    edit 50s were futuristic too

  11. Back in the 20th century, people weren't obsessed with trying to overcompensate for something by using ugly pickup trucks and SUVs (Stupid Ugly Vehicles)….we need to return to those days….it might have saved my wife and unborn child, since they were hit and killed by a drunk 16-year-old who slammed into her, killing my wife and unborn child.
    In the end, despite facing charges of DUI, reckless driving and two counts of involuntary manslaughter, that brat got off with only 50 hours of community service and having his driver's license suspended for 6 months…and considering what I lost, that kid got off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist.
    Ever since then, I have had a great dislike of most people who drive pickup trucks or SUVs (or pretty much any large vehicle), especially when it comes to those who drive said large vehicles as nothing but status symbols, and never use them for their intended purposes.

  12. Rover in the UK made a gas-turbine car, too. There's one in the London Science Museum. Musician Jools Holland was so obsessed with it's sleek appearance, he had a replica made, albeit with a large, conventional power plant, as car-size gas turbine engines are as rare as rocking horse dung.

  13. 6:28 If this FUTURA was made into the first Batmobile, then what car is Green Hornet's: Black Beauty – made from?

  14. The original Pontiac Firebird was jet propelled, hence the Firebird. The FB 1 and FB 3 were actually cooler looking than the 2.

  15. The Ford FX-Atmos looks like it might have been a partial inspiration for Gerry Anderson's Supercar.

    And the car at 6:05 isn't the original Lincoln Futura — it's a not-very-accurate replica built by Bob Butts.

  16. Nuclear powered cars would have been great ! A minor accident in the middle of nowhere and 2/3rds of all life is wiped out, whilst all garage mechanics would all be bald and sterile !!

  17. i really love the Italdesign Machimoto concept. It seems like a really practical way to jam a lot of people in a car.

  18. I'm pretty sure the Alfa BAT 5, had a top speed of 200 kph, not MPH like the video said, impressive for a 4 cylinder of its day, just not the same thing.

  19. A car that we don't hope to be driving now: (coal powered car, notice how much he says the word "modern")

  20. WAAAY too many pop culture Film & TV references here. We're talking cars here. Get away from your own generation and talk to everybody. Love the cars, do not like the writing.

  21. you can see a chrysler turbine at the detroit historical museum. i also liked the 1955 lincoln indianapolis concept car not shown in this video.

  22. Chrysler Turbine should be number 1, you know how unbelievable it would be to be able to use basic alcohol like whiskey as a viable fuel? Of course "they didn't seem practical" RIGHT………………………………..

  23. The first time i saw a Nissan Cube i thought it was a runaway Sky car from Cedar Point. As far as a titanium car, aluminum is far cheaper and lighter.

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