Top 10 Alternate Batman Suits – Part 2
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Top 10 Alternate Batman Suits – Part 2

August 16, 2019

TOP 10 ALTERNATE BAT SUITS PART 2 Part of what makes a superhero iconic is their
suit. The suit become a synonomous part of a hero’s identity, from it’s colours to
its emblem, and a memorable suit goes a long way in making a hero memorable. From a marketing
standpoint, a memorable suit goes a long way in establishing a character’s longevity.
But of course, when you have a hero whose been around since the golden age, and wildly
successful to boot, your bound to get some variations. And today, we’re returning to
one of those hero’s many suit variations – the top 10 alternate bat suits. Part 2. 10 The Batman of Zur-en-arrh
Starting off this list we’ve got a bat suit that belongs to a bat alternate – the Batman
of Zur-en-arrh. So this Batman is actually an alien from the planet called Zur-en-arrh
that Bruce first encountered in 1958 in Batman #113. And his suit is basically an inverted
version of the regular Batsuit. Surprisingly, this character, or at least it’s influence,
survived the silver age, appearing in Batman #678, but as a hypnotic trigger that was planted
in Bruce’s mind when he was quite young, and when triggered, he creates a suit that
is a throwback to the original Batman of Zur-en-arrh, and looks like a modernized version of the
1958 suit. 9 Digital Justice
From this 1990 graphic novel, we’ve got a futuristic Batman who isn’t even Bruce
Wayne – Bruce is long gone, and James Gordon, the grandson of THE commissioner james gordon,
becomes Batman to take on a sentient computer virus crafted by the Joker years and years
ago before he died. This batsuit has a Tron-esque feel to it, with a more ‘modernized’ emblem
on Gordon’s chest, with mild green accents to help tie in thematically with the story. 8 Bat Baby
Who said overalls can’t be heroic? From Batman #147 in 1961, we’ve got some silver
age glory for you all with Bat Baby. So, we’ve talked a lot about this hilarious issue in
our other videos, which has become one of the more memorable narratives from that time
period, for all the wrong reasons of course. Long story short, DC’s success with the
Superman superbaby story line got them inspired to do the same with Bats, resulting in him
being shot by a rogue scientist’s speakerphone-ray-gun-object thing that turns him into a toddler. Bruce
is all like, well, I can still fight crime! And dons some child sized threads since his
suit is too large for him. Yeeeeep. From innocence to completely terrifying, next
up we’ve got 7 Suit of Sorrows, Man-Bat edition
So this suit is a modification of the original Suit of Sorrows suit back from 2008, except
with a monstrous twist. So Batman Incorporated #12 when Talia al Ghul unleashes as army of
half bat half human ninja monsters. Gotta love comics. Anyway, in order to properly
take Talia on, Bruce decides, hey, I’m gonna inject myself with Man-Bat serum to even out
the playing field here. And put on the suit of sorrows, which was modified with a jet
pack, stealth tech that allowed him to be invisible, and the addition of some metal
arms that extended his reach significantly, making it all the more terrifying to look
at. 6 Bat Bot from The Animated Series
This exoskeleton suit was used to take on Bane in the animated series, and it gave Bats
additional strength and heft, had a jetpack that provided a minimal yet useful amount
of flight. While this suit in the episode manages to fail the caped crusader – Bane
smashes it like it’s paper – he does manage to use that great ingenuity of his to zap
him with a live cable. That being said, it’s still a pretty impressive suit, and if he
were fighting someone who wasn’t Bane in it, it’d probably perform much better and
do some serious damage. 5 Kingdom Come Bat Suit
From Earth 22, we’ve got a Batman from the near future, who was permanently crippled
by Bane and Two Face, and because of it, has completely abandoned his personal alias and
has gone full blown Batman. This bat suit rehabilitates Bruce’s body, giving it the
ability to still participate in combat with now superhuman strength, is armed with lasers
and gives him the ability to fly. He even has his own personal batmen robot army, who
look pretty slick as well. 4 Elliot Ness’ Vigilante Costume from Scar
of the Bat Based on the real Eliot Ness, a prohibition
agent who was famous for hunting down Al Capone, this Batman of the same name is a fictional
representation of him, who took up the vigilante persona so he wouldn’t have to go after
the bad guys and stay within what was legal. While the cowl is all too familiar in style,
Eliot wears a bad ass blue trench coat, and wields a a machine gun, whooping some major
gangster butt. 3 DC One Million Batman
This story takes place in 853rd century, so you can imagine that the tech on this suit
is exponentially better than the regular suit we’re used to. It’s sort of a dream suit.
Stronger exoskeleton, fireproof, collapsible, a whole bunch of new stealth based tools like
camouflage technology, hologram projection, built in wings AND the bat computer built
into the suit. Plus this version of his cowl has a very black panther feel, with it being
a full head mask as opposed to just one that concealed everything but his mouth. 2 The Gotham by Gaslight Bat suit
Set in 1889, Gotham by Gaslight features a barrel chested burly Batman, who attempted
to stop Jack the Ripper. Along with a handful of other familiar faces, Batman gets the late
19th century treatment, with a long dark cloak fitting of the times, leather pants and boots,
with what appears to be a leather cowl. The suit is a fan favourite, and appears in either
a cameo or as a skin in several DC video games, including Batman Arkham Origins and Lego Batman
3. 1 Batman Versus Predator Suit
From the 1991 Batman versus predator series by Dave Gibbons and Andy Kubert, Bruce puts
together this suit in order to take on a foe literally out of this world. Yes, the predator.
This suit is designed to help Bruce take on the foreign enemy, and included features like
sonar – to put him on par with the Predator’s invisibility capabilities – and armour that
could withstand the Predator’s blades. There we have it guys! Which bat suit is your
favourite? And which one did you like the least? Let us know in those comments below.

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  2. I'm seeing this right after one episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow in where they help Eliot Ness' so it's pretty cool to know more about that character right after.

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  4. Fun Fact: After talking to Andy Kubert on Batman Day, he revealed that apparently he had to think up that Batsuit on the fly. It was pretty much a last-minute design.

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  7. My favourite was the exo suit that made an appearance in Batman Beyond when Terry was held hostage by Inque and Bruce donned the cowl one last time

  8. Batmech is from The Batman. Not Batman: The Animated Series. It shows up in Batman: Brave and the Bold as well. The Batman was my favorite cartoon. Then Batman Beyond.

  9. Kelly My Favorite Batsuits From Part 2 Is The Zur-En-Arrh Batsuit,Digital Justice Batsuit,Bat Baby,Suit Of Sorrows,Bat Bot,Kingdom Come Batsuit,Eliot Ness' Vigilante Costume,Gotham By Gaslight Batsuit & Batman Versus Predator Suit:)

  10. Of top. Paul Pope ' s Batman. And, the Bat suit from pre 52's the return of Bruce Wayne. First time without the bat trunks. And the composite superman.(which I still can't believe they haven't brought back yet!)

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