Top 10 Best Drones 2019
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Top 10 Best Drones 2019

September 13, 2019

Some Drones may look like toys, but a
high quality drone is a serious investment it’s easy to add production
value up to a movie or get an improved view of the world you’re traveling these
are the best drones you can buy today rise telo is an inexpensive drone that
is flyable via smartphone or laptop it’s easy to fly and is programmable with
scratch software video quality isn’t the best around but it’s a fun drone for
beginners the eunich typhoon h pro is a drone with six rotor design it is
equipped with intel realsense technology it records 4k video raw and JPEG image
capture remote control with an integrated LCD display and supports GL
operator control but it’s a bit expensive and have some room for
improvements the DJI spark is a small drone with gesture controlled selfies
automated shots with subject tracking and obstacle avoidance but has a short
flying time and the app could be easier to use Mavic air is DJ eyes smallest and
most portable drone and it has many features as its biggest models high
bitrate 4k video HDR and panorama picture good obstacle avoidance and
automated flight modes the parrot Alfie is a very small and folding drone ideal
for traveling it charges via USB C has 4k video with HD are three times digital
zoom lens and big battery for 25 minutes flights the DJI Mavic to zoom is a great option
for enthusiast pilots with his optical zoom lens it sets itself apart from
other drones it is loaded with features including obstacle avoidance and an
excellent battery life portal robotics Evo a compact folding drone with strong
battery life stable 4k video up to 60 frames per second an obstacle detection
system and works with or without a smartphone since phantom 4 has not been produced
due to the lack of parts from a supplier the Phantom 4 Pro is still an excellent
choice it has additional obstacle sensors and a much improved camera for
the previous model if you have money to spend the DJI inspire 2 is the best
drone you can buy today superb build quality and top-end performance
delivers raw capture at 5.2 K video quality DJI Matic to Pro the best small drone on
the market superior image and video quality obstacle avoidance and excellent
battery life and this are 10 of the best drones you can buy today thanks for watching and I see you in
next videos Cheers

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