Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins EVER! (Free WordPress Plugins)
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Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins EVER! (Free WordPress Plugins)

August 18, 2019

Hi Guys it’s Martie here from,
and in this video we’re going to be covering 10 free WordPress plugins that I think everyone
should know about. Okay. so I’ve been using WordPress myself
for over 5 years now, and in this time I’ve noticed that there are 10 plugins that I seem
to install on every site I build. These are some of the best WordPress plugins
I’ve come across, and I highly recommend that you consider installing them on your site. They are all free, and all available to download
right from within our WordPress dashboard. So without making you wait any longer. Here are 10 free WordPress plugins I think
everyone should know about, along with why I recommend them, and how to set them up. In the 10th spot we have the �Insert Headers
& Footers� plugin. This plugin, once installed allows us to quickly
and easily add different tracking codes to our WordPress site without ever having to
edit our theme files. These tracking codes are used for linking
things like Google Analytics and Google Adsense to our site. With this plugin, all we need to do is hover
over where it says �settings� on the left-hand side of our dashboard and click �Insert
Headers & Footers�. Now we can just copy and paste any of the
tracking codes we want to add, and then save our changes. Next in the list at number 9 is a plugin called
�Lazy Load�. So normally when we visit a page on a website,
all of the images on that page are loaded up at the same time. This can sometimes have a very negative effect
on the pages loading times, especially if it’s a page with a lot of images on it. But when we install the �Lazy Load� plugin.
It changes it so that only the images that will be visible load up at first, then as
we scroll down the page the other images will load up as they’re needed. Another great thing about this plugin is that
it needs absolutely no set up at all, we literally just install and activate the plugin, and
all of our images will be �lazy� from now on. So there’s no reason for you not to have this
plugin installed. It’s free, it has no set up, and can dramatically
decrease your sites loading times. Now moving onto the 8th plugin on this list,
which is a plugin called �WP Smush�. The �WP Smush� plugin gives us the ability
to compress the file size of any images we have on our site. Without affecting the quality
of the images themselves. Compressing the images on our site can really
help with our sites overall loading times, and even more so when used along with the
�Lazy Load� plugin that we just covered. Once the plugin is installed. We just need
to hover our mouse over where it says �Media� on the left-hand side of our dashboard and
click �WP Smush�. Then when we click �Bulk Smush Now� the
plugin will start going through all of our different images and compressing them for
us. We don’t need to do anything else. Then one it’s finished it will show us how
much space we managed to save using the plugin. This is definitely a must have plugin for
all WordPress users and I would recommend installing it on your site as soon as you
get the chance. The next plugin on this list, coming in at
number 7 is called �Link Checker�. Using the �Link Checker� plugin we can
check all of the links on our site to make sure they’re working properly, and if any
of them are broken the plugin will let us know. This is especially handy when we publish a
new piece of content, or before launching a brand new site for the first time. Not only is it good practice to check that
the links are working for user experience, but also too many broken links can negatively
affect how our site performs in the search results. So it’s always best to double check. After we install the plugin. We just need
to click where it says �Link Checker� in the left-hand dashboard menu, and then
�Check Your Website� up at the top. The plugin will then start crawling all of
the different links on our site and return any that are showing errors. It will also show us where the broken links
are so we can go and fix them. Now moving onto plugin number 6 on this list,
which is a plugin called �Black Studio TinyMCE Widget�. This plugin might have a super hard name to
try and remember, but never the less, this plugin is a great one to have installed on
your site. It allows us to have all the functionality
of the WordPress page editor in our Sidebars, and other Widget Areas. This means we can easily add images, links,
and whole lot more to our widget areas, without having to mess around with any html coding. All we need to do after installing the plugin,
is drag the �Visual Editor� widget into any of our sites widget areas, and we’ll see
that we now have the same options and tools as we would have, if we were adding a page
or a post. We’re now halfway through this list which
means we are moving onto plugin number 5. This plugin is called �Q2W3 Fixed Widget�
and it’s a super simple, but very useful plugin that allows us to make certain widgets on
our site �Sticky� (or �Fixed). A Sticky, or Fixed Widget is one that will
remain on screen and in view even when the user scrolls past it. If used on a Widget in our sites Sidebar,
the Widget will basically stick to the top of screen and scroll with the page. The plugin works great for adding optin forms
to the bottom of our sidebar. This way when we publish a post or a page that’s longer
than our sidebar, our visitor will always be able to see our optin form. Once the plugin has been installed, we can
head on over to our �Widget Areas� to set it up. All we need to do is decide which Widgets
we want to make �Sticky�, and underneath we will now see there’s a check-box labelled
�Fixed Widget�. Now we just need to �check� the box and
save our changes. Then when we visit our site we’ll see that
the Widget is now �Sticky�) So just before we move onto the next plugin. I wanted to take a quick second to ask you
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like, just click the subscribe button below the video. Now back to the plugins. The next plugin on this list, coming in at
number 4 is called �Contact Form 7�. We can use the �Contact Form 7� plugin
to add custom contact forms to our different pages, posts, and widget areas on our WordPress
site. Once we install the plugin we just need to
click where it now says �Contact� in the left-hand dashboard menu. Then from here we can either edit the default
form that is already here, or click �Add New� up at the top to add another form. The default form that’s already here when
we install the plugin is normally suitable for most things. It includes fields for the visitors name,
email address, the subject of their message, and then their message. There’s already a lot of tutorials here on
YouTube on creating and editing custom forms with �Contact Form 7�, so I’m not going
to be covering that in this video. Although if you do get stuck, feel free to
leave a comment underneath and I’ll try my best to help you. Then once we are happy with our form, we can
just copy what’s known as the forms �Shortcode� and then paste it into any of our pages or
posts, or we can add it to our Widget Areas using the �Plain Text Widget�. The �Contact Form 7� plugin isn’t only
one of my favourite plugins of all time, but it’s also currently active on more than 1
million WordPress sites at the time of making this video. So you know they must be doing something right
if that many people are using it. The next plugin we’re going to be looking
at, which is number 3 on this list. Is a plugin called �BackWPup�. As the name suggests, this plugin allows us
to back up our WordPress sites, making sure that we don’t ever lose any of our hard work. All we need to do after installing the plugin,
is click �BackWPup� in the left-hand dashboard menu, and then click underneath where it says
�Add New Job�. Here we can give the Backup a name, choose
what files we want to be backed up, the file type for our Backup, and where we’d like the
Backups to be saved or sent to. There’s a whole heap of different options
for where to save our Backups to, including having them sent to us by email, or saved
to dropbox. Then we can just click where it says �Save
Changes� at the bottom when we’re happy. When we save our changes, we just need to
click at the top where it says �Run Now� This will then Backup our files and save,
or send them to wherever we specified. The �BackWPup� plugin is always a good
one to have just in case, and can definitely save you from losing all your hard work to
some freak accident or a hacker. We’re nearing the end of this list now, and
coming in at number 2 is an awesome plugin called �Coming Soon CC�. This plugin allows us to add a really nice
looking �Coming Soon� or �Under Construction� page to our site within a couple of minutes. The best part about this plugin is it allows
us to collect emails from people while we are working on our site, and we get sent an
email every time someone subscribes. We don’t need to link this up to our email
service provider or anything like that, everything’s done by the plugin itself. Once we install and activate the plugin, we
just need to hover our mouse over where it says �Settings� in the left-hand dashboard
menu and click �Coming Soon CC�. Here we just need to click �Customize�
on the first template to edit our coming soon page. Now we do need to upgrade the plugin if we
want to use any of the other templates, but in my opinion the free one looks the best. Once we click �Customize� we can add our
logo, along with any text and images we want on our Coming Soon page. Once we are happy with everything we just
need to click �Save & Close� at the top and the page will be live on our site. Now when anyone tries to visit any page on
our site, they will instead be redirected to this Coming Soon page. We won’t be able to see the Coming Soon page
ourselves when we’re logged in, and this is so we can continue to work on our site. But if we log out, and then try to visit any
of the pages on our site, we’ll be brought to the coming soon page instead. This is an awesome plugin to have set up when
we are first building our site, and also when we need to make any major changes. That’s why I gave the �Coming Soon CC�
plugin the number 2 spot. Then finally the last plugin on this list,
in first place, is a plugin called �Yoast SEO�. The �Yoast SEO� plugin comes with a ton
of different tools that will help us get our site ranking better in the search engines. These tools include things an XML Sitemap
Generator, A Google Snippet Preview, On-Page SEO Analysis, and a lot, lot, more. Now there are far too many different parts
to this plugin for me to cover here in this top 10 video, but once again a quick search
on YouTube will bring back plenty of in depth tutorials on setting it up. I would definitely say that if you were to
only install one plugin from this list, you should make it this one. Having our website or blog optimized properly
for the search engines can make a HUGE difference in how much traffic our site’s getting. That’s why the �Yoast SEO� plugin got
the number 1 place on this list. So that’s us now at the end, and that was
10 free WordPress plugins which I think everyone should know about. Where there any plugins you think I left out,
or plugins you don’t think should have been on this list? Just let me know underneath in the comments. Also please be sure to give the video a thumbs
up if you liked it, and feel free to subscribe to my channel for more videos like this one,
and WordPress tutorials published every week. Then finally. If you want to download this list of plugins
for free, so you can keep a note of them. Just go to and
you can get access to it there. I’ve also added 5 more notable mentions to
the downloadable list, so there are some that weren’t covered in this video. So that’s to
download it now. Once again my name is Martie from MartieDread,com
and Thank-You very much for my watching my video.

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