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September 26, 2019

welcome friends.How are you ? Welcome to your own channel top 10 again As you know, we make videos on a new topic every time for you, in the same way, we are once again present with a video on a new subject in front of you today, about 10 huge and largest planes in the world. Then let’s start friends In the first list. 10. Startolaunch It is made by Scaled Composites and its first consumer is the startolaunch system It is used for the space-launch carrier. It has twin fuselage, which makes it different from others Both the fuselage size is 73 meters long. There are 28 wheels in total. In its right fuselage, the pilot, co-pilot and flight engineers sit and the other fuselage is kept blank It is considered to be the largest aircraft from Wings point of view, which is 117 meters long. Its height is 15 meters and its maximum speed is 853 kilometers per hour. This is a very spectacular aircraft. 9. Super Guppy The Super Guppy is called a monster Guppy. This aircraft has been assigned to NASA by every institute in the world. The first super-Guppy was taken from a Boeing C-97 Strato fighter and was made from a balloon fuselage which was flying in 1965. It was made by Aerospace line and Airbus and used for large size cargo flight aircraft Its primary use are by institutions like NASA Aerospace Line, Aero Martin and Airbus. Its length is 43.84 meters and and its wingspan is 47.625 meters. Its height is 14. 78 meters and its weight is 40000 kg. Its max speed is 463 kilometers per hour, that is why it can travel long journeys in short duration of time. After looking into the design we can clearly say it is named Monster Super Gupi and clear 8. Antonov An-124 Ruslan Its national origin is the Soviet Union It was created by the Aviastar-SP Antonov serial production plant. The first flight was done on December 24, 1982, and its primary consumer was Russian Air Force, and Antonov Airlines, Volga-Dnepr Airlines. It is used under traffic aircraft. Its unit cost was close to $ 70 million to $ 100 million It has 4-6 crew members like pilot, co-pilot, an officer who shows direction, senior flight engineer and radio man and two load masters. From looking outside it looks like Lockheed c-5 galaxy Its length is 68.96 meters and wingspan is 73.3 meters. Its height is 20.78 meters, its weight is 175000 kg and it can be taken off with a maximum of 410000 kg weight. 7.McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender The national origin of this aircraft is United States. Its manufacturer is McDonnell Douglas. It conducted it first flight on July 12, 1980, and its first use was made by United State Air Force and Royal Netherlands Air Force. Its unit cost was 88. 4 million dollars. It is used as an air-refueling tanker and in multi-role. Its crew has 4 member aircraft commanders, co-pilots, flight engineers and boom operators Its length is 55.35 meters and wingspan is 50.41 meters. Its fuel capacity is close to 1,60,000 which can make a good long journey. 6. Boeing C-17 Globemaster III This is a big military transport aircraft. It was made by Mcdonnell Douglas for United State Air Force.It is used for strategic airlift in which there are Army weapons, armor troops and their other goods are taken from one place to another. There are 3 crews memebers Pilot, Co-pilot and One Load Master. Its length is 53 meters and the wings span is 51.75 meters and the height is 16.8 meters. Its fuel capacity is up to 135,000 liters, which is capable of taking a long flight itself. 5. Airbus Beluga It is also known as Air Bus Super Transporter. It has been made by Airbus and used for Airbus Transport International. The cost to build it was 183 million euros Its engines, wings, gears and many other parts are similar to the Airbus A300. Its length is 56. 15 meters and Wings Spain is 44.84 meters. Its weight is 86.5 tons and its fuel capacity is approximately about 35000 liters. They carry the rest of the aircraft and carry heavy and heavy goods. 4. Boeing 747 Dreamlifter This aircraft was made by the Boeing Commercial Airplane. This first flight was done in 9 September 2006 Its primary use was done by airlines like Korean Air, Atlas Air, British Airways and Lufthansa Airlines. The height is 70 feet, and the take off run is 2804 meters it can be filled in 200,000 liters of fuel. Its wings are 64.4 meters long and its length is 71.68 meters. It has 4 engines along with wings which shows it is different from others. 3. Airbus A380 Initially its name was Airbus A3XX, later named Airbus A-360. This is a huge 14-engine aircraft built by the European Air Bus. It is the world’s largest passenger aircraft and the facility at which the airport is operated has to be increased Airbus 360 can accommodate 555 people at one time, its fuel capacity is 320000 liters, its length is 73 meters and its wingspan area is 79.75 meters. Now this aircraft has its pride with countries like France, Germany, Spain. 2. Lockheed C-5A Galaxy This aircraft is the largest military transport aircraft. This was first made by Lockheed. Now it is kept under watch by Lockheed Martin Its weight is 172400 kg Its wingspans are up to 68 meters long It is normally used by United State Air Force It has 12 indoor wings tank, which is used for air refueling The weight of the entire plane is distributed in 28 wheels It is useful for land and takeoff. Its length is 75. 31 meters and its height is 19.84 meters It takes a takeoff roll of 1600 meters. It is an amazing plane, which can not be compared to anyother planes. 1. Antonov An-225 Mriya Antonov 225 is considered the world’s largest aircraft, it is considered one of the monster cargo planes. It is one of the heaviest aircraft capable of bearing maximum take off weight of 710 tonnes It’s incredibly fantastic to see. It is the longest wing aircraft from other aircraft and aircraft flying at 290 feet. This aircraft was designed to carry space airplanes space shuttle, rocket boosters, but after the closure of the Soviet space program the aircraft was employed like other airplanes. So friends these were your 10 top planes, then you tell us which plane you would like to travel okay leave,hmm what to ask ?? we have not even traveled by train.. so let us know which planes design you like the best and if our video is good then please do it and share Next time we will be in with another video

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