Top 10 Dark Back To The Future Movie Theories
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Top 10 Dark Back To The Future Movie Theories

August 24, 2019

Back to the Future was released all the way
back in 1985, and follows a small-town teen, Marty McFly as he’s thrown into the 50’s
when an experiment by his scientist friend Doc Brown goes awry. Allowing him to travel back in time. The film was a hit — and has remained a fan
favourite even to this day. So — as you would expect, there have been
many, many fan theories surrounding the movie — and answers to the questions we all had. So today on Beyond the Screen, we’re going
to be counting down the Top 10 Dark Back to the Future Movie Theories. Lets jump in. 10 The Parents
One theory man fans have about Back to the Future is why Marty’s parents never recognized
him when he grew up — however, in this theory, they did. The theory states that George figured it out
slowly by building evidence; finding out his visit from an alien involved two of the largest
space franchises of all time, coming home to a burned carpet, and the words of Calvin
echoing his head to “go easy on him”. Apparently, George never told Marty because
he knew his son needed to go back in time the exact same way. Oh, George. What a guy! 9 Depression
This is a dark one, but hear me out. Many fans have often questioned why Doc Brown
would put himself and Marty in the path of the DeLorean going 88mph, after he explicitly
stated that his inventions never work. Well, some have explained this away with quite
a dark theory — stating that Doc Brown was depressed from his failure as an inventor,
and had chosen to take his life through one of his inventions. If that wasn’t dark enough, the fact that
he forces Marty to participate makes the entire thing even darker — leading some to consider
it was a murder-suicide attempt. Bloody hell. 8 What Happened To Jennifer? Did you ever wonder what happened to Jennifer? Played by Claudia Wells, the first Jennifer
was unable to reprise her role due to her mother becoming ill — so the studio was forced
to recast, hiring Elisabeth Shue for Back to the Future II and III, and reshot the final
footage of the first Back to the Future with Shue instead of Wells for the opening scene
of the second film. However — have a very content-driven theory
about the entire situation. According to some, when Marty went back to
1955, something he did messed with the timeline of Jennifer’s parents. As a result, the circumstances surrounding
her birth weren’t the same — hence why she ended up looking slightly different. 7 Marty Is Dead
Say it ain’t so! Is our favourite teenage time traveller really
dead? Well, according to some fans, yes. Some theories floating around online say that
Marty actually died in that tunnel, trying to get the almanac book from Biff. Distraught by Marty’s death, Doc Brown goes
back in time to save him — which explains why Doc dropped the rope at the exact moment
Marty needed saving. 6 The Paradox Complex
Any good fan of Back to the Future knows that paradoxes but always be avoided. Knowing this, fans have come up with quite
the interesting theory about the DeLorean — and that it in fact broke down to avoid
paradoxes. In this theory, fans believe the DeLorean
is sentient, or at least sentient enough to break down at the perfect time to avoid a
paradox, including breaking down where no one in 1955 will find a car from the 80’s. 5 Marty Is A Martyr
We’ve got yet another dark theory here. According to some fans, in an effort to stop
the potential paradox of Marty meeting himself, Doc does something very, very dark. Instead of Marty watching Doc send himself
off to the past, fans think Doc sends the second Marty to his death. And in some theories, Doc convinces Marty
to die and in others, he never tells him. Geeze. Dark. 4 Doc Brown Is A Timelord
That’s right, some fans out there believe that Doc Brown is a timelord, and not just
any timelord — THE TIMELORD. At the end of the third movie Doc says he’s
already been to the future, implying that he is much older than he actually appears
— just like Doctor Who. Not only that, but Doc’s love of bow ties,
his pet dog, and his ability to get into and out of very sticky situations, has made some
fans certain that he is in fact the doctor. 3 Where Are Our Hoverboards? It’s the question we have been asking ourselves
for years –screaming into the void, WHERE ARE OUR HOVERBOARDS? We’ve waited patiently, but still no dice. However, fans have explained this by stating
that we’re actually in the alternate timeline created by Marty and Doc. One theory goes that the man Marty hit while
racing was actually going to a meeting about hoverboards — and that if Marty had hit him,
he wouldn’t have made the meeting, and wouldn’t have been able to turn down hover technology
— causing the boards to be made. However, since Marty changed history by not
racing, the man was never hit and went to the meeting, turning down the invention. Another theory suggest that Doc actually created
the hoverboards — but now that he’s living in the past with Clara, he never invented
them. Sad times. 2 Donnie Darko
Apparently, there’s a Back to the Future reference in Donnie Darko that we all seemingly
missed. Yup, that’s right — Richard Kelly, director
of Donnie Darko is a huge fan of Back to the Future — and fans believe that the film
is actually fan fiction written by Kelly. If you replace Donnie with Marty, the rabbit
with Doc, and Gretchen with Jennifer, it all makes sense. Crazy. 1 The Lockard Theory
Now this theory was coined by Robert Lockard, hence the name, and theorizes that the Back
to the Future franchise is one big chiasmus, meaning that it’s perfect symmetry. He states that the first and third movies
are symmetrical and the 2nd movie mirrors itself. An example being that the first movie starts
with Marty being blown back by Doc’s amp and talking to him on the phone, and the final
movie ends with Marty and Jennifer being blown back by Doc and talking to him once more. YUP  — you can check out the full theory
in the description box. It’s worth the read. Well, there we have it! What did you guys think about these dark theories? Were there any that we missed? What film do you want us to cover next? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below. If you haven’t already, be sure to give
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  1. All these theories are funny. It’s a silly Hollywood comedy and I don’t think they put too much thought into it. There doesn’t have to be any conspiracies to everything that come along. Sometimes it’s just a stupid movie.

  2. My theory Clara is a altered Version of Clara oswin Oswald from doctor who because she has been in his timestream so one Version could be with the doctor aka doctor Brown to marry him as the great inteligence never attempted to kill this Version of the doctor/ failed without her taking his place what would mean that their kid was the ancestor of the first timetravelor from the Episode where the doctor was searching for a creature which is perfectly adapted to keeping itself hidden. What would seem right because the man from the future told the doctor and Clara that there were stories about his grandparents which state they were time travelers. And the delorian is powered by uranium and the "dead" TARDIS. Because we know for a fact that the TARDIS is capable of losing it's dimensional energy and so it becomes a cube with a weight that makes it a danger to planet earth so if the doctor made its mass smaller it could be the time travel part for the delorean but fluxcapacitor is the "TARDIS-powerplug" which is powering it enable the doctor to be less location bound with the TARDIS because they can use the new form as a replacement of the chameleon circuit which is broken so this enables them to work in disguise. Also we know that the is messing with his own timeline and the TARDIS so this could be realistic for his timeline

  3. You didnt cover the 911 theories theres some pretty wierd "coincedences" in the movies that are said to predict 911

  4. I would like you to do theories and it dark theories on the whiz and or the evil dead, evil dead 2 or army of darkness and is the ash vs evil dead tv show?

  5. I wonder if Howard the duck…. Back to the future and Indiana Jones are all connected, has the movies titles all are the same, also I bet there's more that I don't know. Your thoughts please….. Has there's clearly subliminal programming going on here, Loads of messages, Migrate is all over Howard film, thoughts please

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