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Top 10 iPhone Games Of 2011 –

August 15, 2019

For those that know me personally, ‘top lists’
are a topic I find to be profoundly difficult to participate in as there’s always a point
at which you’re splitting hairs just for the sake of ranking one thing above or below another.
Keeping this in mind,’s Top 10 iOS Games for 2011 has not been numbered for
the simple reason that a game’s position ultimately means so very little when you consider how
many games it had to overcome to reach that spot. Hold on to your pitchforks though as
Dave, Richard and I have selected our personal favorites of the year, so at least three games
will be going home with the knowledge that they managed to crack the cold-hard shell
of these reviewer’s jaded hearts. Speaking of which, lets get cracking on’s
Top 10 iPhone Games for 2011! Grand Theft Auto 3 – Rockstar Games I thought I’d get this one out of the way
right off the bat because honestly we’ve said more than enough about it already. The worst
that could be said of GTA3 is that it retains many of the ‘flaws’ from its original incarnation
(notably the aiming system) and better still recent finds from industrious fans have uncovered
the ability to ‘mod’ the game to tweak its appearance and possibly even add new features
to the game. Being able to play the 2011 classic from start to finish on the iPhone is an achievement
all by itself and well worth it for fans of the series. Tiny Wings – Andreas Illiger In less than two months of starting the year,
the App Store witnessed the birth of and subsequent explosion in popularity of the devices next
big ‘it’ game. For us at AppSpy it was a pleasant surprise as it managed to push the otherwise
stagnant endless runner motif in a new direction, making it powerfully addictive in a way that
no other title had managed before it. Despite how much I personally loved the game, I had
expected it to be an unsung hero of the month – a little known blip passed on by the greater
gaming sphere. Thankfully I was very wrong and it now stands as the forerunner to what
are considered standard features in the genre. Beautiful, elegant and charming, Tiny Wings
is the definition of a must have iPhone game. Infinity Blade II – Chair Entertainment What? Did you honestly think I’d forget this
game a second time around? No such chance given the many tiny, but definitely appreciated
changes to the Infinity Blade series that make its sequel such an amazing game to play.
While not as ground-breaking as the original it proved that no amount of clones can imitate
those who defined a new style of simple, yet engrossing combat for iDevices. The key to
Infinity Blade II’s success comes from its many subtleties, ranging from the relatively
obvious changes to the weapon categories to the slight modification of the dodge system
to watching the tower itself grow and change over subsequent ‘rebirths’. Its only flaw,
if one could even call it that, is its appearance doesn’t quite match its intended audience
– despite being hardcore the game appeals to a broad audience with a broad level of
skill, making the perfect eye-candy for your iDevice no matter who you are. Where’s My Water? – Creature Feep / Walt Disney With so many games hoping to cash in on the
success of games like Cut the Rope, it has become almost a cliche to push out a concept
summed up as a ‘cute, physics-based puzzle game with 3 collectable stars’. Undaunted
by the many half-formed clones before its release, Where’s My Water? from Creature Feep
and Disney quite literally blew things out of the virtual water. Instead of flicking,
rolling or otherwise manipulating objects directly, players had to ‘dig’ their way through
dirt to channel flowing water (and other liquids) around a sewer to help Swampy to get clean.
The thoroughly charming and addictive title presented a style of challenge rarely seen
on iDevices, despite its touch interface, making it equally novel and fun for all ages.
If you’ve not conquered this game from start to finish, you really should. Sonic CD – SEGA December certainly didn’t hold back on its
last-minute hard hitting releases and SEGA’s re-release of their classic title Sonic CD
was a more than welcome surprise. With its engine being rebuilt from the ground up it
was less of a ‘port’ and more of a complete redesign as it packaged in features the original
could only wish it included. Better still, gamers who had little to no contact with the
game finally had the chance to indulge themselves in one of the best games within the series,
traveling through time, witnessing ripples of change throughout the landscape, while
also kicking Robotnik’s arse time and again. If you love your platformers, you need this
game now. Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Micro – Capybara
Games Dialing things back a notch, the release of
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP Micro was a true highlight of the year, stepping away
from action, puzzle and physics obsessed titles to present something far more engaging. This
touching adventure combines the graceful elegance and simplicity of sound with a gorgeously
rendered pixel-art world to suck players in and keep them coming back for more thanks
to its clever puzzles. What makes it even better is that it’s these puzzles that help
to drive the story, making it hard to put down even when you’re left with nothing else
to do. Take the time to step in to and envelop yourself in this incredibly simple and elegant
tale. Jetpack Joyride – Halfbrick It has been over four months since I first
loaded up and enjoyed a spin in Halfbrick’s most recent endless runner Jetpack Joyride,
but now and then I still catch myself whistling its incredibly addictive soundtrack and then
proceed to while-away a few moments within the game itself. Having taken a page out of
earlier 2011 releases like Tiny Wings, the game places a focus on objectives instead
of rote mind-numbing high-score hunting, rewarding players with aesthetic and game-changing unlockables
to keep you coming back for more. The addition of a slot-machine only reinforces the game’s
laser-like focus on addictive elements, making this a hard game to tear yourself away from
until you’ve absolutely conquered every last challenge possible. Fun, fast, funny and addictive
– a deadly combo for anyone’s iPhone collection. League of Evil – Woblyware / Ravenous Games When I initially reviewed League of Evil I
confessed a small amount of anger and frustration at the lack of games that seem to understand
the simple fun and elegance of a platformer. Despite reducing things down to moving left
and right, and jumping or firing, there’s still a lot of challenge to be had simply
from trying not to die to the many hazards in your way. And so while Super Meat Boy added
a spark of life to the skill-based platforming on major consoles, League of Evil did much
the same thing for the iPhone, proving you don’t need physical controls to pull off some
truly outrageous stunts. If you’ve ever felt a burning desire to prove your platforming
skills, this is the game for you. Mage Gauntlet – Rocketcat Games Mage Gauntlet by Rocketcat Games was a most
unexpected, but certainly welcome change of pace from the developer who managed to refine
ninja-rope racing in to an art form. Mage Gauntlet swaps ninja-ropes for swinging-swords
as you control a not-quite-mage on a quest to generally blow things up. Loaded with all
the pop-culture and biting RPG commentary you’d expect of someone like the developers
of the Hook series, the game itself is a culmination of the developer’s expertise in touch controls,
making this an easy game to jump in to regardless of your skill level in gaming. A great break-out
title for Rocketcat Games and easy to recommend if you like your Action-RPG style titles. Anomaly Warzone Earth – Bit Studios / Chillingo Ever since my introduction to tower defense
style games in the days of custom Warcraft 3 maps, I’ve remained obsessed with finding
a game that manages to recreate the same feeling of fun that comes from outplaying the map’s
developer. This burning hunger for tower defense games dwindled over time, but Bit Studio and
Chillingo’s conversion of Anomaly Warzone Earth for the iOS platform quickly turned
things up to 11 as I switched roles and became the aggressor, not the defender. Realistically
the game plays much like any tower defense game with the difference being that you get
to choose who you fight and how you engage them. It’s a thrilling change and one bolstered
by its intuitive controls and stunning visual design. If the usual defense titles don’t
cut it for you of late, you need to check out this title instead. Last, but certainly not least, there’s always
a game that stands out to you as an individual – a game that practically sings out your name
and says ‘this is what you’ll be playing until you’ve exhausted all it has, and even then
you’ll keep playing’. As such is proud to hold up the following games as personal
favorites for our staff, making them a special kind of top title for 2011. It goes without saying that there are so many
more excellent titles dotted throughout 2011 and we’d love to hear what your personal favorite
is for the year. Leave a comment either on our website, YouTube or via Twitter or Facebook
to let us know the game that left the biggest impression on you over the last 12 months.

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  1. I actually didn't pick up all that many of the top games this year. This is actually the first year I owned an iDevice, but I would say my game of the year is probably Where's My Water. I just recently completed it to 100% and all I can do now is wait for more updates and shell out money for the upcoming Cranky levels.

  2. Definitely Where's My Water, and not really much excitement for the rest of the list, but then I'm way too picky when it comes to games.

    The point about challenging skill-based platformers… who is in for that genre please take a look at my channel.

    Scribblenauts and Zombieville USA 2 are also great. Infinity Blade has great graphics. But my personal favourite this year was Where's My Water without doubt.

  3. @AppSpy Well, half of the games that you have decided to make your 'Top Ten', I have never even heard of, and I have searched the app store in and out for decent games. The games I feel should have replaced your picks are games like Temple Run, Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies, Six Guns, Modern Combat 3, Minecraft ( despite it being a work in progress ), rather than "Super Brothers", or "Mage Gauntlet". That is what I expect.

    Please try and respond in a non- condescending way like you usually do.

  4. I have a new found respect for you as a reviewer. You not only review the game but you also review the art style and design. People seem to always forget that a cartoon styled game leaves more room for control and level design.

  5. I think Modern Combat 3 should be on that list. It beats pretty much every game there in terms of replayablillity just by actually having (probably the best) online/local multiplayer on iOS.

    In addition the excellent graphics show that iOS devices can handlie this stuff even when the game isn't stuck to a train. (Hint: Trains drive ON RAILS.).

  6. Dead space has been my favourite game since I bought it. I don't know if it's from 2011 but it is still (in my opinion) the best on the app store.

  7. @Dreamichigo1 i imagine it would be hard to respond to this without seeming condescending. are you proposing to replace 2 games with 5 games – making a top 13? are you suggesting the games you have never heard of are worse than those games you have mentioned (notwithstanding that you have no way of knowing if a game you haven't heard of is good or bad)? opinions are subjective, everyone's top 10s are different. perhaps take the time to look at app spy's reviews of the games you have mentioned

  8. Stunned that that blueprint game wasn't in there for you, Andrew! I was convinced it would be your number one! Time most taken from me this year have included "Pirates", Fifa 12, Sims free play, Mage Gauntlet, modern combat 3, Junk jack, Speedball 2 and the biggest is a game called "great little war game" which I only got recently. I can't put it down.

  9. @AppSpy I appreciate that, and I also would suggest you review Frontline Commando, which is a F2P, third-person-shooter.

  10. Thanks for putting Mage Gauntlet on your list (I'm the developer). We're doing a randomly generated dungeon, multiple player class spinoff, next.

  11. Hi, it was a great video-top, i'be been watching your videos, i like the way you review them. I got a little question, i have an iPod touch, and i want to buy GTA 3, but i'm afraid to it will be laggy, what do you recomend to me? what device you use?. Thanks btw 🙂

  12. @htown11465 Haha, I mean piss off the 2 games, and split hairs with the 5 games.
    Seriously, you couldn't figure that out by yourself? The games that I have heard of would obviously be more sought after because of there addictiveness, quality gameplay, graphics and repetitiveness,as they make it to the top 300 on the appstore. Half of the games that were in the top 10 I have never heard of, nor would I like to play.
    I have taken the time to see them, and my opinion is that his opinion is wrong.

  13. @AppSpy Haha I only said that to be an idiot. I just think that you should have picked a top ten that everyone would universally agree on, rather then your top picks. Study the app store and see how many downloads and rates it has gotten. That would me and I'm sure a majority of people happier. Temple Run, for example has exploded on the app store, which Is why I can't see it isn't on your top ten. Success doesn't always mean "good", but it sure helps the credibility. Thankyou for replying. 🙂

  14. !!! I really hope Modern Combat 3: Fallen Nation would be included in the top 10… I am just super addicted to its multiplayer gameplay 🙂

  15. Some of those I have to get but am broke 🙁 but the ones I got r great. Like sky gamblers rise of glory great ww1 dogfighter game. Major mayhem short but fun as hell Iblast moki2 level editor fun puzzles. Loving don't run with a plasma sword. Didn't infinity blade1 come out this yr as well? Djay best music app nano studio best production music app. Maybe we should have a top 20 or 50 lol

  16. Oh can't forget deadlock online a game most people didn't know about. Cecant moon games made it's online top down realistic of sorts twin stick shooter fun. I keep lookin at my home screen and have 7 folders full of my epic games order&chaos wish mc3 didn't use a freemium model & went on sale for $1 never ever pay full price for gameloft folks wait a month for all to go on sale 5months for big games flagship titles like mc series

  17. What is your overall rating of gobtron? I feel this game deserves more recognition as even though you can beat the game in about an hour my experience with it was enjoyable. I would like to know your opinion.

  18. @jep3player Yeah!! Although the graphics aren't as good as IB2 or Shadowgun, and it's campaign and sound effects are boring, but I can confidently say that it carries the best online multiplayer FPS shooter on the App Store 🙂

  19. This is a great list!
    Some great games here, but still…
    My personal favorites are Ascendancy (I think that came out this year not too sure, and it is on sale now for 99 cents, you would be crazy not to get it), grand prix story, and Tiny Wings
    But I am still looking for a game better than World of Goo, which is my most favorite game of all time… ever

  20. @Kipedias
    yeah, but i heard that shadowgun gonna go multiplayer in Q1 2012
    it's gonna be huge multiplayer iOS as well 🙂

  21. @omadaos My fear it's the 256MB that my iPod touch has, however, if it's not playable, i'll still get it and i can play it in the iPhone 4 of my sister. Thanks 🙂

  22. @AppSpy i know but they were really bad. either that or i have no life and i play infinity blade so much or that guy had never played it before

  23. @AppSpy I just thought last year's had better apps, but I think that's because there weren't as many good apps made this year.

  24. Jetpack and sword & sorcery are awesome games 🙂 infinity blade just got old for me the first time around though, to the point that I lost all interest in hack n slash games…but that's just me

  25. My three favorite games of 2011 were Tiny Wings, Jetpack Joy Ride, and Run Roo Run (Run Roo Run may have been released in early 2012 though =P).

    I really wish Tiny Wings would have more objectives or other some new aspect to get me playing it again. I kind of hit a plateau trying to get the last one or two nests and gave up on going any further =/

  26. @CleverViews I have it and its easy as hell, even when you have it on pro. Its an ok game but nowhere on the top 10 list.

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