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August 15, 2019

Nowadays, all planes must be as large as possible. So can be saved on fuel and reducing costs which in turn is beneficial to us. At present, the largest aircraft in the world can take a thousand people per flight, while the smallest aircraft in the world can carry only one person. These aircraft are designed for specific purposes, or purely for a world record for programs to get their hands on the world’s smallest plane. To build a small airplane only be connected quite some disadvantages. First, the plane is obviously very small. Secondly, it is also very dangerous. Because the plane is so small, the wings generate lift force which makes very little Plane crashes in no time if the engine fails. Have happened over the years several accidents with these small planes, and what they all are now, you are going to hear now in the top 10 smallest aircraft in the world! The Microjet 200 is in tenth place. The aircraft can carry two people and is seven meters long and 8 meters wide. The aircraft was designed to train future fighter pilots. The plane was also much cheaper and easier to operate than the normal jet fighters. However, the performance was not comparable to the real jets. This unit had in fact two small jet engines together for a maximum speed of 463 km / h made. Pretty fast, but compared to a real jet of nowhere suggested. This was also the main reason for many companies to avoid the Microjet 200 to buy. He was not comparable and therefore had also train no sense because the two are not enough similar. The successor of the Ikarus 451, called the Ikarus 451M is in ninth place in this list. The aircraft is basically exactly the same as the Ikarus 451, but the propellers replaced by jet causing the aircraft 750 km / h per hour flew instead 335 km / h. The plane only seats for the pilot and just Slightly smaller than the microjet 200. However, the aircraft can fly further and fly higher. The plane lay 300 kilometers on one tank and flying 8,500 meters above our heads. On the eighth place is a plane that is notorious for accidents. He is in fact crashed 3 times and then two people have died. The plane was designed for air races, with the idea that a small, but also a fast plane had what could be easily controlled. However, he was so small and unstable that almost no one dared to fly. Once there were two deaths plane is altogether out of production achieved. At this time, there is a working copy, but it is located in an aviation museum and there will no longer be flown. The XF-85 Goblin was a plane that was designed by the US Air Force. The idea was that this small plane could be included in the larger fighter. When the fuel of the big plane was on, you could go into the small XF-85. This would have stayed longer in the air. The idea was very nice, but its super small size of 7 x 5 meters, had plane the same problem as the number 6 in this list: he was too unstable. And so it remained only a prototype and production equal canceled after a few flee. The Cri-Cri is in sixth place. Despite its small size, the two jet aircraft and flies 220 km / h. The plane is for sale as a kit at home that you then can put together, like an Ikea wardrobe! There is also an electric version that works on propellers, though it is called a lot slower. The plane only can accommodate the pilot and is 4 meters in length and weighs 78 kg, about as much as the average human being. The baby bird was built to the record for the world’s smallest airplane in hands and get to see the name is also quite successful. Because the aircraft was built for a world record, nothing special there, and the performance dramatically bad. He does not fly much faster than the average car is only 3.4 meters long and 1.9 meters wide, but that it ends up in fifth place. This was, however, to expect if you look at the price, the baby bird namely cost but $ 5,000. In fourth place is a gyrocopter, officially it’s a plane, but it gives the impression a helicopter. The Bensen B-8 only the things that are really needed and thereby control simple. He was even used by people to travel to work and you had no license necessary for. Really comfortable aircraft was not, however, you were out in the open so you it got cold quickly and natregende, and thus got a lot of people still returns to the auto. The third in the list is derived from the same manufacturer as the number five. The plane was built when the Babybird not the smallest aircraft in the world was, and they wanted to reclaim the title. The Baby Sky flew a total of only 20 hours and then ended up in the museum. Best sin, as the plane flew pretty good and had a top speed of 350 km / h thus this was great for stunt shows. And exit, the plane costs only $ 2500. A pittance so. In second place is the Bumble Bee 2. A plane which as its name says on a seem at. The plane unfortunately crashed when it was flown for the first time. Luckily damage was, and after the pilot was recovered from the accident has He repaired the plane. Now the plane in a museum, and allowed the title ‘smallest aircraft in the world’ carrying, with its length of 2.7 meters and width of 1.7 meters. Maybe you thought that something was not right because the smallest aircraft in the world is in second place. But it is still smaller. On the first place is because a working jet pack – a kind of backpack that you can fly. The jetpack can fly 13 minutes and as you can see you can also make the craziest stunts it bursts. The “pilot” of the jetpack is indeed better known as Jetman worldwide. Not quite crazy, when you see these images.

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  1. Bij het begin zij je… Er zijn wel vliegtuigen met 1000 passagiers vervoeren maar het grootste vliegtuig ter wereld kan 538 passagiers vervoeren…. BUSTED!!

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