Top 10 Scary Items That Could Be In Area 51
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Top 10 Scary Items That Could Be In Area 51

August 10, 2019

Hey everyone welcome back to most amazing
top 10 Im your host Che Durena. Are you guys ready for it. When all of us and the boy get suited up to
take on Area 51 and unlock all the alien secerts. Its all going down on September 20th and if
youre a real one youll be there. This is going to be the event of a lifetime
and at the end well have jetpacks, portal guns and a bunch of us will know what its
like to bang an alien. And I guess the biggest question is, after
the sun has set and all the kyles, karens, cheek clappers and naruto runners are victorious,
what are we actually going to find in the secret military base? That’s why we got todays list of top 10
Scary items that could be in area 51. Make sure you stick around until the end of
the video because Im going to be reading comments from the Top 10 Scary Rick and Morty Theories
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way to get to myself and the other host a little bit better. And without taking any longer lets get into
this list 10 Sexy Aliens Ive thought of it, youve thought of it, there
has been ten thousand memes about, what would happen if we all storm area 51 and theres
a bunch of sexy aliens in there that make you have weird feelings in your pantalones. This would really shake up the dating scene
because I know at least one of you out there is gonna try and sleep with one of these sexy
googas. And hey it might be cool like every time captian
Kirk did it in star trek. That guy laid more pipe across the universe
than BP oil with a hyperdrive. But what if you catch some sort of weird alien
STD that turns your junk into a squid and you have to keep it moist or your little ding
dong will fall off. Or what if you fall in love with your new
hot space lady and then you try to get married but people protest and we gotta legalize alien
human marriage. So much stress, but if no one else wants to
smooch the drop dead star lady then I guess Ill take one for the team. 9 That one Alien that was in containment for
a reason So my fellow area 51 attackers, when we enevidably
breakdown the walls and free the oppressed aliens the first thing were probably going
to do is start opening doors. So there is a chance that we will let something
out that was locked up for a reason. You could bust open a containment cell hoping
for a plasma rifle and then next thing you know a monster that looks like Kathulu crossed
with the devil starts snatching up people and shoving them up his own butt. Just remember we should find the guide book
to all the secret rooms before we start opening doors. We dont want to accidentally wake up dracula
and start the end of mankind 8 Teleportation Devices If theres anything Im certain of, its that
there is some sort of experimental teleportation device locked away in that secret base. And once I get my hands on it youll never
need to sit on an 8 hour flight with a screaming baby again. You wanna go to Cuba? Lets go there in a second, wanna go across
the universe and try out so super cool alien video games, we can do that too. When this thing is out in the wild we are
going to tear down the car, airplane, bus and every other transportation industry. Its only super cool teleporting from here
on out. And! It would be so much better for the environment. We would give the world a much better way
to travel and saving mother nature all at the same time, this is so beautiful. The only rule with the teleportation machine
is no creepers, if you use it to blink into someones bedroom or pop into someone shower
your teleportation privileges are revoked for life. 7 A Doomsday device Im talking about a mega weapon, like something
that makes a nuclear warhead look like one of my farts after taco tuesday. Something like little watch, and if you press
a button on it a giant laser shoots down for a satellite and melts a whole town. Or maybe some sort of bio engineered super
virus like ebola on steroids and 6 cups of coffee. If such a thing exists I think Area 51 is
the definite place we could find it. If there is a Doomsday device in there I hope
it does something that incapacitates people but in a cute way. Like turns everyone into ducks, yeah a giant
duck ray that could turn a country full of hard working people trying to get that bread,
into mallards who only live to get, well also get that bread 6 Genetically engineered super kids Test tube babies!! What would happen if you raised a kid in a
completely controlled environment with no variables and every part of their life was
scheduled. Kids that were genetically engineered in a
lab to be perfect in every way. From the time they are hatched out of their
little pods their brains are programmed for whatever the area 51 officials want to use
them for. These kids would be like Jason Bourne times
one million. This is one that I could definitely believe. Why wait for the perfect soldier to join the
army when you could just grow one from scratch. If you had a baby that was made perfectly
in a lab from the time it was born you could potentially make a perfect person, or at least
keep trying until you got it right and then through the mistakes out into the desert to
fend for themselves. 5 Spaceships This one is guaranteed, if we all just into
area 51 and theres no spaceships Ill be so choked. Like dude WTF Area 51 you had one job and
you blew it. Imagine we raid the whole place and the only
vehicle there is a 1997 toyota corolla with some guy named Fred just trying to get er
going but she dosent want to start. But for sure theres gonna be a super speed
flying saucer that we can jack and start taking it across the world. I would love that, we could start an MTV show
called Party Saucer were we used the tractor beam to pull random people off the street
into the UFO and when get inside its a massive rave. Or just go on a huge food tour all across
the world, the speed of our new super cool space ship we could get it done in like weekend. 4 The Gravity Reactor Ok with all the crazy stuff we have talked
about on this list, this one is actually openly talked about by people who have claimed to
work at Area 51. If you want a detailed breakdown on this start
researching Bob Lazar, hes a scientist who says hes worked hands on with the device. Im now going to try and explain it, but remember
I am dumb, so I really dont even understand what Im saying. So this reactor uses an element called element
115 which allows the reactor to bend gravity. With this you can create gravity in front
of the reactor and move at insane speed, you can also distort light and become invisible. These reactor could be used on weapons and
ships, and again I really have no idea what Im talking about so if you want more info
look up Bob Lazar theres a whole rogan episode with him. 3 Space Weapons Theres gotta be some closet somewhere that
is packed with every made up space movie weapon ever. We can bust them all out and finally see which
ones are better. All of meet in the center of the base and
duel it out. Energy sword vs lightsaber, gravity gun vs
portal gun. We could spend weeks in there just trying
out all the weapons. I know I would want some sort of power armor
or iron man suit. I wouldnt fight anyone with it, I would just
love it for getting around and opening jars of pickles 2 All the presidents A big rumor on the internet is that if you
become an american president, you never die. You get given the super secret live forever
formula and get to live out your days in secrecy. You can now travel the world and do whatever
you want with an unlimited access to money and resources. But every president must return to Area 51
to get juiced up again with the super secret live forever formula. I mean that seems like a pretty sweet deal. 1 Time Machine Alright time for the big one guys. What would any of us want more than a time
machine. You would be able to become some sort of time
lord and change the world as to see fit. Go back and ask that girl out that you were
too scared to, take all your parents money and invest it in amazon stocks, or just try
what a peach tasted like before we sucked all the nutrients out of the soil. I think If I had a time machine I would just
go way back to caveman time with some dope belongings and become their god. They would pray to be all day and bring be
sweet pelts. Either that or go way into the future were
people are all hooked up to virtual paradies and I would leave all you people behind in
my amazing cyber world. Also I would go back like 5 minutes and kiss
myself on the lips. Just because I think saying made everyone
uncomfortable. Now as promised lets get to the comments of
the scary rick and morty theories video. Fanf Fan wrote Roses are dead
Love is fake Weddings are funerals with cake A classic rick sanchez quoat, thank you for
remiding us that nothing matters and everything stinks. Luis Chavez
Is noone gonna point out he keeps saying c132 instead of c137 I mean he got it right 1 time I apologize, Theres so many things to remember
in this mulitverse show, its very easy to get confused Lone Wolf wrote
“The alcoholic wonder” Can I use that plz?🙏👍 As long as you dont use it to describe me,
its yours Well everyone that is our list, Thank you
all so much for tuning in, as always make sure you like comment subscribe and hit the
little notification bell. If you have anything you would like to say
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the other host just a little bit better. Until next time Ive been Che Durena and you
can catch me with the cheek clapping gang on september 20th, I salute you my boys

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  1. Ok I must say this before I loose my mind with all these conspiracy theorizes… Area 51 is a military aircraft base the most that they may be hiding is experimental planes and if anything the people planing to raid it are most likely going to find themselves in prison for trespassing on government property

  2. I hope the military takes any possible things of value, hides them, and leaves a single alien plush behind.


  3. I say leave teleporeter time machine and defanently doomsday device, newton's first law of fisticts. Every action has an opisis and equal reation.

  4. For the time machine, since antimatter is so expensive since it would be cheaper in the future most likely, just go to the future and buy some (or just steal some) and come back to sell it for trillions of $$$

  5. What if its literally just an airforce base that holds secrete government projects for improving the military.

  6. The intro and number 10 made my inner being cringe, now I'm watching the rest of the video with a weird face.

  7. People are so stupid. Like they will kill 100k-1mil people. You Know its normal people with family and Stuff. Like they Will kill there own people. Like family, friends and such. No One Will storm it but Max 50 people. And no One Will die. How ever if people die. Its probably bc of radiation witch is probably Also the reason its off limits. The goverment have destroyed that place and Nothing else

  8. Where's a reason that no one has done this its called "lethal force authorised". its a military base y'all are going to be upset. the military are not going to play nice trust me i know they wont. i used to be in the military.

  9. Its funny how the government does not wanna give an official reaction to the area 51 breaching thing. Why? Because they know goddamn well that if a large amount of people does something they’re kinda fucked. Its with everything, we as citizens have more power then them, we’re with much more :p

  10. My cousin is petrified of E.t me and my other cousin made a mask.. She screamed and almost ran out of the house

  11. it could have time machine stored inside area 51 mybe if so please pick me up too travel back in time like 1992

  12. What happens if we find Dangerous Scps we thought where not alive inside Area 51 then we gonna have a issue on our hands

  13. I wonder if by time September rolls around when this showdown is supposed to happen, that most of the people wanting to storm it, will be completely uninterested and like "nah bro let them be."

  14. Love your humor man! ?what if that place is full of aliens that were hunting us or want to take over! Just saying ?✌

  15. The funny thing is, the people who ACTUALLY try to raid area 51 are probably just going to get gunned down in seconds.

  16. But what if when you teleport, You die, and your clone is what's produced on the other end, just saying… :p

  17. What if "Area 51" actually doesn't exist. Maybe Area 51 is just a cover-up for something else. Something bigger…maybe…

    area 69

  18. No thanks. Any place that has a sign that reads DEADLY FORCE AUTHORIZED will be avoided like the plague. I like being alive too much.

  19. After watching this…. I really want to watch the movie Paul again. One of my favorite films that Nick Frost and Simon Pegg have ever been in second only to Hot Fuzz.

  20. I know what we all gonna find. We are gonna find the infinity gauntlet and all of the infinity stones

  21. You know what's funny my dad had a toyota corolla and his name is Fred he has a corolla right now ????

  22. No we won't have jet packs it know what's it's like to "have sex with a alien".

    They're all going to die if they try to get close

  23. Things that could be in area 51

    1.Infinity stones
    2.All the eyes in naruto
    3.the curse mark injector
    4.the tail beast
    5.iron man suits
    6.the alpha wolf in teenwolf
    7. Star war swords
    8.lantern rings
    9.thor hammer
    10.kratos axe and blades of chaos

  24. My dad said he'll drive us all to&From area 51 as long as we get ask one of the sexy aliens 2 abduct him afterwards. Yeah, he wants get some of that space weed? fair trade no?!

  25. Bang an alien? Just like a normal guy putting your dick in places you shouldnt! Maybe aliens are where all our disease comes from . That's why they are hidden! Che you are one weird dude!!!

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  27. I hope these idiots do storm Area 51 and live stream it. So, I can see their faces when they learn what "1,000 rounds per minute" means first hand. ???

  28. Does this dude have some obsession with banging aliens or is it just me
    How did everyone come back to banging aliens


  30. тσ вє нσиєѕт ι ωσυℓ∂ яαтнєя нανє α тєℓєρσятαтισи ∂єνσ¢є мσяє тнαи α тιмє тяανℓιиg ∂єνι¢є.

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