Top 10 strange aircraft and bizarre flying machines in the world

September 24, 2019

in this video you will see the most bizarre of everything that can fly number 10 this is not exactly a helicopter or rather not just a helicopter it’s the world’s first flying car yes this is not a fantastic movie this is the launch of the flying car era the flying car price starts from 299 thousand euros it’s three hundred two feet long which makes it 27 feet longer than the world’s largest plane on tone oven 225 Maria it can stay airborne for up to five days at a time it will fulfill a wide range of communication cargo carrying and survey roles in both the military and commercial sectors this is their alinder 10 the world’s largest hybrid designed airship built by British manufacturer for the United States Army until recently we couldn’t see such fantastic things all changed in 2016 when the flyboard air was developed agree that this fly board looks bizarre it can’t fly with maximum speed about 125 miles per hour on an altitude up to 10,000 feet [Music] number nine this is dreamchaser a reusable spacecraft developed in the USA its first launch expected in 2020 initially the Dream Chaser will be launched into space by the Atlas 5 launch rocket the Dream Chaser will be set on the top of the launch rocket in contrast to the space shuttle which sets on a rocket side such an arrangement will make it impossible to damage during the launch unlike other spacecraft this one is able to land on an ordinary runway also it’s able to make a autonomous flight not just planning like a space shuttle [Music] number eight this aircraft has a unique fuselage shape that makes it look like a beluga whale because of this aircraft got the name Beluga this wide-body airliner was developed in 1994 by Airbus company to carry aircraft parts and oversized cargo with a full load of 47 times the flight range reaches about 1,000 miles and with a half load to flight range increases up to 2,900 miles only five such aircraft Orville [Music] [Music] number seven this unique aircraft is both the helicopter and a plane in one ho bell v-22 Osprey operates by US Air Forces because of its design features its maximum fly speed is 350 miles per hour if it might be considered as a helicopter so it is the fastest helicopter in the world for comparison the maximum speed of the Russian helicopter ka-50 to alligator is 210 miles per hour and the speed of the u.s. Apache ah-64 is 225 miles per hour another interesting project of a new tilt rotor aircraft soon will go into service to and this unusual helicopter is called des 97 Raider it’s equipped with two coaxial screws located close to each other but it is moving forward not with their help but with the help of the rear pusher screw this will make this helicopter the fastest in the world number six the next to futuristic designed aircraft are the British heritage of the Cold War this is the Handley page Victor the British strategic bomber a totally 86 aircraft were built the second is Avro Vulcan like the Victor it was developed in the mid-50s as part of the United Kingdom’s airborne nuclear deterrent both were operated by the Royal Air Force’s till the submarine based Polaris ballistic missiles of the British Navy began to perform the task of nuclear deterrence number five this unique aircraft is something out of the ordinary among the world aviation it is able to fly at a speed exceeding three times the speed of sound almost on the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere so high where most other jet engines are not able to create jet thrust it flies so fast that its body warms up to incredible temperatures of 400 degrees its speed allowed to overtake missiles that were fired over him more than four thousand times this is sr-71 blackbird a supersonic spy aircraft and here are some facts about it it was operated by the United States Air Force from 1964 until 1998 for all this time no one of 32 aircraft wasn’t hit sr-71 set the absolute world speed record 2000 192 miles per hour the camera on the sr-71 could capture the license plate of your car from 80,000 feet only sr-71 has a unique celestial navigation system called r2d2 with its own weight of 27 tons sr-71 consumes 50 tons of fuel for 70 to 90 minutes of flight number four white knight to is the world’s first passenger carrying spaceship operated in commercial service for the first time everyone has the opportunity to become private astronauts and experience the wonder of space for themselves space travel costs $250,000 [Music] [Music] [Music] number three let’s take a closer look to another two unusual projects this is xb-70 valkyrie the aircraft was designed in the late 1950s to be a high-altitude bummer the six engines Valkyrie was capable flying for thousands miles at seventy thousand feet altitude with Mach 3 speed unique among aircrafts of its size the outer parts of its wings could turn down 65 degrees this increased the aircraft directional stability at supersonic speeds shifted the center of lift to a more favorable position at high speeds and strengthened the compression lift effect [Music] in the early 1990s the Sukhoi Bureau developed an experimental supersonic jet fighter su-47 an exceptional feature of the aircraft was its forward-swept wing that gave the aircraft excellent maneuverability despite the fact that this aircraft was manufactured in a single copy it used a number of advanced technologies that were later used in the Russian su-35 fighters and the current fifth-generation fighter suit 57 number two this is not an alien spaceship this is the most expensive aircraft in the history of aviation that can overcome any air defense system and deliver a fatal blow to the enemy made a strategic stealth bomber b-2 spirit this uniform operates by the US Air Force since 1994 it was used almost in all modern military conflicts and was never shot down a totally 21 such aircraft were built each one costs two billion dollars it’s possible to buy more than a thousand sports cars bugatti veyron for that money [Music] [Music] number one its existence was one of the most carefully guarded secrets of the Pentagon for many years but from the moment it was open to the world f-117 captured the public imagination like no other aircraft f-117 participated in all major US military operations from Panama to Afghanistan many advanced design features make the f-117 almost invisible special horizontal exhaust fans smooth the heat from the Nighthawk engines significantly reducing its infrared signature acoustic detection of the aircraft was also hampered with the turned off airborne radar the f-117 radiated almost zero electronic noise but the remarkable design features of the f-117 made it difficult to control the aircraft was aerodynamically unstable due to this the pilots called it gobbling in 2008 after 27 years of service 64 f-117 were decommissioned but tera craft hold the laurels of the first serial stealth aircraft in the world

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