Top 10 Things Marvel Doesn’t Want You To Know About Ant-Man And The Wasp
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Top 10 Things Marvel Doesn’t Want You To Know About Ant-Man And The Wasp

August 29, 2019

With Ant-Man and the Wasp now out in theatres
it’s hard to not see Scott Lang, Hank Pym, and Hope and Janet Van Dyne as the heroic
characters they’re portrayed as in the MCU. While the Ant-Man and Wasp characters have
typically always been on the side of good, in the comics, they’ve got a complicated
and sometimes dark past that didn’t make it onto the big screen, and probably never
will. There’s many a good reason why the Ant-Man
we’re watching in movie theatres is Scott Lang rather than Hank Pym. So today, we’re diving into those details
and taking a look at the skeletons in their closets with our list of the top 10 things
Marvel doesn’t want you to know about Ant-Man and the Wasp. 10 Yellowjacket
In the first Ant-Man film, the villain was Yellowjacket, aka Darren Cross, who worked
for Pym Technologies and was obsessed with proving himself to be better than Hank. But, in the comics, the first Yellowjacket
was actually Hank Pym himself. While he’s had many an alias in the past,
Pym became Yellowjacket as a result of his declining mental health; he had a mental breakdown
that was attributed to schizophrenia, a condition he apparently gained when accidentally inhaling
some mind-altering chemicals which led him to creating this more bold, cocky and confident
hero. When he first hit the scene, after stopping
a robbery and advising the press on how to spell his name right, he went to the Avengers
Mansion, demanded membership, claiming to have killed Hank Pym. He then fought the Avengers, kidnapped Janet,
and then back at his secret lair, he makes out with her, which is how she figures out
he’s Hank. 9 Ultron
The reason why Hank had a mental breakdown and eventually turned into Yellowjacket is
because of Ultron. In the comics, Hank Pym is the one who creates
Ultron rather than Tony Stark as is depicted in the MCU. There was a point when Hank began working
more in the field of robotics, and decided to creating a living robot. That robot was Ultron, who soon intellectually
surpassed Hank, rebelled against him, and fought the Avengers. As you can imagine, it cause Hank a lot of
grief and stress, but at that point, the Avengers didn’t know he was the one responsible for
the robot’s creation, and Hank had blocked it out of his memory. Ultron would then surface again, part of a
super villain team he brought together known as the Crimson Cowl. This is when The Vision showed up, created
by Ultron, who would then help them defeat Ultron, all while unraveling the truth that
Hank had been the one behind the homicidal robot’s creation. This truth forced Hank into a nervous breakdown;
the second in his history in the comics. 8 Pymtron
In Uncanny Avengers issue 4, vol 3, we see the return of Hank Pym, who, during the Avengers
Rage of Ultron story arc, had been merged with Ultron, creating Pymtron. At the time, it was ahead of secret wars and
the all new all different reboot that Marvel did, so many were unsure as to whether Pymtron
would actually exist moving onwards. But turns out it, he did, and he returned
as one of the good guys. And it was weird as f***. Ultron was basically using Pym’s body as
a vessel. He’s essentially wearing his ‘fathers’
skin over his body and pretending to be him. So yeah, probably not gonna make it into a
MCU film anytime soon. 7 Hope’s Origins
In the main Marvel continuity, Hank and Janet never have kids. Their marriage is turbulent at best, and it
never actually results in them having any children. So where does the name Hope come from? Hope actually exists in a different line of
continuity; the MC2 universe, where she’s initially a super villain known as the Red
Queen. She’s also the daughter of Hank and Janet,
and has a twin brother named Henry Pym Jr who operates under the alias Big Man. These two have been with a team called A-Next,
who the public refer to as the next generation of Avengers. After Hank and Janet have died, the twins
go after A-Next, use their parents fortune to put together a super villain team known
as the Revengers, and ambush them. Hope in particular doesn’t like Cassie Lang,
Scott Lang’s daughter, feeling that she deserves to be the rightful heir to Ant-Man’s
legacy instead, so she tries to torture her. 6 Their Marriage
Speaking of Hank and Janet’s marriage, the two tied the knot again when he returned as
Yellowjacket. But, like all things Yellowjacket, it was
under weird circumstances. So remember how Hank as Yellowjacket kidnapped
Janet? Well, when the Avengers finally caught up
to them to rescue her, she announced she was going to marry him. When the wedding took place, Hank was still
in a very unstable condition, not even really certain of his identity as Hank, which would
later led Janet to feel a lot of guilt towards having him marry her, despite constantly reminding
him that their marriage was in fact legal. There’s even some great panels of Janet
oddly kissing Hank who had enlarged his body while explaining to a reluctant Hawkeye that
everything was totally fine and okay and he should just really chill out some more. 5 Hank’s Origin
Hank Pym’s origin story could help explain why he’s had such a rough time in terms
of his mental health. His father was cruel to him, his grandmother
was the only family member who ever believed in him, and when he fell in love for the first
time with a biochemist, she ends up getting murdered on a trip to Hungary. This is when his first nervous breakdown happened,
which actually gave him the drive to create the Pym Particles. 4 Suicidal
While Hank in the MCU was going through a tough time during the years that Janet was
lost in the Quantum Realm, his struggle arguably hasn’t been as messy or complicated as his
comic counterpart’s. It’s even gotten to the point where Hank
became suicidal. Back in West Coast Avengers vol 2 issue 17,
after all of that craziness occurred when Hank was Yellowjacket, Hank had moved on to
the West Coast Avengers to act as an advisor. Seems fairly restrained, right? Compared to fighting crime. But turns out it still had its fair share
of turmoil; Hank ended up being taunted by an old adversary, Whirlwind, who got under
his skin by calling him a failure. This prompted Hank to want to commit suicide,
and he even wrote goodbye letters, but he’s prevented from carrying through with it when
Firebird sends him off on a mission. 3 Eric O’Grady
While Hank Pym and Scott Lang are the most well-known individuals to take up the Ant-Man
mantle, there’s actually been a third character in the comics to shrink down to the size of
an insect. That individual is Eric O’Grady, and he’s
a complete piece of s***. O’Grady has a pretty awful track record
when it comes to being a superhero. He also became Ant-Man by stealing the suit
except for the circumstances he did it under were significantly worse; he was a subpar
agent who worked at SHIELD, whose best friend and roommate Chris, another agent, was tasked
with guarding the suit by wearing it. When he died, he stole it off his corpse. He would later go on to sleep with Chris’
girlfriend, get her pregnant, mutilate another agent’s face with his jetpack, and then
use his powers to get laid. If he couldn’t get a girl to sleep with
him after their date, he would shrink down, follow them home and watch them undress. At one point, he even snuck into Carol Danvers
shower when she was Ms Marvel. So yup, he was a mega perv. He also got killed in battle, but no big loss
there. 2 Kill the Avengers
Hank’s history of poor mental health should be pretty obvious by now. In issue 212 of Avengers back in 1981, the
superhero team went up against a villain known as Elfqueen. She had stopped attacking them and was speaking
to Captain America when Yellowjacket attacked her. This led to the team court-martialing him,
and fearing that he would be kicked off the team that he actually helped found, he concocted
a crazy scheme to make sure that he would still remain as one of the members. This involved creating a robot to attack the
Avengers, with the intention of him swooping in and saving them, therefore showing that
they really needed him, redeeming himself. When the robot did attack them, it turns on
Hank as well, and Wasp ends up being the one who disables it. 1 Wife Beating
That’s definitely something we’ll never see in a Marvel movie. But it’s something that happened in the
comics. In that same Avengers issue 213, Hank Pym
struck his wife Janet. This was because of our last point; when Janet
found out about Hank’s plan, in retaliation, he struck her. She had been begging him not to go through
with it, and his response was to backhand her, telling her to shut up, and that he had
to do it and “save the say right before their eyes!” After his plan fails, he ends up leaving on
his own, disgraced by his actions. Years later, Jim Shooter, who was the editor
in chief at Marvel at the time, would write an article for his blog titled Hank Pym Was
Not a Wife Beater, claiming that the initial plan for the comic was that him hitting Janet
was meant to be an accident, but the artwork came out much stronger than he wanted and
it was too late to change it. But considering that Hank literally says,
“All you’ve got to do is play along and keep your mouth shut! Got that?” after he beats her, and shows
zero remorse, the panels beg to differ. There we have it friends! How many of these facts about Ant-Man and
the Wasp did you already know? And how many of them surprised you? Give us a shout in those comments below and
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