Top 10 Weakest Avengers Characters
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Top 10 Weakest Avengers Characters

August 26, 2019

What’s up Youtube nerds, I’m your host
Joce and welcome back to Top 10 Beyond The Screen. We have officially joined the social media
world so make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram for details and behind the scenes;
the links are in the description below. Also, hangout with me until the end of this
video and I’ll do some comment shoutouts. Unless you live under a rock, we all know
that Avengers Endgame is hitting theatres next week and pretty much the entire human
population is freaking out about it. We’ve been dishing out all the Avenger goodies
on our channel this week, so why not give you some more. Today’s list is going to be a fun one, but
it might not be one some of you agree with. SO, before you tear me to pieces in the comments
below just remember this is all for fun and simply by comparing the characters PHSYICAL
abilities. Everyone has their favourite superheros but
we’re just looking at hand-to-hand combat battles and how the different characters compare
to each other. Let’s jump into it with today’s list of
Top 10 Weakest Avenger Characters. 10) Starting off the list at number 10 is
The Wasp, an original superhero you can find in the American comic books published by Marvel
Comics. The newest version of the character is a girl
named Hope Van Dyne, and is played by actress Evangeline Lilly in the MCU. You can find The Wasp in the 2015 movie Ant-Man
and then again as the superhero Wasp in the 2018 sequel Ant-Man and the Wasp. Reports have also been made that she will
reprise her role in the Avengers: Endgame movie that comes out next week. So it’s clear that she must be a pretty
strong hero, but if you take away her suit, she’s just an ordinary girl. Her bio-wings allow her to fly and she has
bio-electric blasters installed in her gloves with extendable claws. But that’s the power of the suit we’re
talking about. Take Hope and throw her into a superhero battle
without her suit, and she’s a wasp that’s getting squashed. 9) At number 9 we have Hawkeye, the superhero
coming from the Marvel comics and is damn good at archery. But that’s been the ultimate debate, isn’t
that all he’s really good at? He doesn’t have some supernatural power;
he’s really just a regular man who has good aim and skill when it comes to his bow and
arrow. When you’re putting him next to some of
the other Avengers, and you’re talking about physical strength, he doesn’t really compare
to some of their powers. Don’t get me wrong, he can put up a fight
and he’s done some really cool shit with his bow and arrow. But ultimately, if you look at the big picture,
he’s just a dad bod with an old-school weapon. 8) Sliding into number 8 we have Black Widow. Listen, Scarlett Johansson is my girl, so
if I can admit this than I think you can too. She’s strong, and can kick some serious
butt, but she doesn’t have any powers. No special suit, no weapon, just her mind
body and soul. Like I said she can hold her own when we’ve
seen her in action, and she’s a hero for a reason. It’s been confirmed that a Black Widow movie
will be coming out so maybe we’ll get to see some more strength and power come from
the female superhero. Similar to Hawkeye, she’s just a regular
woman. Throw her into a fight with some of the strongest
Avengers and she won’t stand a chance on her own. And that’s just the honest truth. 7) In at number 7 we have Star Lord, aka Peter
Quill, the son of an ordinary Earth woman and the Celestial Ego. He’s got skills, especially when it comes
to technology, he’s a smart dude. But since he ended his own father, Peter Quill
has just been an ordinary human, and if it wasn’t for his high-tech toys, he’d be
next to worthless in a fight. When talking about physical strength and weaknesses,
he too is just another ordinary guy; it’s his technology that really gives him his strength. It doesn’t help that he has an ego and a
short temper, which has shown us in Infinity War that he’s more of a liability than anything
else. His heart might be in the right place but
his head is always somewhere else and we can’t deny that he ruined Iron Man’s plan by not
being able to keep his cool. He literally ruined everything, so I’m sorry,
but I think he deserves to be on this list. Do you guys agree? 6) Taking our number 6 spot is Bruce Banner,
not the Hulk, Bruce Banner. In other circumstances, the Hulk would definitely
hold a higher place on this list, but let’s not forget that without The Hulk, it’s just
Bruce. He’s a guy who makes us laugh mainly because
his weakness is the center of our joke. We all know that the Hulk is fueled off of
anger, and we all saw how Bruce wasn’t able to bring out The Hulk during a fight in Infinity
War, which ultimately made him completely useless. Iron Man and Spiderman were more concerned
on keeping him safe because without the Hulk coming out, he would be ripped to shreds. Some fans have gone to say that this weakness
is “adorable”. Which is flattering, but not when you’re
a superhero. In the final battle of Infinity War, Bruce
Banner can’t even make his green monster come out so he wears the Hulk Buster suit
that Iron Man made. I mean come on, even his buddy Iron Man knew
that without protection he didn’t stand a chance as Bruce. 5) Half way through the list at number 5 is
War Machine, also known as James Rhodes, or “Rhodey”. War Machine is a superhero that appears in
the American comic books published by Marvel Comics. War Machine is actually a very strong superhero,
he was even ranked 31st in 2012 on the list of The Top 50 Avengers. But, once again, that’s just the powerful
suit getting him that title. Without the suit, he’s just a lieutenant
with no power, and the same strength as any normal human. Not to mention, he’s nowhere near comparable
when it comes to Tony Stark’s Iron Man suit. The War Machine suit was modeled similarly
to the Iron Man suit, but apparently James doesn’t know how to work it as well as Tony
does. Evidence to back this up? He was injured in Silver War WHILE wearing
the suit. Just imagine if he didn’t have his suit
on. 4) At number 4 we have Rocket Racoon. His physical features represent a raccoon
that we would see down here on Earth. When it comes to his mind though he is extremely
intelligent and has a great head for strategy and tactics. He has the brains and abilities to design
and create powerful weapons, and can tell you anything about any weapon in the galaxy. Although he’s a smart little animal, when
it comes to physical strength he’s about as useless as an Earth raccoon is. His actual strength as a fighter is limited
unless he has a weapon that won’t run out of ammo. To sum it all up, Rocket Racoon is basically
a gunman, and a gunman without a gun, is.. screwed. 3) Coming into number 3 we have Ant-Man, the
Scott Lang version of the character to be exact. The hilarious actor Paul Rudd plays the superhero
and although he does a great job at it, he’s not the strongest one of the bunch if you
take away his suit. It’s his suit that allows him to shrink
in size but increase in strength, if you take that away, there’s no shrinking and really
no strength. Some superheroes have powers that don’t
come from a suit and are just a part of them, so if you’re putting Scott Lang next to
those guys, he’s getting his ass kicked. Basically he too doesn’t have any powers
of his own; they all come from the suit. 2) Alright guys, at number 2 we have Mantis. Just by looking at her you would know that
she was born of an unnamed race; she basically looks like a human with the face of an insect. She was raised by insectoid beings with natural
powers of empathy, and was raised apart from her people by the Celestial known as Ego. He employed her to basically play the role
of a caretaker, by using her powers to calm his crazy manic behavior. Later on she joined the Guardians of the Galaxy
to go against her former master, because she realized his plans were to destroy all life
in the universe. If you’re giving her a textbook definition
it would be that Mantis is a lover, not a fighter. While her empathetic powers are impressive,
they are also limited in how they can be used when it comes to a fight. She can force a person to sleep, but the effect
can be resisted by some particularly strong individuals. She can also control the mind of someone and
make them feel intense sorrow or tremendous joy, but only to the point of acting as a
distraction. The reason she is one of the weakest characters
is because she has to touch-base to use her powers, and most superheros wouldn’t let
her get close enough to even do so. Physically, she has nothing. And when it comes to the battle’s we see
in the MCU, you gotta have some physical abilities. Little girl doesn’t stand a chance. 1) Taking our number 1 spot is Falcon. He is a former member of the United States
air force who served as a para-rescue wingman. When he’s not falcon, he’s Sam Wilson,
a man who left his active service for a position in Veterans Affairs where he could help other
fellow vets who are having a hard time adjusting to civilian life. Okay, so if this was a list of sweetest Avenger
characters, he’d be at number 1. Don’t get me wrong, he is a soldier and
no one can take away his skill or bravery, but that wouldn’t be enough in a battle
against some of the other heroes. It’s his wings that give him his abilities
and weapons. His jetpack has some defensive weapons built
into it, and we know that speed and mobility is his thing. But without the powerful jetpack, what all
does he have when it comes to physical strength? His air force experience would definitely
benefit him and I’m sure he could hold his own in a fight against another human, but
put him next to someone like Thanos and his fists wouldn’t be enough. Not to mention if anything were to happen
to his jetpack during a battle, he is immediately screwed. It doesn’t help his case that he’s not
particularly a fan favourite either. Sorry to the handful of Falcon fans out there. Well, there you have it guys. Let me know in the comments what your thoughts
and feelings are, keep in mind this is all for fun so let’s not try to take this too
seriously. I know some of you Marvel fans are probably
about to come after me. So, I’ll distract you by responding to some
comments from my last video Top 10 Actors You Didn’t Know Were Child Stars. Elias says: Joce was the biker lumberjack
today – – yeah I kind of had a mix of biker chick and home depot employee going on. Leon Morley says: Like and comment so she
sees this – – surprise! I saw it! Bubble’s Artwork says: my favourite actor
is chris hemsworth and channing tatum. – – both very good choices. Not too hard on the eyes either. Charlotte 1999 says: Top 10 movie mistakes
please!! – girrrrl we already did that video just check out our channel and you’ll find
it on there. Okay guys, I’m taking off. Don’t forget to subscribe before you go,
I’m your host Joce and I’ll see ya next time!

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  2. Star lord didn’t really ruin iron man plays it was Doctor strange involved mainly also
    It’s not like there was oome behind him (nebula)
    When he got angry(nebula) who wants to defeat THANOS and knows if he messes it it’s over(nebula) and clearly isn’t a elite assassin like gamora(nebula)
    Also there was Hulk for being a wussy
    Banner is innocent
    Also Thor we know why
    Loki kinda
    And finally the guys who knew every infinity stone helping the avengers seriously no one knew the time stone was a throng very few did and because of that they didn’t know about vision dying would be useless

  3. It says Avengers, why include members of Guardian of the Galaxy. Bruce Banner and Ant Man wearer should be the weakest. War Machine and Falcon wearer are both military. Where is Tony Stark. Kindly explain. Thanks.

  4. My heart always skips a beat when Joss comes on as host. I’m here because she’s the host. The host with the most lol. Xoxo

  5. I don’t want to start any wars but I disagree with some of the most and all of the ordering of the list (not sure if that mattered but if it does, I disagree with how it was ordered)

  6. If Jocelyn was an Avenger, she would be "da bomb" Avenger. Also how powerful is Tony Stark without his suit and money?

  7. don't give me hate but ironman/tony stark should have been on the list. yes, his suits may be more powerful than war machine and he can use his suits better than james rhodes uses the war machine suit. and yes he is my favorite avenger. i'm talking competition with wolverine for my absolute favorite superhero. and I LOOOOOOOOOOVE wolverine. but, he's nothing without the suit. capt america didn't have a lot of trouble knocking out the power source for the suit in civil war. and while the suit did absorb the lightning from thor in the first avengers movie, if thor went more like the hulk and got physical, he could probably take the suit off tony piece by piece. I would even say black widow is stronger. take away her weapons, she still has improved physical abilities such as balance, agility, flexibility, dexterity, and strength from being a spy and knowing multiple martial arts. tony doesn't have any of that. I doubt he would be able to hold his own in a fight out of the suit. again, don't give me hate. i'm just looking at this logically.

  8. And you said rocket skills are limited by his guns you should of watch guardians of the galaxy 2 he is a raccoon with brains he could distroy almost anything you throw at him

  9. Starlord he is half celestial and we know his dad is not dead i dont think marvel will waste ego like that so he still has his powers he needs to rediscover them tho which will be a interesting ride

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  12. Mantis has some physical super powers. She has greater durability than a human. She took a shot from Thanos that would injured a normal human. She got back up and was fine.

  13. Falcon may not be as popular or as powerful as Steve Rogers, Iron Man or Thor but I think it's safe to say he has more than a "handful" of fans both in the comics and the MCU. Personally I think Sam is a nice addition to the MCU. He's brave, loyal and likable.

  14. captain America without the super serum would be just a bow average man. You have to include everything otherwise this list makes no sense

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