Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Should Have (2013)
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Top 10 WordPress Plugins Every Website Should Have (2013)

August 17, 2019

hi everyone in this video let’s go over
the top ten most essential plugins every WordPress website should have. now
keep in mind there’s well over ten thousand plugins to choose from in the
WordPress plugin library so most likely there may be some others that
you’ll want to add to your website when you’re just getting your site up and
running though these plugins are definitely a great way
to get your website started on the right foot and so in this video i’ll go over
each of these ten plugins starting with akismet then we’ll talk about Jetpack, WordPress SEO by Yoast, magic action box contact form 7, W3 total cache, P3 plugin performance
profiler, WordPress Backup to dropbox, limit login attempts, and finally we’ll go
over the W3 touch plug-in that will help to make your site mobile friendly so
with that said let’s get started one of the first plugins to add to your website is akismet akismet is a great way to prevent comment spam on your website when you
install wordpress you will by default automatically also be installing akismet
since it does come with your wordpress installation and you can find akismet listed at
the top of your plugin library within your wordpress website the next plugin to add to your website is jet pack
jet pack is another plugin that comes with your wordpress installations so you
should already see it in your plugin library on your site and what jetpack
does is it’s supercharges your site with features that were previously only
available to users so there’s a whole suite of different
features you can choose from within the jetpack plugin. two of the ones that i always use that i like a lot include number one the social sharing features which gives you a way to create sharing features and social icons at the
bottom of your content so visitors can easily share your
content on the web and the other features that i like within
the jetpack plugin are the social commenting features so i recommend
checking those two out as well as the many other features that are included
within the jetpack plugin the next plugin to add to your website is
wordpress seo by yoast. this is a great plugin to help improve the search
engine optimization of your website and what it does is it will actually
evaluate the content that you’ve written or added to your site and it’ll provide
suggestions on how you can modify things or change things to improve the search
engine optimization of your content so another plugin that i recommend is wordpress seo by yoast. the next plugin to add to your website is the magic action
box and what this plugin does is it gives you an easy way to add a lead generation plugin or
email opt-in form to your website so you don’t have to design the form
there’s a lot of different templates that you can choose from to match the
style of your site and it’s a really good thing to add an email form to your website so that you can start capturing email
addresses of all the different visitors that you have so that you can stay in touch
with them over time so i highly recommend checking out the
magic action box next up is contact form 7 and this
plugin does exactly what it sounds like it does it gives you a really easy
way to add a contact form to your wordpress website the next plugin to add to your website is w3 total cache and what this plugin does is it helps to improve the user
experience by increasing the page load speed of your website so we all know when
we go to a site that loads slowly most likely we just leave and that’s not a good thing if you’re
the owner of a website so with this plugin it will help to
create a better user experience by increasing the speed which will hopefully keep your visitors staying on your content longer so i
recommend also adding w3 total cache to your wordpress website the next plugin to add to your website is
the p3 plugin performance profiler and what this plugin does is it
helps to check which plugins are slowing down your site so often times wordpress sites may load slowly because they are either poorly configured plugins
or because you have so many plugins on your site so with the p3 plugin you can
narrow down anything that’s causing slowness on your site wordpress backup to drop box is one
of my favorite plug-ins for wordpress and what this plugin does as it sounds
like it does it gives you an easy way to create automated scheduled backups of your wordpress website and one of the next videos i go over how to set up and
configure this plugin but this one is definitely one to add so that you have
backups of your site for website security the next plugin
to add to your website is the limit login attempts plugin and just like
it suggests this plugin limits the number of times
someone can attempt to login to your wordpress website so for website security i
suggest also adding the limit login attempts plugin to your wordpress website finally we have the WP Touch plugin and what this plugin does is it helps to transform your website into
a site that’s easily viewed on mobile devices so if you’re using the twenty twelve in
your twenty twelve theme that comes with your wordpress installation is already
responsive and mobile-friendly so you don’t actually need this plugin and if you’re using any other theme that
is responsive or mobile-friendly then you
don’t need this plugin either however if you’re using a wordpress
theme that is not responsive and is not by nature mobile friendly then this is definitely
a plugin to check out as more and more people are looking at websites on the mobile web
then you want to make sure that your site is easily reviewed on smartphones and tablets so again if you have a responsive
website like the twenty twelve theme then you don’t need this plugin but if you are not using a theme that is
responsive or mobile friendly then i highly recommend checking out the wp touch plugin for wordpress so that’s my top ten list for the most
essential plugins for wordpress that every website should have in the next video let’s go over how to
add users to your wordpress website thanks for watching i’ll see you and the
next video

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  1. I actually been doing the wootique theme im not sure if that one is or if I have to add a plug in. Ive also wanted to see if I can change the price ribbons on the image and everytime I write too much the add to carts are not lined up with the other products. Sorry to ask so much but is there a way to add a background ima on the left and right side of the site ?

  2. By any chance would you happen to know how to get the site online, i know on your video you purchased the host and domain first then started to create the site well im actually using xampp to make my computer into a website server just to see how its turning out before i purchase the host and domain.

  3. Hi,

    I am regular follower of your tuts. Thanks a ton for generousity and great help you are extending.

    I have one query. How to create filters and apply them. For example. if a site of yellow pages is being made and there are various categories like Auto, Finance etc. Now suppose if there is a need to filter listing in all categories from one particular city like "NewYork" so that data only from city "NewYork" is displayed.

    How can this be done ? Kindly reply : [email protected]


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  8. Hey beautiful great video! I have WP Super Cache and I noticed you recommended W3 Total Cache. Any differences or what's best?

  9. Thank you for the videos, is there any limit of plugins that you will install into a website, will to many plugins slow down a website or affect SEO. Thank you.
    I am now building a website using one of your videos.

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    1) Is this not a security risk? How dangerous is it in general, if developers do not update plugins and does the necessity of an update depend on the plugin itself?
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