Top 12 WordPress Plugins Every User Needs
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Top 12 WordPress Plugins Every User Needs

August 8, 2019

Here’s my list of the top 12 WordPress Plugins
based on their purpose 1. Filter Out Comment Spam
Akismet is a free plugin that is installed by default on all WordPress sites.
It automatically filters out your comment and track-back spam.
2. Reward Commenters Comment Luv is a plugin that rewards readers
by automatically placing a link to their last blog post at the end of their comment.
3. Secure Your Site The Better WordPress Security plugin protects
your WordPress installation from attackers and reinforces standard WordPress security
by hiding all the vital areas of your site. 4. Social Media Sharing
The ShareHolic PluginSocial Profiles Widget plugin makes it easy for visitors to share
your content with their friends. It places social sharing buttons along the
bottom of each post. 5. Monitor Site Statistics
The JetPack plugin creates a graphical display of your site’s statistics at the top of your
admin window for easy and immediate viewing. 6. Redirect Affiliate Links
The Redirection plugin enables you to track affiliate links within your posts and make
them look pretty and easy to spell and remember. 7. Capture Contact Information
The Contact Form 7 plugin enables site visitors to easily get in touch with you.
8. Build a list of subscribers The Subscribers Magnet plugin enables you
to double or triple the number of subscribers to your blog without getting any additional
traffic. You can place it at the top, sidebar or bottom
of your blog or even as a pop-in. 9. Increase Site Speed
Site speed is one of Google’s main ranking factors.
The W3 Total Cache Plugin improves your site’s visitors experience by increasing server performance
and reducing load times. 10. Google XML Sitemap
The Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator helps your blog get indexed by the major search
engines and it helps web crawlers to discover pages from links within your site.
11. Optimize WordPress Default Ping Services WordPress automatically pings your blog whenever
you add a a new post but it also pings whenever you edit and update any existing post.
The MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer corrects WordPress’s pinging system.
12. Backup WordPress Files The WordPress Backup plugin creates backups
of your core WordPress tables as well as other tables of your choice in the same database.
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  1. WordPress is used by some many marketers and learning what plugins to use is critical to success of site

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