Top 15 Technology Users in the MCU (PHASE 1-3)
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Top 15 Technology Users in the MCU (PHASE 1-3)

August 17, 2019

Avengers! Time to work for a living! When it comes to showing off fancy toys, the Marvel Cinematic Universe pulls no punches. What’s up comic book movie enthusiasts? My name is RBG and I’m bringing you my pics for the top 15 technology in the MCU. On this list we’ll be taking a look at some of our prime time Marvel gurus who’s tech we wish we could get our hands on. Cause who doesn’t like dishing out a good beat down with cool gadgets? Just a heads up the characters mentioned will most likely have ties to other individuals gear but since they don’t use it for themselves it still counts. “I just pay for everything and design everything. And make everyone look cooler.” And also, keep in mind if you haven’t seen the movies or read the comic book material used in this video, it will come off a bit spoilerish. So be advised. Kicking things off at number 15 we got Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier. “Who the hell is Bucky?” Late to the party with a bad case of MK Ultra Shock therapy, James Buchanan Barnes always makes sure to put his gear to good use. After undergoing the Winter Soldier program, Bucky was given enhanced abilities that supersede human limitations and rival his best friend Steve Rogers. Even though he’s already jacked on other enhancements his implanted cybernetic arm is known to give him powers beyond that of the limitations of peak human classification. It gives him awesome feats like super human strength, allowing him to easily break off the door of a car and toss a man out like a useless hard drive. The joint toleration is so strong it allows the winter soldier to perform impossible actions like grabbing a moving motorcycle. And it can even aid him in breaking his falls during high jumps. It features stabilization sensors that can detect the balance of objects like Captain America’s shield, allowing Bucky to throw items with pinpoint accuracy even causing them to properly ricochet to return to him. It’s also highly resistant to guns and can even withstand impact from multiple high-caliber rounds simultaneously. For example, during an epic scene in Captain America Civil War our boy Barnes shields himself with his arm to block gunfire. As far as the element the arm is made of is concerned, it’s highly speculated that the Winter Soldier’s bionic arm is made out of a Vibranium alloy due to the fact that when Bucky punched Captain America’s shield twice, there was no blowback. But this was proven false when it was destroyed by Iron Man. We’ll just have to wait and see what kind of updates his arm gets from Wakanda. Sliding her way into the 14th spot is the Black Widow. “Hey fellas.” Natasha AKA Miss Romanova if you’re nasty is a former child assassin turned world-class spy who likes to mind rape her victims before beating them to a bloody pulp. When she’s not using her Olympic Gold medalist like agility and martial arts on her enemies, she finds a way to play with her SHIELD toys. Although they’re somewhat small, the Black Widow carries a wide array of equipment. Some of her primary gear includes her Widow’s Line, a grappling hook with a retractable line, to swing along rooftops for increased mobility and choke out some of her threats. She also has her Black Widow Guantlets, wrist cartridges containing various tools of the spy trade such as electro disks. From there she can use a device often referred to as the Widow’s Bite that is capable of stunning a superhuman opponent and emitting highly potent electric shocks with a maximum of about 30,000 volts In Age of Ultron she breaks out this sick ass suit that’s not only sexy but electrifying. It powers two electrified batons and blasters that inflict a large amount of damage that’ll leave her victims licking their wounds. Soaring in at number 13 is our my boy the Falcon. “It’s really important to me that Cap never finds out about this.” After so many years of wack costumes and underplayed abilities, Falcon finally becomes a badass in the MCU. Real name Sam Wilson, the Falcon is an ex U.S. Air Force Pararescueman. During his service he was a test pilot for an advanced military tech called the EXO-7 Falcon. Only two known wingpacks were ever put into service, one was destroyed when it and its pilot Riley, were hit with an RPG, god rest his soul.

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  1. Thought I'd throw together a Top 15 video to celebrate the 10 anniversary of the MCU. Let's have fun in the comments and give your list of the top tech users.

  2. Update: I didn't realize that I completely screwed up Black Widow's text. I really gotta stop thinking of the name "Scarlet" when I see the character.

  3. Thanos has to be in the top 3 imagine having a gauntlet than can eliminate half of the universe with a snap of the fingers (Assuming in this situation that he has the infinity stone swag as well)

  4. Bro you dope spill and new Sage are making a name for black comic book YouTubers even though y'all been around for a minute keep doing what you doing fam

  5. Really wish that they made Tony go full "Bleeding Edge" it would add some depth that he has been lacking lately. It could tackle an increased detachment from humanity.

  6. Great video I absolutely loved it but I have a quiet who do you like better film Ultron or comic Ultron? I prefer comic Ultron better there was a lot of lost potential with Ultron

  7. Asgardian tech used by Vulture crew! Tony Stark implant inside his arm that allows him to control his armor. All time favorite, Black Panther Armor that stores up and releases kinetic energy.

  8. And soon you are gonna have to update this list when marvel has the rights to the x men/fantastic four
    Mr fantastic,forge,beast,dr doom,annihilus,mojo,and many more

  9. I think I prefer the Spiderman from ultimate Spiderman over the MCU Spiderman. But that's just my opinion

  10. I’m a year behind but man what a great video. You have a real nice way of talking. Entertaining yet very informative. Keep it up. You got a subscriber.

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