Top 3 iPhone Games September 2011 –
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Top 3 iPhone Games September 2011 –

August 12, 2019

Is it just me, or did September just manage
to drag on and on, and on, and on, and on? After looking through the archives to work
out the Top 3 iPhone games for September it dawned on me that it’s probably because we
had five major release days throughout the month (including the odd special release here
or there) – that’s a heck of a lot of big titles to deal with. Thankfully, this month
also happened to be one of the easiest months to compile a list for, so I’m not really complaining! 3. Monsters Ate My Condo (Adult Swim – Pik
Pok) As Dave put it in his review, Adult Swim don’t
mess around when it comes to releasing games on the App Store. This may in part have something
to do with having tested the waters ahead of time via their web browser based game portal,
but who cares when the end result is a game like Monsters Ate My Condo by Pik Pok. Despite
featuring deceptively simple gameplay (just swipe and play) this visual extravaganza is
anything but simple as you balance gaining special building blocks with annoying (or
gaining favor) with each monster to maximize your score. Madcap, fast and fun, it’s everything
you could want to burn up a few minutes of your day. 2. Where’s My Water? (Disney – Creature Feep) In many ways, Where’s My Water? by Disney
and Creature Feep had me gladly eating my own words after bemoaning ‘yet another’ physics
puzzler with a cute character and ‘three stars’. Your objective is simply to shift water across
the screen and in to Swampy’s shower, but a mix of dirt, poison, acid and mechanical
gizmos makes this harder than you think. Add in to this a series of rubber duckies that
soak up the water while also acting as the always required ‘three stars’ and you’ll be
scrambling to find the optimal path in each level. Better still, the 80 currently available
levels pack a whole lot of variety (along with some gameplay changing bonus stage),
making this a great grab for those who expect value for money. 1. Jetpack Joyride (Halfbrick Studios) Oh how I bet you’re sick of hearing me talk
about Jetpack Joyride by now – I’d apologize, but when September kicks off with a game like
this it’s a small miracle that any other game can manage to compare. After only one month
the jetpack-based adventures of Barry Steakfries has already received its first content upgrade,
including a new vehicle, a cameo by none-other than the PR superman that is Phil and a fruity
jetpack to compliment the assortment of crazy flying machines already on offer. With a combination
of hair-splitting finessed controls, fun and whacky contraptions and a host of objectives
to keep you coming back for more, Jetpack Joyride makes for a supersonic guided missile
of fun – the fact that it’s only bound to get better over time is the icing and cherry
on the top of an already delicious cake. You’d think things would end here, but September
has been a glorious month for releases and I’d be mad not to point out a few extra titles
for those after some more variety. DrawRace 2 by Chillingo and RedLynx takes the line-drawing
racer to a whole new level, packing in gorgeous 3D graphics and a new turbo system to push
your car to the limits. Another World – 20th Anniversary breathes life back in to a classic
adventure title, challenging you to master its secrets while following the adventures
of a very lost scientist. Lastly, if you enjoy games out on the edge, give GoatUp a go – the
subversive gameplay from the notorious experimental developers at Llamasoft will make your eyes
vomit rainbows; yes I just said that – deal with it! And that’s the Top iPhone Games for September
2011 – if it’s any indicator of things to come, October could be a real blinder, but
we’ll just have to sit back and see. Until then feel free to like and subscribe you want
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  1. theres still lots of great games like a console graphics gears of war called shadowhunter
    or sims medieval or FIFA 12!!!

  2. @AppSpy because 1 i wanna buy it and 2 because ur a better reviewer then the other guy IMO. i mean obviously u dont have to but id appreciate it if u did but if u dont wanna its cool. but if ur not ganna can u get persuade me to get it x)

  3. Andrew, i love your reviews. And in most of the cases you were right with the evaluation of the games. But i cant believe that you consider Jetpack Joyride a good game! (btw it just my opinion but the game truly sucks)

  4. have you tried infinity blade? 🙂 in my opinion it is one of the best games, amazing graphivs an gameplay but thats just me

  5. @appspy I'm having trouble finding the games that were spoken at the end may I suggest putting them up in a text for future videos there could be a list so we know how to spell it when we search the AppStore I can't imagine it being anymore difficult to add in during the graphic of games flashing in the backround and the text could be edited in there as there spoken off. We would all Appreciate it

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