Total of five aircraft from China, Russia violate KADIZ, one invaded S. Korea’s airspace

September 6, 2019

Chinese and Russian military aircrafts have
entered South Korea’s air defense zone and airspace… prompting the South Korean military
to take action. Seoul summoned officials from the two countries’
embassies to protest the violations. Kim Ji-yeon reports. Five foreign military aircraft entered South
Korea’s air defense identification zone, or KADIZ, without authorization on Tuesday morning. Two of the jets were Chinese, while the other
three were Russian. The incident started after two Chinese H-6
aircraft entered the northwestern part of KADIZ at 6:44 AM… and went in and out of
KADIZ… until later joined by two Tu-95 Russian bombers. Then, they headed south. The jets were flying close at an estimated
three to six kilometers away from each other. South Korea’s Joint Chief of Staff said it
was the first time Chinese and Russian planes have entered KADIZ simultaneously. An early warning and control A-50 Russian
aircraft then trespassed into the East Sea twice near Dokdo Island… at around 9 AM…
for a total of seven minutes. This had prompted the Air Force to scramble
fighter jets and fire a total of 360 rounds of warning shots… after the Russian pilot
didn’t respond to repeated audio warnings. Officials said it’s the first time the Air
Force fired warning shots towards a foreign airplane due to airspace violation. The Russian aircraft stayed in the KADIZ for
a total of 51 minutes on Tuesday while the Chinese jets stayed there for a total of one
hour and 25 minutes. In response, Seoul’s foreign and defense ministries
summoned officials from China and Russia’s embassies to severely protest against the
violations. “I should say Russia has never ever threat(threatened)
the Republic of Korea. It’s very important.” “Did it have anything to do with John Bolton’s
visit to South Korea? Did North Korea involve in your actions today? I have to mention one thing. Air recognition area is not airspace okay?” Seoul’s defense ministry said it has expressed
regret to the officials and strongly requested for preventative measures. Regarding the Russian aircraft violating South
Korea’s airspace… the ministry said it sees it as a grave incident… and if similar actions
happen again, it warned Seoul will put all options on the table to respond accordingly. Seoul’s foreign ministry and the Blue House
echoed the remarks. The top office said director of national security,
Chung Eui-yong sent a message to Nikolai Patrushev, the secretary of the Security Council of the
Russian Federation. Kim Ji-yeon, Arirang News.

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