Toy Fair 2015 Part 6: Crazy Cart, Tomy BIG WORKS, Playmobil, Ugglys, Flying Gadgets| Beau’s Toy Farm
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Toy Fair 2015 Part 6: Crazy Cart, Tomy BIG WORKS, Playmobil, Ugglys, Flying Gadgets| Beau’s Toy Farm

September 14, 2019

Hi partners! You’re probably wondering why I’m all the way down here? Because it’s my final episode from the Toy Fair and I’m feeling a little bit ‘low’ Get it?! “LOW?!!” Lots to see in part 6 of my adventures from the Toy Fair 2015 Mugly, the ugliest dog in the world, is selling toys but which ones? Stay tuned to find out! Inventor, Ali Kermani, gave me a crazy personal demo of his amazing Crazy Cart and famous YouTuber, Simon Tofield, draws me my very own “Simon’s Cat” Toy giant, Tomy, were at the Toy Fair and they showed me some of their cool ‘BIG WORK’ trucks I had my eye on this truck… It was RED, my favourite-ist colour! I’m going to get it for Christm… Well *hopefully* I might get it for Christmas which is a long long way away and that’s Jesus’s birthday! Here we are at Tomy’s stand This is Drew and he’s going to tell us all about this toy. – So this is our new Iveco livestock transporter It’s really, really cool. It’s got lights and sounds on the front you see, the headlights work as well? then you can open the doors, you can put a driver in and the mirrors move and you close them and then in the back you can put the two cows inside off they go and then if you fold the fences up, that’s it… close that one… then you can take them off to market! – And you can take it anywhere you want to! – Exactly! What do you reckon? – Yeah! It’s good, isn’t it?! and if this freely moves, I can actually… – Press the buttons… On the top! – There’s little bridges so you can actually put anything in this side you can put them in here and then when it’s done, you can fold these… you put them in here you shut that and it goes off! – You can open all the vents on the side and you can feed the animals when they’re inside! on that side as well – When is it coming out in the shops and stuff? – It’s going to be available around September time Just in time for Christmas present time! – Ohh! Is that how long you’re going to deliver them out? Yes, there’s going to be a little bit of a wait This is the one item we’ve got at the moment No one else has seen it yet you’re one of the first children to see it which is cool, isn’t it? So this is our BIG WORKS range We’ve got three really cool trucks in the range We’ve got a ‘Rubbish Collection’ Lorry All three trucks have lights and sounds on the front Which is really, really cool – yep! – and you can open the doors to put the driver in so that’s the ‘Rubbish Lorry’ and there’s also a cement mixer again we’ve got really cool sounds on here and this one, if you turn this handle the drum on the back rotates if it works! it’s that one! and there’s also a dump truck in the range as well this one, again we’ve got all the lights and sounds in there you can also put things into the back of this one and tip them out so that’s our new range of trucks! – Thanks! Now I like dogs… I came across a dog at the Toy Fair and he was called ‘Mugly’ and he’s the ugliest dog in the world! He’s even uglier than Hacker T. Dog! He’s like… [track 19 … sync] – We’re here with the most… No !! This is Mugly and he’s the most ugliest dog in the world! and you give him doggy treats Mugly was actually guarding the pet shop and there was loads of Uggly figures Duncan showed me all his figures… … His toy figures… Play sets and he showed me them all! Here we are, with Duncan and he’s going to tell us all about his ugliest toys in the toy shop! Thank you, Beau! Okay, so here we are in the Ugglys Pet Shop Now Ugglys was launched over a year ago it was an actual handheld pet and to go with that handheld pet now there’s a little collector board that boys like yourself can collect and play with and there will be over 100 different versions to collect What do you think about that? – That’s really good! – Yes, yes! There will be loads to collect there will actually be a lot of individual figures themselves and there’s also these play sets along here you will be able to buy the individual figures and put these figures in their little homes and collect them and show them off like that! a pack of 8 you will be able to get so you can start your collection like that and you can house them in little houses like that and also you will be able to buy play sets later on in the year So here we are, Beau, here’s the play sets you will be able to get as well to feature your little Ugglys figures as you can see, this is called the Uggliest Pet Shop as well these are the trucks, so you will be able to place the figures inside close them up, drive around – Everyone likes a little car to put their figures in, don’t they? There is goes, you can hear it… – Can this go like that? – Yes, you can close that one. Take those figures off… Gross sounds coming out from the vehicle! – I want this, Dad! The Ugglys were cool, but we had to move on! On the way over to the Crazy Carts I came across “Flying Gadgets” and it was really good… It like, flies… and if you say, ‘Flip,’ it will do THAT and if you say, ‘Back,’ it will do THAT! and it’s so… EPIC! I’m about to show you the ‘X-Voice’ and this is the only one in the world! (prototype model) Here to show me how to fly it is Jonathan. – Thanks, Beau! Would you like to see it fly on the floor? – Yes please! – If we put that on the floor, Beau? We’ll talk to it and we’ll tell it to take off, yeah? TAKE OFF! If you keep holding it until I say, ‘Now!’ – yep! – Until I say, ‘Now!’ NOW! – Arrgh! Naughty! FLIP BACK FLIP LEFT DANCE dance Ahhh! Good catch! Nice! Thank you very much! – What does it do? – It’s a massive, massive sphere that’s bigger than you! Do you wanna see it? – Yeah! Look at this! and it gets bigger… and bigger… and bigger! and there you are! and you know what I can do? Do you want to get inside it? There you go! How about that? Is that fun? – Yep! it’s actually quite educational. It teaches children about the basics of geometry physics and apparently, this is one of Barack Obama’s favourite toys! – This… is a moving thing well – This is to steer… so you put your bum on here and there’s feet things here so you put your feet on here there’s a driving thing and you do that and it goes! It’s a good race car, isn’t it? This is actually pretty good! It’s pretty good, isn’t it? Ok partners – Are you ready for a very cool toy? I met up with the inventor of the Crazy Cart! – What’s up, Beau’s Toy Farm? This is Ali Kermani from Razor USA and this is the all-new Crazy Cart XL from Razor Crazy Cart XL is basically the adult version of the award-winning Crazy Cart that we put out in 2013 For those of you who don’t know Crazy Cart is a two-mode drift cart The first mode with the bars down, drives just like a normal go-kart drive around, the chassis stays in-line just like any other car or go-kart you’ve ever seen but the difference between the Crazy Cart and other go-karts is this drift bar When you lift this drift bar, it shifts the kart from go-kart mode to Crazy Cart mode! in which it can spin, drift and drive in any direction you can imagine I think maybe the best way to explain the product though, is for you guys to see it So let’s check this thing out and see what it can do! Alright! Now that we’ve see what the Crazy Cart does, let’s talk about how it does it! Controlling the Crazy Cart is pretty simple There’s three things you need to be concerned about the first is the steering wheel the steering wheel is easy to control – Just like a normal steering wheel except this one has an arrow on it that tells you exactly where you’re going Wherever you point the arrow is where the Crazy Cart will go The second feature is this variable-speed accelerator pedal all you do is press this down the harder you press it, the faster you will go in the direction that the arrow is pointing and the third and most important control on the Crazy Cart is this drift bar The drift bar is pretty simple When it’s down, the rear castor wheels are at an angle and they trace the rest of the kart so it drives just like a normal kart but as you lift this bar it rotates the back castors so they’re flat once they’re flat, they’re free to spin around freeing up the chassis to spin around at the front Basically, when the bars down, you’re like a normal go-kart and when you lift the bar, you start to drift Just lift and drift! So now that you guys understand how the Crazy Cart works the only thing left for you guys to do is get out there and get crazy yourselves! From Razor USA and Beau’s Toy Farm this is Ali Kermani saying, ‘Keep it Crazy!’ – Wow! Well, I’d love one of those! It’s almost time for me to go! But before I go I just need to show you one more thing! “Simon’s Cat” is pretty big on YouTube and pretty cool Guess what? He actually drew me my very own Simon’s Cat! – There we are! That’s it, partners! That’s the end of my web series on the Toy Fair 2015! I hope you’ve found some good ideas for Christmas See you again next year for the Toy Fair 2016 Bye bye!

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