TRAILER TEASER REACTION – Spider-Man homecoming trailer – Let’s analyze
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TRAILER TEASER REACTION – Spider-Man homecoming trailer – Let’s analyze

August 15, 2019

This is my chance to prove myself sup guys wait a minute you guys are not the real Avengers, I can tell Hulk gives it away haha Did Liz get a new top? No, we have seen that before. Never with that skirt. We better stop staring before it gets creepy though To late…you guys are losers. So, to become a Avenger are there like trials or a interview? Just don’t do anything I would do… anything I wouldn’t do and definitely don’t do anything I wouldn’t it is a little gray area in there and that’s where you operate oh alright that’s not a hug I’m just grabbing the door for you. all right kid good luck out there listen I know school Sucks..Peter, you still with us? yeah yeah I know you want to save the world…… But…. Your not ready yet. Your the Spiderman….. No I’m not. This is just a costume this…You were on the ceiling! Stay close to the ground stay out of trouble forget the flying monster guy there are people who handle this sort of things I’m sick of him treating me like a kid all the time…. But you are a kid. this is my chance to prove myself what is going on with you I’m really sorry.. I’m so bust.. I’m slammed Don’t mess with me.. I will kill you and everybody you love.. the idea where the Joker’s henchmen had that Batmans mask on so I don’t know that’s what I that’s what I that’s what popped in my head when I saw this scene and right here you can see he has his spidey sense of humor right there costume looks nice the design it looks very sleek spider symbol looks nice it looks good and right here who else is ironman? I can’t think of anyone else that can play ironman then Robert Downey jr. Right here he is in high school and he is daydreaming and he’s remembering the fight against Antman from Captain America day dreaming right there.. once again we take a look at that Lets look at that costume.. yup looks nice.. and right here this is what I’m very excited about the villains they chose the vulture I like this choice because he’s not one of those villains it’s very well-known I think that’s good you know i think they should use the village is not known at least this will this will have a fresh feeling to it. looks nice though you can see right here it’s like Jetpack There it is still got the… I mean here this looks like it’s part of the jacket. But in the comics if it’s like feathers of a vulture so that’s that’s really nice how they did that. looks nice and i believe in the comics he has that not, this big little bit smaller but they put in here and look you even look there’s more detail to the costume. You can see it right there. He looks like a GI Joe toy to be honest but it looks nice let’s see…. all right Michael Keaton….Very underrated actor i think the perfect choice for him to be vulture he sounds menacing right here he sounds very serious. Watch ! that reminds me of the Mandarin when he was coming out an Ironman how it sounded so series of they did mess up on that but you know Michael Keaton is a perfect pick for this. she is she just she’s aging so well she looks amazing and right here that reminds me of a scene spider-man 2 when he’s trying to hold the train up and it’s just like it’s not working but that’s what that scene reminds me right there and yeah that’s about it i mean you know it leave your comments below tell me what you think I mean you think of the the trailer hey wait let’s look at that it’s nice right there so yeah tell me tell me what you think tell me we don’t what are your What are your thoughts on the trailer…. It looks good to me. Please Subscribe and Share!

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  1. Looks good to me. Some people might nitpick because they're taking a few liberties, but honestly, do we really want to see spiderman's origin story again? I like the inclusion of iron man. And michael keaton is a great pick for birdman. I mean batman. I mean vultureman.

  2. Hey dude awesome vide left a like you've got good content if you have any spare time check out My channel where you can wok a shoutout every week as long as you stay active 🙂

  3. hmm epic made my man!! luvvvv it 😀 thanks for being such an active subscriber aswell! Its appreciated every day! Thumbsup and see you soon my friend

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