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August 30, 2019

In the previous video in this series, we covered
Optimus Prime’s origin as a character, his adventures in both the cartoon and the comic
book, and his eventual heroic death. In this video, we’ll be covering his return,
the new toys it inspired and his continuing adventures in both the cartoon and the comic
book. I’m Captain Kyle and I’m bringing you the
continuing story of Optimus Prime. Now Optimus Prime had died heroically in both
Transformers continuities. Both the cartoon and the comic book. But it was his death in the animated movie
that had the most impact. Now this animated feature had killed off a lot
of characters from both seasons one and two of the cartoon. Hasbro was releasing new Transformer toys
and they wanted the cartoon to concentrate on these new characters. Now in the movie, Optimus Prime’s death was
obviously of particular significance. And in Japan, they released a special boxed
set called “Goodbye Convoy.” It featured Convoy, or Optimus Prime as he’s
known in the U.S., plus Mirage and Red Alert. However, Hasbro had underestimated the impact
that Prime’s death would have. Parents were not happy. Their kids has just seen their hero die on
screen and a lot of those children were very upset. The backlash was so severe that Hasbro decided
to change the fate of a character in the GI Joe animated movie. In it, the very popular character Duke was
supposed to be killed off. However, at the last minute, they changed
it so that he slipped into a coma and by the end of the movie he had recovered. But further than that, this also paved the
way for the resurrection of Optimus Prime in season three of the cartoon. In one episode, there was a brief return of
the character. It was called “Dark Awakening.” Optimus Prime had been reanimated by the Quintessons,
who were the original creators of the Transformers and now their bitter enemy. And he was used as bait in a trap to try to
destroy all the Autobots. However, Optimus Prime’s strong will allowed
him to overcome the Quintesson’s control and he ended up sacrificing himself, again, to
save the Autobots. However, realizing they couldn’t leave Optimus
in this state, they put a promo at the end of that episode talking about another coming
story. It was to be called “The Return of Optimus
Prime.” That title kind of gives away the whole thing. Two scientists, testing a special protective
metal, found the body of Optimus Prime moments before it was to be destroyed at the end of
“Dark Awakening.” One of the scientists was scarred from injuries
he suffered during a battle, years earlier, between Optimus and Megatron. And he blamed all Transformers for his disfigurement. Pretty deep for a cartoon and it actually
explored something that a lot of cartoons didn’t. Collateral damage. While retrieving Optimus Prime’s body, they
also discovered a spore that caused sentient beings to become filled with hate and fight
each other. Now the other scientist, his fiance and daughter
of the head scientist on the project, was injured during a Decepticon attack and required
special technology in order to walk again. Two of the scientists decided to use Optimus
as a lure for the Autobots. Seems to be a theme with Optimus Prime. Now while the woman scientist who had been
injured didn’t blame the Autobots for what had happened, and tried to warn them, her
father and fiance managed to infect some Autobots with the spores. This spread into a full blown hate plague. Rodimus Prime manages to escape with Optimus’s
body and Wreck-Gar couldn’t help out, as he had helped out Ultra Magnus in the movie. So Rodimus told Sky Lynx to find a Quintesson
to restore Optimus to life. Rodimus did end up falling victim to the hate
plague, but Sky Lynx also did find a Quintesson who did restore Optimus Prime. Optimus realized he needed the knowledge and
wisdom of the Autobot Matrix of Leadership, which Rodimus Prime had, in order to figure
out how to stop the hate plague. Using the special protective metal those scientists
had created, he was able to protect himself from the spores and beat Rodimus Prime. He then reclaimed the Matrix. Now the Matrix contains all the wisdom of
the former leaders of the Autobots. And Optimus Prime opens the Matrix, releasing
that wisdom and eradicating the hate plague. Wisdom eradicates hate. Something to think about. After that, Optimus again was leader of the
Autobots, but at that point, no new toy was released. He would go on to lead the Autobots in the
very short fourth season, which introduced the Headmasters and the Targetmasters. Now getting back to the comic books, Optimus
Prime had died playing a video game against Megatron and when he lost, his body was basically
destroyed. But don’t worry, his mind was saved on a five
and a quarter inch floppy disk. Yes, a floppy disk. That’s been pointed out to me many times over
the years, like, his whole, you know, his whole being is on a floppy disk. How’d you manage that? I took maybe, took some artistic license. Now sometime later, in the comics, the Autobots
became aware that Optimus Prime had been saved. But the leader of the Autobots at that time,
Grimlock, didn’t want Optimus Prime restored. You heard right. Grimlock was leader of the Autobots. In the comic book he was not as lacking in
the intelligence department as he was in the cartoon.Though he certainly had all the aggression. At this point, another group of Autobots showed
up on Earth, led by Fortress Maximus. Fresh out of their Headmaster limited series. Grimlock wasn’t too pleased having a rival
Autobot leader and there was a bit of a power struggle. During it, Fort Max secretly sends a group
of Autobots, led by Goldbug, with Optimus Prime’s mind, back to the planet Nebulos. Nebulos was the planet where the Headmasters
and the Targetmasters were created. Nebulos was inhabited by human style aliens. However, once the Transformers left their
world, they weren’t too keen on any Transformers coming back. So their scientists did something to the energy
sources on their planet to make them poisonous to Transformers. So when Goldbug and the other Autobots showed
up, the Nebulons weren’t very keen on helping them out. However, they did have a problem with a couple
Decepticons there, who ended up being binary bonded to a couple Nebulons who actually acted
as their engines and provided them power. Do you see where I’m going with this? The Nebulons end up building a new body for
Optimus Prime and they do successfully put his mind in the new body. However, because of the poisoned power sources,
Optimus’s new lease on life is about to expire. That’s when some of the Nebulons, the good
guy Nebulons, decide that they will become Powermaster engines for the Autobots who need
fuel. The only unaffected was Goldbug, who was so
fuel efficient that he didn’t need to recharge and therefore, wasn’t poisoned. So Optimus was bonded with a Nebulon called
Hi-Q. Thus was formed the new Powermaster Optimus Prime. By that point, Optimus was being introduced
in the toy line as a Powermaster. And I just had followed the lead, as I did
on all the toys Hasbro kept introducing into the toy line. And whatever line of toys, whether it was
a Powermaster, Targetmaster Headmaster, all of these master toys. I’d bring them into the series as they were
depicted as a toy. And finally we had a new Optimus Prime toy. This is Powermaster Optimus Prime. Here he is out of the package. Now this is an original Powermaster Optimus
Prime, so, the years have not exactly been super kind to his coloration. Now here with the cab, by attaching the Hi-Q
little engine, to the front, this would unlock his ability to become a robot. Now this version of the robot is very reminiscent
of the original Optimus Prime toy, though in actuality the U.S. version was made out
of plastic instead of die-cast metal. And he did look a little bit different. But still recognizable as the character. Like the original, this Optimus came with
a trailer, though this trailer had a lot of firepower. While he didn’t have Roller, his trailer could
become a base and these guns even allowed Powermaster engines to be the gunners. This new and improved Optimus also had kind
of a super mode where the cab could merge with the trailer to become a much larger and
more powerful robot. Though oddly, the whole Powermaster gimmick
was not necessary to attain this mode. So Optimus Prime returned to Earth, took back
leadership of the Autobots. You should definitely read the comic. But after helping them through a lot of major
conflicts, in the comic book they came up against Unicron. Now, if you’ve seen the Transformers animated
movie, Unicron was the main, huge bad guy, literally huge, and they met up with him in
2005. In the comic book, they met up with Unicron
much earlier. And it was Optimus Prime who ended up eventually
defeating Unicron using the Matrix of Leadership. Though in the process, he died. Optimus has the worst luck. But never fear. His binary bonded partner, Hi-Q, his engine,
actually had somehow merged minds with Optimus Prime. So even though Optimus Prime died, his full
mind was also stored in Hi-Q. They save Optimus Prime’s mind a lot. At least this time it wasn’t a floppy disk. It gets a little bit convoluted, but certain
arcane Cybertronian forces recognize that Hi-Q contained the mind of Optimus Prime and
actually merged Hi-Q and Optimus Prime into one person and built a robot body around it. And Optimus was restore to life just in time
to finally save the Autobots and usher in a new era of peace at the end of the G1 comic. Even though the comic book and the cartoon
had both finished, there was still another G1 toy for Optimus Prime. Hasbro released a line of toys called Action
Masters. Now Action Masters were Transformers figures
that actually didn’t transform. However, their accessories did or their vehicles
did for the larger Action Masters. And Optimus Prime was the largest Autobot
Action Master. Only rivaled in by Action Master Megatron. So while the figure of Optimus Prime couldn’t
transform, he had a cab and a trailer and they could. Now the Optimus Prime figure could actually
fit inside the cab. But the cab itself could change into a jet
plane type transport, that even had posts that allowed other Autobot Action Masters
to climb onboard. His trailer could also transform into, guess
what, a base. Though it was more of a battle station and
other Action Masters figures could again inhabit the base and defend against the evil Decepticons. So that finishes up the U.S. continuity of
Generation One Optimus Prime. But in our next video, we’ll discuss the Japanese
continuity, which deviated from the U.S. cartoon starting in season four. Plus we’ll take a look at the Generation Two
version of the character and even more as we continue the story of Optimus Prime. Hi, this is Garry Chalk, Optimus Prime. Please stay tuned to Fandom Spotlite. You can watch it online at any time.

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  1. What a great way to start off my morning and a wonderful trip down "Memory Lane".
    MARVEL Comics was my G1 fiction back in the day because I lived out in the Boonies, were Cable TV didn't exist.

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