Tricks, Flips and XJETS Hydroflight Review!
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Tricks, Flips and XJETS Hydroflight Review!

August 14, 2019

What’s up Hydro flight world I’m just
kidding it’s not that cold here what’s up hydro flight world I’m Mike
Prince and over the next little while I’m gonna try to do some of these review
videos talk about some of the gear some of my sponsors some of the things that
helped lead to my success in this industry and one of my biggest ones and
the board that I now ride is X Jets the jet blades so so today I want to kind of
chat about why I ride this board what I think of it personally and point out
some of the features so as you can see one of the basic things that I like is
simply that I can use any boot that I choose any wakeboard booth use their
bolts and it simply just goes on some of the other boards I’ve played with I’m
you do have to use some different ones which isn’t a big deal but if you lose
them and have to go find me once it can be a bit of a challenge one of the other
big points that I do like that on this board is just a feel of it so the jet
blade here I’m try to have little devices and you have the board aspect
with this one here it is just very free I no longer feel that when I’m getting
into my turns when I’m going from high to low I just honestly feel like an
extension of this hose next to that is the stance this is one
of the only boards that you can choose your stance on so you can go from 38
centimeters to 44 on the one side and then you can literally flip these plates
over like I have them here on a wider stance and that ranges from 50 to 56
centimeters so I ride personally out of 54 nice and wide because I am taller so
it allows me that balance and to stomp out of tricks when I can from a
beginner’s perspective it allows you to find that stance as well if someone’s
shorter they’re gonna probably have a little closer stance or the taller
bigger guys are gonna have that wider one so from kind of beginner to pro
level this board has its advantages and I have
run this with many individuals who are brand new to the sport trying it and
then of course I’ve put it through the wringer as well some other features of
this board is the simple clamp system here too it’s just simple pin there and
you’re attaching it to your swivel this is a nice feature here too this leash it
is safety so if anything ever happens out there and you know this hose gets
caught around something if you’re in a current you pull that and you’re
released and of course your floats take your right to the surface so it’s pretty
cool something that’s offered as far as I have seen only on this board so far
some of the other gear it’s getting steamy talking about some serious
gear here some of the other gear here of course this is a pretty wide diameter
hose this hose I did find a little stiff when I first started using it but after
a few times it loosened up and I mean it’s an indestructible hose as far as
I’ve been able to find so far right super durable I’ve again put many hours
on this new people on myself and it’s it’s done the trick it’s been awesome
the u-pipe here it’s a little bit wider diameter than some of the other
ones as well with a dual chamber. It’s little toasty out here everybody thinks
up here in Canada this time it’s minus 40 but we’re in BC guys
it is cool clean probably five degrees out here today it’s sunny I won’t be
getting in the water as you can see the ski’s
are a little snowy if you have any questions about this gear reach out to
me I love talking about this stuff it is my passion I get super excited about it
but if you have any questions whatsoever this is my gear of choice it seriously
is just allowed to take me to the next level learn some new tricks and really
just start to play around and get deeper into my practice and training so hope to
see you guys on the tour out there this year
it’s sighting times again if you have any questions reach out to me otherwise
if you want more info on this serious gear check out their website WWW.X-JETPACKS.COM and get yourself hooked up you! thanks for watching don’t forget to “LIKE”
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