TRY NOT TO LAUGH.. Fortnite Edition
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TRY NOT TO LAUGH.. Fortnite Edition

August 15, 2019

Okay, I’m gonna warn you now this could be just a terrible idea that doesn’t really work BUT I really wanted to do another try not to laugh challenge and because I’ve been well into Fortnite recently “AS YOU GUYS KNOW!” I thought I’d do a Fortnite version because, there’s some funny stuff that I watch everyday that’s in Fortnite, some cool stuff some crazy stuff that could give us some ideas as well. So I thought we watched some funny Fortnite clips. Let me know if you enjoy it LET’S GO?!? XD Tomato man. One of the memiest skins in Fortnite that are not many people have actually He’s giving up. He’s doing the classic. “I’m dancing. I have nothing. Please save me” the best friends comes in and He leaves him be. John Wick you’re such a nice person. *Shot* *Chuckles* I mean I didn’t laugh. O_O’ it’s not very nice actually hahahahaHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA Who’s this dude? you’re not in Fortnite. I should probably put my headphones on for this so I can actually hear I Can dig it. The the reaper one of my favourite skins actually Just chillin, doing some dancing Haha, no way that’s insane Was that done on purpose? I Don’t think so cos he bounced he was out of there. Ah, the bunny skins I completely forgot about the bunny skins, you know and tomatoes here Why is it always a meme when the tomato skin is here? The screen capture is amazing *Gets himself a scar* OOF rest in pizza my dude.. (he died on wensday my doods. AAAAAAAAAA) It dies. I keep forgetting I’m not supposed to laugh this is bad You can tell I haven’t done one of these in a while Also any clips that i used I will put in description below. So please don’t get mad at me, please Y’all I snatched this dude’s wig so hard I changed his hairstyle. I love that expression snatching a wig so funny Watch this this….. HEADSHOT It’s so weird you laugh you delete fortnite. I mean I could just reinstall it it’s a free game, but let’s go anyways let’s uh let’s amuse him for a little bit Epic shotgun fights. I hate these so much especially now. I’m not sure when this is recorded What I’m confused Let me put this down to 0.25 What actually happens here he gets shot at But eliminated someone how how did that even happen? *Ali-a intro loud and dan is enjoying it* Oh its gonna replay it one second Not laughing , I didnt make a sound sounds oh my goodness top Oh my goodness 200 funniest fails in Fortnite 49 million views that is insane. I have no idea what I’ve um walked into here I just put it right in the middle of the video. Oh, this is 50 v 50. I see what you’re doing here The most annoying kind of person. Goodbye My chest now Minigun time 1v1…. There can only be one outcome , how many bullets you have Hmm this is me. My first game of Fortnite and sometimes still now well, I’m the noob skin. Oh, wait, wait a second Be careful buddy. That’s a burst Be careful just end his life right now. Come on There we go disaster averted Wow, these clips are old He survived that No wei (Do you kno da wei?) other person; HEY SHUT UP! The guys I okay fair enough fair enough good job *guy blows himself up* No way, that’s the perfect end that’s phenomenal I need to watch that again, that’s hilarious. *Again* I’m not gonna cool this Try not to laugh challenge anymore. It’s just it’s just not working for me Come on cut the sound edits as well great *heroic music comes on* *My face tho* What?? I’m woody. Howdy howdy howdy REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Okay that’s the funniest one so far that is my favorite pickaxe as well, okay. That’s a good one I’m digging these music edits as well. Be careful. Be careful Oh! 😀 Nice can he move? Imagine if he could move around, that’d be great. Oh no, I’ve done that before clipped a tree and just fell so annoying Yeah, the memes and trying to find one that’s like pretty recent because this one’s got the new guided missiles in Wait, this is old (NOOOOOO) OOF What’s this is old because it’s got the the snowball launcher but wow, that’s sweet. I did not know you could do that I wonder if you still can That’s sick. That’s amazing is this new? I’m trying to work out. This is news got jetpacks So there’s a new mode in fortnite where you can you have it just explosives They’ve reintroduced jetpacks as well the playground mode Which I think this guy is in has all of the new stuff in so new guided missiles jetpacks all that cool stuff The last minute the last minute that could’ve gone so wrong wow That’s sweet, oh Kirby Tilt ‘n’ Tumble, known in Japan as Korokoro Kirby, is an action puzzle video game published and developed by Nintendo for the Game Boy Color handheld video game console. It was released in Japan on August 23, 2000 and in North America on April 11, 2001. Due to the cartridge having a built-in accelerometer, it has a unique shape, as well as a unique transparent pink color Geez, you’re the guided missile as well. I need to try out this mode. Definitely the guy is lovely strawberry laughs out of all the things that make me laugh a good laugh like a real hottie meaty, or Squeaky laugh. That’s what makes me laugh other people make me laugh. Like other people crying makes me cry Well, we want to talk about that. This is exactly what I expect the mode to be like missiles colliding in midair and everything I need to try it this is it the triple rockets and jetpacks Insanity. Look, it’s like a superhero film or something ( EXEPTTHEYDIE!!!)Oh, what have you done? That would be me to be fair No wei Get that Yes This is playground mode No, are you joking That’s insane. This is why the playground mode is amazing You can literally drop that straight in. Oh, that’s perfect. It’s like dude perfect in Fortnite He’s going for another one?! No No what I’m losing my mind this is the kind of stuff I want to see trick shots playground mows Dude, okay. That’s though. I was expecting Yeah, you’re in trouble. He’s gliding though. That’s so weird Stop laughing. Oh, my goodness he’s still going and he has a lauch pad as well dude It’s proper glitched out. I just looks like so much fun You have to be careful of for damage. Oh that always gets me It looks insane For in an amazing way. They’re trying to shoot each other at close range of grenade lodges and Then it just comes down to the pickaxes Amazing this is just enthralling my goodness Nice oh, that’s sweet. Can’t believe they added them back in. I haven’t managed to try them much. I think they nerfed them as well, which is cool Wait is that someone dropping? That’s was sick that’s the best one we’ve seen so far man playground mode is just the best now you’ve got these as well People are just gonna think of some mad stuff That’s so cool, we need to hit this new mode even playground mode just looks really really cool Like these trick shots, it just reminds me of dude perfect insides of Fortnite (OMG FORTNITE AD :OOO) The crazy amount of stuff people are doing in the playground mode cuz played wasn’t around when the guided missiles came in. Oh I just realized oh, that’s weird. That’s so creepy. She’s on backwards! (Laughing) thats so creepy! (laughing more) look at her stomach! (laughing) Yeah, give me more of this more playground missile shenanigans I have no idea what you said Oh golf ball in the hole. That’s the translation No, oh she backwards again is that glitch in the new in the new in the new update Where if you turn rounds that her stomach just twists Creepy, is that a trap box? Though it’s amazing from the other side. They were like floating traps. How on earth did they do that? That looks amazing That’s cool, watch out sharks about watch out watch out Spice. can we just appreciate this guy’s name for a second? Diaper Milk stellar username. Oh look at the trees That might be to do with this skin. Maybe the bushes are doing it – That’s a cool glitch. I’ve never seen that before. It looks awesome, though. They should do that. Make a like a magical forest Oh, oh, what’s wrong with its head? Oh, it’s disgusting. That’s gross. That’s so gross. Okay, I think that’s enough I hope you enjoyed this. Anyway, it was fun. I like what’s in these videos I’m sure you guys do too So I’ll leave all the videos I use in description below go and check them out some of them Do you have swearing-in so please be careful? Thats not my responsibility. Okay, I have warned you Yeah Thank you so much watching if you enjoyed leave a like subscribe if you’re brand new and I’m off to go and play that new Missile mode see you later. Ah my headphones got caught may be I wont see you later. SUB TO DAN THE BEST YOUTUBER TO EVER EXIST!!!! 😀 (Subtitles by The Peeps in the discription) ( AND don’t forget cute seal gamer! have a nice day!

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  1. I play fortnite
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  2. everyone who thinks dan is trassh you re wrong i bet your youtube channel has zero subs leave him alone , he is not fat or pale he is a amazing british youtuber leave him alone and dont call him trash call me trash

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