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  1. Can u help me. Lets say I have two games and I want cheats for both. I got cheats for one game but the other game won't create an empty little drop box editor. But I was thinking since there's only one file should I just overwrite the cheat s or nah. Srry for bad english

  2. On Mobile YouTube you can't see links or something on channels? -.-

    Could you please write the link in the comments or in box?

  3. hey,what about god burst eater. I try almost all the cheat codes that the internet has to offer yet not a single one working?? Help!! BTW, i meant ppsspp.

  4. I tried to put cheats from different sites (but the game is the same) but only one of them actually works. The other said the cheats are fine for them but not for me. What's wrong with this?

  5. I down;paded the tekken DR cheats and i somehow don't see the cheats even though i've done what the video says… HELP

  6. hi i have android phone how to install cheats or use cheats into the game please tell me i cant understanding dragon ball z game but it is very amazing game so kindly help me thank you

  7. You can copy the code for example "ULUS(Written number)" you copy that and paste it in googel you will find a cheats! Instead of typing of the game

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