TWR Discussion: Sodor Airship Hangar
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TWR Discussion: Sodor Airship Hangar

September 18, 2019

Hello, everyone. This is FlyingDuckManGenesis, Back with another brand-new Thomas Wooden Railway discussion. This is the Sodor Airship Hangar, A destination that Fisher-Price has released this year in 2017, As a tie-in with the Extraordinary Engines DVD. Here is the front of the box, And here is the back. Once I get this unboxed, I can talk about all its various features. One Unboxing Later… So here is the Sodor Airship Hangar out of the box. Besides the destination itself, It also comes with a piece of eight-inch straight track that can connect to the destination. Now, a majority of this destination is made of plastic, But with the action included with it, which I’ll get to later, I feel that it is justified. Now, the destination is very nicely decorated. On top of the destination, there is a helipad For Harold the Helicopter, who is sold separately. On the front of the destination, we have illustrations of Sir Topham Hatt and Dowager Hatt, And on the back of the destination, there’s an illustration of Percy pulling a Sodor Mail Coach. Which reminds me, Fisher-Price needs to re-introduce the Sodor Mail Coaches to the Thomas Wooden Railway line, Because they are frequently featured in the television series, even in the jump to CGi, But the official ones have been discontinued since 2007, And as a result, they are rare, expensive, And I had to make three of my own from Orbrium box cars. From what I can tell, the Sodor Airship Hangar is considered the successor to the Sodor Airfield, A destination that Learning Curve released back in 2001. The Sodor Airship Hangar is based on the TV Series episode, “Hugo and the Airship”, Which is featured on the Extraordinary Engines DVD, Wherein Hugo, the Rail Zeppelin wants to fly after he sees an air zeppelin fly through the sky. By turning the knob and then pressing the button, The zeppelin will fly clockwise above the engine below it. (Winding) (Zeppelin buzzing) The Sodor Airship Hangar is available at participating Thomas Wooden Railway retailers, Including the Fisher-Price Website, which sells it for around 20 US Dollars, Though considering they have sold items of lesser value for far greater than they’re worth, This may just be a glitch. When I ordered this from Amazon, it cost me around 45 US dollars, Which, in my opinion, is not bad for this kind of destination. If you’re looking to add an airport landscape to your Thomas Wooden Railway layout, I highly recommend this item. I hope you enjoyed this video. This is FlyingDuckManGenesis, out! (Music)

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