Ty Burrell Tried Not to Die via Jet Pack on His 50th Birthday
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Ty Burrell Tried Not to Die via Jet Pack on His 50th Birthday

August 27, 2019

I feel like I haven’t
seen you in ages. I know. I don’t know why. We were talking a lot
about fish at one point. Yes, we were on a
little junket together. Yeah. It was fun. It was really fun. It’s good to see you. You too. So you turned 50 recently. I did. How was that? Give it up for 50. Yeah, give it up. Let’s give it up. That’s the first
time I’ve ever said let’s give it up for anything. It was good. I spent my 50th
birthday on a jet pack. In our season
premiere this year, Phil takes a jet pack ride. Like, the water thing? Yeah, the water jet pack. Which I thought was going
to be a really cool way to spend my birthday,
on a jet pack. Until the day before we shot,
I did my first rehearsal in the pack and
realized that I’m not good at flying a jet pack. It looks very hard. It’s really hard– is
what I kept telling myself because I’m not good at it. So I went home that night,
we were filming the next day, and I didn’t sleep. Oh yeah, oh good god. So, like, you control the
amount of water or something? Is that how you do it? How do you do it? You hang on for dear life. I literally did not
sleep at all the night before because I had rehearsed
it and realized, oh my god, oh so this is how I die. I die on camera, in a jet
pack, on my 50th birthday. Right, and it’s sweeps! How great. How perfect is this? Yes, it’s great for the show. That would be a fun experience. You’ll never forget your 50th. I will never forget
my 50th, that is true. I was scared to death. You, I just heard,
you were you were part of the hacking scheme. A lot of people got– did they have your phone? This gentleman hacked my
email at the same time he was hacking all of
these Hollywood starlets. Which, I know, it
seems logical that I would be involved in that. I got a call from
the FBI saying, we need to talk about this case. And I got on the phone with
a detective and he said, you know, you should
know that this guy has sold a lot of the information
that he got from these starlets to these tabloids. And I thought, oh boy,
here we go, well what did he sell him mine? And the detective
said, he sold nothing. And I was like, so you
mean like nothing big? Like obviously like
not naked pictures? And he was like, no, he
sold nothing of yours. And I was what do you mean? He was like well, Sir, I read
through all the evidence. And I was like, what do
you mean by evidence? He said, I read through
all of your e-mails and Mr. Burrell
you’re pretty vanilla. And I went from being
angry that my email had been hacked to being hurt this
guy thought I was so boring. I kept thinking
like, well he clearly didn’t read the email that
had my chili recipe in it. The amount of paprika
in there, I mean– That’s something. It’s criminal! I say it all the time and
I’ll continue to say it, the show Modern
Family is consistently funny, consistently
clever, it is a great show. And all of you are such good
friends, which is also rare. I mean y’all are
all good friends. There was a picture, I think,
taken at a red carpet of you with Eric. But I think they
called him your wife? Yeah. This is a weird place
for this to come out. But that’s your wife. That’s my wife. Holly’s been my beard
for 19 years now. Wow, wow. You went through it the
whole way, the children and everything. Yeah. We went through times when it
was now perfectly OK to be gay, and we were still like,
no let’s keep this going.

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  1. Great video! I can’t believe Ty is 50! He is so good for his age! Love Modern Family. I have a small channel that I am really trying to grow. I’d be super grateful if anyone could check it out!?

  2. I downloaded the game but I don't know why I, an about to be 15 years old(on the 25 nov 😉 )signed up to see Ellen live when I know I won't!
    Edit: I was about to click the sign up button but nothing happpened.My badluck. Need to do some repairs Ellen. Hope you reply!:)


    On, Novemeber 17, Ellen uploaded A video of a woman winning 4 tries in An ellen game, but a quarter at the end of the short video, you can see her running back to her seat and having a speaker in back of her, well put. Most of all, the comments of the video was disabled, and this was the first time i saw that. over

  4. I've seen interviews of the whole crew from modern family and they all have the same personality as their characters it's amazing

  5. Damn it's weird to see his hair turning the same colour as Jay's hair in season 1. Scary that its almost been 10 years, but Ty has aged really well. I'd say all the cast have aged well. Ed O'Neil looks great considering he's now in his 70's.

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