UAV- / Drone-based Precision Agriculture – Vegetables & Fruits
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UAV- / Drone-based Precision Agriculture – Vegetables & Fruits

November 20, 2019

This is close to Barcelona on the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. Spain is the European vegetables and fruits garden … We cooperate with the company Casaamettler (, … which is an agricultural trading company … with over 100 years of history, … working with highly advanced technology … for productivity in cultivation. Today we monitor various small vegetable fields with the UAV / drone AscTec Falcon 8. Consumers demand eco-friendly and sustainable food production … as well as vegetables and fruits without harmful substances. And European countries set tighter limits and rules as binding standards … regarding the concentration of noxious substances of ground. For example: You have to stick to stipulated nitrate limits. The AscTec Falcon 8 can be used by the farmer to resolve that problem. By performing highly precise and consistent UAV inspection flights … operating with multispectral sensors … and near-infrared cameras to measure nitrate concentration, … crop condition and state of irrigation. In short: You get ultra-high-resolution data highly accurate for precision farming and sustainable agriculture. Cases of UAV- / drone-driven aerial inspection for precision agriculture: UAV- / drone-supported aerial imaging of salad fields producing thermals, multispectrals and stills. UAV- / drone-based monitoring of potato fields for crop condition measurements. Increase productivity & efficiency by exact and site-specific adjustment of the application rates. UAV- / drone-based remote sensing of citrics … & vineyards.

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