Ubiquiti airMAX Rocket 5 AC PTMP (R5AC-PTMP) Video Review / Unboxing
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Ubiquiti airMAX Rocket 5 AC PTMP (R5AC-PTMP) Video Review / Unboxing

December 14, 2019

hello and welcome to 4g TV 4Gon
solutions video product review channel I’m Matthew waters part of the online
marketing team at 4Gon solutions and our sister company VoIPon both leading
distributors of communications equipment and serving customers
worldwide today we’re going to take a look at the ability air max rocket five
ac-ptmp a point-to-multipoint wireless radio featuring the latest AC Wi-Fi
standards so let’s get started the rocket five ac-ptmp comes complete
with the rocket 5ac-ptmp unit power supply and documentation the rocket five
ac-ptmp is a stylish unit it is lightweight has easy access to the ports
and clear status indication leds on the front making for a simple installation the
rocket 5ac-ptmp has features that include mid band 5 gigahertz operation
air max AC technology providing 450+ megabits per second throughput
a gigabit ethernet port dedicated airbeam port and plug-and-play
integration the rocket 5 ac-ptmp uses the worldwide free 5 gigahertz spectrum
and can deliver high throughput through the gigabit ethernet connection and AC
standards the rocket five ac-ptmp uses ubiquiti AirOs software designed for use
with air max products AirOS has powerful wireless features including automatic
channel selection and TX power control usability enhancements such as dynamic
configuration changes and detailed device statistics advanced RF analytics
real-time reporting and spectral analysis ubiquiti air prism technology
enhances performance over typical APs for removing up to an additional 30 plus DP adjacent channel interference through the active filtering design this makes the
rocket 5ac ideal for PtMP links to airmax ac-cpe’s in crowded RF environments after reviewing the ubiquiti rocket five
ac-ptmp we’ve given it a 4Gon rating of nine out of ten with operation in the
worldwide free 5 gigahertz band ubiquiti’s air prison technology and
throughput of up to 450 megabits per second the rocket five ac-ptmp is a
cost-effective and high-performing Max AC radio so that was our look at the ubiquiti rocket
five ac-ptmp visit 4Gon.co.uk for the best selection of wireless
products excellent reseller pricing next day delivery and worldwide shipping give
us a call with any questions you have and our team will be happy to help don’t forget to like this video and
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others visit 4gon uncovered or follow us on our social media channels thanks for watching and we’ll see you
next time on 4g TV

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