UFO Crash in Texas (Aurora 1897)
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UFO Crash in Texas (Aurora 1897)

September 11, 2019

Unidentified flying objects are often dismissed
as commercial aircraft or secret military test craft. But there are reports of UFOs predating the
invention of the airplane. The Wright brothers flew the first plane at
Kitty Hawk in 1903. Six years earlier, sightings of a so-called “airship” were reported in newspapers throughout the United States. The last of these articles to be printed,
is the account of the crash of the airship in Texas. According to newspapers of the period, in
the autumn of 1896, a colossal UFO in the shape of a cigar, was sighted in California,
in the skies above Sacramento. It was seen by dozens of people from the observation
deck of the capital dome, including the Secretary of State. Then over San Francisco, a similar airship
was seen. Hundreds witnessed its arrival on the Pacific
coast, where after casting a beam of light upon the rocks, the frightened seals below
plunged into the safety of the ocean. Sightings of the silver cigar were later reported
in Omaha, Chicago, and Washington. On April 17th, 1897, the airship crashed in
Texas. As reported in a Dallas newspaper, the airship
appeared at 6 o’clock in the morning, above the town of Aurora. It sailed over the public square, losing altitude. It then collided with a windmill on the property
of Judge Proctor, demolishing the tower. The explosion scattered debris over several
acres. It was reported that only one person was aboard
the craft. While the remains of the pilot were badly
disfigured, the reporter states that it was not a human being. Also recovered was the pilot’s logbook, hand-written,
in a language which could not be deciphered. When gathered together, the fragments of the
hull weighed several tons. The fragments were of a metal unknown, which
resembled aluminum, in that it was lightweight and silver in color. Legend says many of the townspeople collected
samples of this material, and that the remainder of the scrap was dumped into the water cistern,
below the shattered windmill. On the day following the disaster, the township
of Aurora did what any small, close-knit community would do. They gave the alien being a decent Christian
burial, in the cemetery of Aurora. To say the town is small, would be an understatement. Aurora’s current population numbers twelve
hundred souls. Everybody knows everybody else, and everybody
knows Ned. Ned is the name by which they referred to
the extraterrestrial, for purposes of the funeral. At the entrance to the graveyard, a Texas
State historical marker commemorates the internment of the alien in this cemetery. No photographs of the body are known to exist,
but the grave itself was very short, about the size of a child. It is said that a piece of his airship was
buried with him. The site of the grave was once marked by a
headstone, depicting the alien craft, in the form of a cigar. The craft was depicted with three circles
which may have been its lights, or may have been three portholes. The original marker was stolen, and over the
years, the exact location of the plot was forgotten. However in 1973, UFO investigators with metal
detectors rediscovered the grave, and it is now marked with an oblong stone the color
of rust. Over the years the local court has repeatedly
been petitioned, to allow the burial site to be exhumed. Thus far, these requests have always been
refused. The official reason for refusal, is an old
Texas law that requires the notification of next of kin, before digging up someone’s grave. One source holds that the extraterrestrial
did not immediately expire, but held on for several days. According to this source, the alien did not
know what milk was. He never initiated speech, but when someone
talked to him, the alien would able to repeat what was said. He was small with smooth skin, and large friendly
eyes… and he expired, only after he was given to eat human food.

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  1. “Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”
    – President Ronald Reagan

  2. And some Christians called them demons. Demons been around humans, so they should know what milk is.

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  6. I herd this story they bared the body in a cemetery and the water and around the wind mill is radio active still

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  8. Wright brothers original flight was 1907 with a triple wing biplane that had the propeller at the front. Until this year rear propeller planes like the 1903 Wright Flyer never existed, now they are everywhere.
    Me262 jet fighter and other numerous planes are all new to history through Mandela effects.

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  11. It seems people back then (our ancestors) were not the drooling, knuckle dragging, intolerant Neanderthals we make them out to be these days.

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