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UK Drone Registration Update – DRES Scheme Delayed – Geeksvana Drone Channel

October 10, 2019

Geeksvana is your drone channel
providing news reviews flights interviews and much more hey everyone
and welcome to Geeksvana those if you have watched my recent
video series on the new drone regulations which are due to come into
effect across Europe from 2020 and onwards with bedding in periods etc well
know well that one of the cornerstones of those EU directives is that each
member states will be required to run a drone registration scheme if you haven’t
seen our EU drone lore series there is a link in the description and not wishing
to be political at all it should be kept in mind but then is the intention of the
UK government and the CAA to remain a member of Issa the European Union
Aviation Safety Agency to create a level platform across Europe to allow major
investment from the coming drone highways of Amazon and Google etc it is
something which will assist in investment in the UK whatever form
breaks it eventually takes the registration scheme in the UK was born
as stress or the drone registration education scheme it is due to come into
force in November 2019 with registration opening from the 1st of October which of
course has now passed if you were to inquire to the CAA about what is
happening you’ll get a mainly confused we’ll get back to you type of response
you will remember this is the scheme which will require all drone flyers to
register their drone there’s been a number of controversies around the
scheme including the cost of 16 pound 50 which of course is much higher than many
of the schemes already in place around the world and the fact that the RC
helicopter and fixed-wing model Flyers were previously operating under the
assumption that they would not need to register that didn’t turn out to be
correct and model flyers and drone operators will need to take the online
exam and register but through a consistent campaign from the RC
community backed by the larger organizations such as the BM FA along
with a change of personnel at the Department of Transport we are now
looking at a missed deadline for potentially good reasons a recent email
from the chief executive of the BM FA has shown a little light on the subject
mr. Phipps opens the email with confirmation that there is no real news
however he then goes on to suggest that until the BM FA update its members again
not to register when this scheme does open until another update comes through
in his email he states what we can confirm however is that the dress scheme
will not be rolled out on the 1st of October it seems unlikely it will be
rolled out before the 14th of October at the earliest and for the time being we
would therefore suggest that it remains business as usual we would also
encourage members not to rush into registering or taking the test when
dress is eventually rolled out until we have issued a further guidance again we
would also encourage members not to register or taking the test when dresses
eventually rolled out until we have issued further guidance this seems a
little controversial to me with the drone registration law coming into force
on the 30th of November and the scheme itself being delayed by at least two
weeks I’m not sure a major body actually on behalf of the Hobby should
necessarily be taking this approach it just seems a little close to the legal
deadline to be holding off but that’s my personal opinion I realize the email is
intended for all the RC flies within the BFM a membership but there was no real
differential for those members who are purely drone fliers or who fly both
drone and RC models I also realized that this is an attempt to ensure members do
not sign up only to find out that the requirements for B MFA members or RC
model Flyers changes and therefore cost you money you didn’t need to spend but
there perhaps should have been a greater explanation of this point there is a
growing voice within the drone community which has spread and spread through
social media this is the strategy of non flying non registering pilots who intend
to park their drone for the winter being that the UK weather also hinders regular
flights this particular idea does seem to be very popular could it be that the
delay is partially in response to what would have been a major embarrassment
with low numbers registering possibly so I have to say that I have been surprised
by the sheer numbers of Facebook group members who seem to have supported this
idea so it would appear that at the moment drone registration is still
coming and the legal deadline of the 30th of November 2019 is unlikely to
move it is more around when the steam launches and in what form it takes and
who will need to lose it clear as mud really isn’t it
I wouldn’t expect the UK to take the same steps as Australia where Casa have
pushed their own scheme to next year because of the UK’s desire to remain a
member of ISA and therefore benefit from the coming investment in the drone
highways of the future that we will of course keep you informed of any progress
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  1. It’s truly fascinating to watch the changing landscape of drone laws and regulations(two different things) both here in the US and in Europe. The majority of us just want to be responsible fliers and are willing to abide by reasonable mandates. It’s just very interesting to see how the regulatory process happens. And how it keeps morphing into different things on both sides of the pond. Fascinating to just watch. As usual excellent job Sean. 👍🏻

  2. I'm packing up on the hobby and moving onto something else. Iv'e just about had enough of these's new laws there's no enjoyment any more.

  3. You are out of date,registration has been postponed due to legal issues,nobody can be forced to register anyway that is an infringement of your human rights which were instigated after WW2,a fighting fund should have been set up months ago by the governing bodies to bring in international lawyers including the United Nations,yes it costs money but that is why we have governing bodies to fight our corner.
    Do not just condecend to do something because they place pressure on us,forget registration unless you want a rope around your neck,we need to stick together on this instead of paying lip service to big brother.

  4. Hi Sean
    As I've said before the UK SHOULD hold back until the EU RULES come in next June and do the whole thing in one bash . because as I understand it EU rules will update the existing ones we have ….and of course those of us that won't have the new tech will have a 2 year grace for flying our RC gear before were subject to the new laws regulating where we can fly .but at the moment it's a complete cock up just like Brexit .this country couldn't organise booze up in a pub
    As the Germans said In the final line of basil faulty… how ever did they win the war ………..
    Keep them coming your doing a good service to the UK HOBBYIST

  5. Thumbs up ere' Sean, fellow Drone Seekers – great update with the drone news – many thanks for sharing the info 🙂

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